A Sovereign Kashmir: Random Thoughts- 170




A tale of two Kashmirs: Morning murder of Afzal, Indian brutality & hypocrisy! 

 A Sovereign Kashmir: Random Thoughts- 170



[February 9, 2013 shall be a memorable, the most important day – another Black Day-  for Kashmiris henceforth and will have crucial role in the future of Jammu Kashmir. Afazal’s struggle for freedom has not earned the Kashmiris full freedom – but his murder shall!]


 A state has all resources at its disposal and can target anyone within its jurisdiction and beyond. Since militarily mighty India looks down upon general minority Muslims, it can harm any Muslim by implicating him in any terror mischief.  India can also make murder of Muslim legal thanks to extra fanatic Hindu media lords and their drunkard Muslim collaborators.  

Indian media that consider their existence as a war force targeting Islam, Pakistan and Muslims, and all massacres and individual murders of Muslims in occupied Kashmir  are presented as a quasi war on Pakistan. Thus state crimes of Muslims are thus convenient justified both by the state and its fanatic media nuts. Excessively negative and hostile statements by the Indian leadership and media lords have only further brutalized the terror situation in JK. 

Cold blooded murder of Kashmiri Muslim Md Afzal Guru on February 9, 2013 inside Delhi Tihar Jail was conducted as a very secret act of state crime machinery only smacks of serious kind of hatred mindset of so-called secular India against Muslims. 

India wants and does kill Kashmiris without calling them Kashmiris or Muslims, but only tactfully branding them as “terrorists”. And India has killed Md Afzal indeed as equivalent to an attack on Pakistan.

For quite some time now, especially after America’s Sept-11 hoax, India has been trying to end “resurgence” of Kashmir freedom movement (KFM) through enacting some crude terror hooks and it has succeeded in achieving that objective thanks to pro-India elements in Jammu Kashmir.  


India has struck on Kashmiri Afzal Guru on ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ being observed in India occupied Jammu Kashmir. Grave, unanswered questions surround the Parliament attack case even after four judicial pronouncements. Who attacked the Parliament and what was the conspiracy? On what basis did the NDA government take the country close to a nuclear war? What was the role of the State Task Force of Jammu Kashmir on surrendered militants? What was the role of the special cell of Delhi police in conducting the case? 

As a top state policy, India has maintained secrecy in both investigation and hanging practice of Mohd Afzal Guru. The fact is, that there has never been a public inquiry into the attack on Parliament House. On what basis was Afzal convicted? It is appalling to see the reaction of Indian media and people on the verdict of Afzal Guru. A fair inquiry is a must if justice has to be established. Has Afzal been given a fair chance to prove his innocence? The identity of the parliament attacker remains elusive. The judge in the designated court averred that they were indeed Pakistanis, since no Indian had claimed them. But no one from Pakistan claimed them either.


Sick Indian Pakistanophobia & Muslims

Indian mindset is peculiar to people of hard core fanaticism. Most political parties especially hardcore Bjp and Congress, consider the Hindutva threat to nation known as RSS as their beloved mother. Congress-RSS bond been has RSS as strong as  that of RSS and bjp. While bjp is under RSS custody, Congress needs communal RSS mother for Hindu votes. All of them, therefore, target Muslims. . Indian military and intelligence seem to mediate to strengthen the Congress-RSS-BJP ties for promoting exclusive Hindu interests in India and abroad- legal as well as illegal.   

India quickly blames Pakistan and Muslims whenever “terror gimmicks” take place so as to keep the Hindu vote bank in good humors. As usual, India blamed the attack on Jaish-e-Mohammed, which it said was backed by Pakistan. Pakistan denied involvement in the attack but relations between the two countries nosedived as their armies massed about a million troops along the border.

World has no knowledge about the truth about Parliament attack, except the info cooked up by the regime and supplied through fanatic media outlets.  Md Afzal Guru had denied any involvement in the events of 13 December 2001 when five militants stormed the Indian parliament, killing a gardener and eight policemen before they were shot dead by security forces. But Indian state has found him guilty of arranging weapons for the attackers and of membership of the Jaish-e-Mohammed militant group, both of which charges he denied.

As per news, Mohd. Afzal was a surrendered freedom fighter- known in India as  a militant.  In fact, Afzal denied every aspect of his involvement in the conspiracy to which he had allegedly confessed earlier.  Needless to say, Afzal also stated that the police made him sign a pre-written disclosure and confession; he also gave graphic details of the illegal procedure under which these were obtained. Afzal was in close touch with the STF security agencies throughout the period starting from 1993 to at least 2000.  Three of the people -Tariq, Afzal, Mohammad: the mastermind, the link, the attacker -, allegedly involved in the attack, originated from the STF camp itself.  If Afzal had to report regularly to the STF, how could they not have known anything about the conspiracy? Would militants repose trust in someone who was in regular contact with the STF? 


Neither Indian state, nor judiciary nor president questioned the act of subversive act by the concerned  in switching off the security system covering the Parliament building, enabling the “terror gang” to do their job neatly. This can only mean that state, then controlled by Hindutva bjp/RSS,  was involved in the Parliament attack.   When one considers that the Members of Parliament had had a narrow escape, it is difficult to understand why no one, neither in the ruling coalition, nor in the opposition, thought there should be an immediate and deep-digging inquiry”. Given the grave outcome, it is natural to ask: who attacked the Parliament? What exactly was the conspiracy? How could the attackers nearly succeed in blowing up the building itself? The militants’ not only did not blow themselves up, they left behind a thick trail of unused arms and ammunition, mobile phones supposedly used during the attack, addresses, phone numbers, and many more similar clues. Unfortunately, there are no direct official answers to these questions since India never ordered a public inquiry or tabled a white paper on the topic.       

It is important to recall the mass hysteria that ensued after the attack on Parliament. The print-media as much as TV channels played a role in fomenting this mass hysteria just as they did when state promoted mega serials Ramayan and Mahabharat were telecast.  The then PM A.B.Vajpayee and the Home Minister L.K.Advani sued media to their advantages to promote Islamophobia. .. In-fact, even before the police recorded Afzal’s statement they presented him to the media before whom he made, what appeared to be, a complete public confession. Moreover, TV  channels broadcast a program, sensationally described as Haqeeqat, full of lies, in which the prosecution’s version of the case was virtually presented as established. There was a repeat broadcast a few days later, as well as a well-publicised special screening for Their approval for the film was recorded by TV cameras and was broadcast to the nation.   

LK Advani, the prominent Hindutva leader using Muslims to corner Hindu votes and  leader of  the Hindu criminals responsible for destruction of  Babri Mosque to become , the  Home Minister and deputy PM , had tendered as evidence in Parliament that: “the dead men looked like Pakistanis.” Nandita Haksar and Kumar Sanjay Singh asked in an article in Seminar: “How does a Pakistani look?

Does Advani really look like a Pakistani? Does Musharraf look like an Indian?

 The defence of Mohammad Afzal, the key figure in the state-sponsored story of conspiracy, suffered the most. With great difficulty, Geelani’s defence managed to produce some witnesses and was set free ;   A trapped Afzal had none. He had no legal defence in the period between his arrest on December 15, 2001 and the filing of the charge sheet on May 14, 2005; in other words, no counsel had studied the complex case. 


Let every Indian think why there has been no inquiry of this dastardly act. It will be a travesty of justice to hang Mohammad Afzal without ascertaining answers to these questions. On October 20, they are not going to hang Afzal alone but with it they will also hang whatever little trust the Kashmiri people had in this judiciary; all to be hanged till death. 


Congress party gains a political point over RSS/bjp in killing Afzal Guru. Even Muslim agents of Indian regime and operating against Muslim interests are annoyed. Earlier, Congress party had obtained another Hindu vote bank point by killing Ksaba..Indian regime has strong record of Muslim murders both in India and Kashmir. congress and bjp(RSS) are collaborating on the Muslim issue. That is fate of besieged Indian and Kashmiri Muslims… Mind you, India is secular democracy, officially!

Flash-point: Massacres  of Kashmiri Muslims

An indefinite curfew has been imposed in Indian-occupied Kashmir. Afzal Guru was hanged on Saturday for the December 2001 attack after his clemency plea was rejected. Authorities have blocked roads to Guru’s hometown of Sopore after separatist groups threatened to march there on Tuesday to mark his death. Guru, who had been on death row since 2002, was executed at Tihar jail in Delhi. He was buried in the prison grounds. Three youths have died during violent clashes in Kashmir against the hanging. Cable television, mobile and internet services remain blocked in most parts of Kashmir as hundreds of security forces enforce a strict curfew to prevent more violence and silence the protesters. .


Claimed in its entirety by both India and Pakistan, Kashmir has been a flashpoint for more than 60 years and two wars have been fought over it.

It remains the central fact that enduring peace and security in South Asia lies in resolving the longstanding conflict of Jammu Kashmir, now under Indian brutal occupation.

Kashmir turmoil has the potential of derailing any bilateral processes like enhancement of trade, people to people contact etc.  India should be as much committed as Pakistan is to finding a just and peaceful solution of the dispute in accordance the aspirations of the Kashmiri people. 

Despite the confusing signals that occasionally emanate from India that the security forces’ presence in Kashmir would be reduced, the number of the occupation forces has not gone down.  The massacre of Kashmiri Muslims as well! Human Rights violations of the people of Kashmir continue unabated with impunity. The fundamental rights of the people of Kashmir have been trodden by invoking the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, which has been termed as ‘draconian’, ‘hated’ and “a violation of International Law” by the UN Special Rapporteur on HR.

Recent violations of ceasefire, meant to terrorize the Kashmir Muslims,  have brought the Kashmir conflict under renewed focus at the international level. This dispute has been on the agenda of the UN for more than six decades, it is indeed an unfulfilled obligation of the UN. The government and people of Pakistan continue to extend their unwavering political, moral and diplomatic support to the just cause of the Kashmiri people to safeguard their right of self determination through a free and impartial plebiscite in line with the UN Charter and UNSC resolutions, as well as for the protection of their fundamental rights.

A recent meeting of the OIC Contact Group on Jammu and Kashmir on the sidelines of 12 th OIC Summit in Cairo on 5 February coincided with the ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day.’ This was the third meeting of the Contact Group in less than six months. This indeed is an expression of importance that the OIC attaches to this lingering dispute. The meeting was co-chaired by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister and Secretary General OIC; participants of the meeting reiterated their continued support for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. During the meeting, Foreign Minister of Pakistan said: “I am honored to address this meeting of the OIC Contact Group on Jammu and Kashmir on a day when Pakistanis all over the world observe solidarity with the people of Jammu and Kashmir… OIC message has been clear: Implement the UN Security Council Resolutions which affirm Kashmiris’ right to self-determination. The support of the OIC member states to the Kashmir cause is highly valued by the Kashmiris and the people of Pakistan. It is unfortunate that since 1948 Kashmiris’ right to self determination has been denied… President of Pakistan during his address at the 67th session of the UNGA reaffirmed that Pakistan will continue to support the right of people of Jammu and Kashmir to peacefully determine their destiny in accordance with the UN Security Council’s resolutions.” 

In her statement to the OIC summit, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister underscored the need to address daunting challenges faced by the Muslim World through unity, solidarity, and a spirit of Islamic brotherhood: “On this day, I wish to reassure my Kashmiri brethren that Pakistan remains firmly committed to finding a just and peaceful solution of the Kashmir dispute…I reaffirm Pakistan’s firm commitment to a just and peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Jammu & Kashmir and protection of their fundamental rights”. President of AJK and the representative of the APHC, Ghulam Mohammad Safi, also attended the meeting of the Contact Group. President of AJK spoke in particular about the Human Rights violations that continue unabated by the Indian security forces. The representatives of the Kashmiri People gave an update on the latest situation in the Indian occupied Kashmir. They presented to the Summit a memorandum on the Kashmir cause, this document contained proposals for both the OIC member states as well as the OIC Secretary General to peacefully resolve the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolutions. 

The Cross-LoC confidence building measures (CBMs) to bring relief to the divided families and reduce the sufferings of the Kashmiris on both sides of the LoC has somewhat helped Kashmiris.  Pakistan is pursuing the CBMs in good faith and hopes that the process would continue to mitigate the suffering of the Kashmiri people and lead to resolution of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the aspirations of the Kashmiri people. These CBMs have contributed towards creation of a congenial environment between the two countries to address the issue of Jammu and Kashmir. 


Random Observations

Destruction of Babri Mosque, massacre of Kashmiri Muslims, state terrorism in occupied JK, murder of fishing boat fame Kasaba and Afzal are meant for cheap political cause and these anti-Muslim operations are crude examples of fake Indian secularism creditably and result of cold Indian anti-Muslim mindset. Murder of Afzal has once reiterated the suspicion about India’s hidden agenda against defenseless Muslims and Islam. India is still eager to keep  fanatic Hindus in good humors by targeting Muslims –  but by using the very political Muslims as well.  

Indian regime manages all vote banks at the polls to obtain mandate for promoting crony capitalism by pampering a few individuals and  to continue state terrorism. 

It seems, India is ever ready to wage wars including a nuclear one, if necessary,  to retain Jammu Kashmir and Indian media nuts urgently require wars to  promote Islamophobia and Hindutva.  Indian military would not hesitate  to murder every single Muslim, including top politicians like Omar and Farooq,  in now occupied Kashmir to showcase its military might. 

Many across the globe have described the  hurried and secret state killing of Md Afzal Guru as purely political meant for Hindu votes and appeasing Hindutva forces, rather than legal execution. The brutal murder of Mohammad Afzal Guru was carried out in violation of legal norms and international standards. Everything has been done in hush. It was incumbent under law upon the government to inform the family before hanging Afzal u and arrange last meeting with him, Like Israel, Indian regime cares too little for law and legality. Murder. Mass murders and individual ones.  After president of India Pranab Mukherjee rejected the mercy petition of Mohammad Afzal Guru, it was incumbent upon the Sessions Judge who had sentenced him to issue warrant of execution which had not been issued.


State murder of Md. Afzal is seen in occupied Jammu Kashmir as a state attack on the new generation of youth in Kashmir.  JK Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said “Please understand that there is more than one generation of Kashmiris that has come to see themselves as victims, that has come to see themselves as category of people who will not receive justice,”. The chief minister had also questioned the rationale of informing Afzal’s family through post saying the reliability of the medium itself was questionable.  “Whether you like it or not, the execution of Afzal Guru has reinforced that point that there is no justice for them and that to my mind is far more disturbing and worrying than the short-term implications for security front. How we would be able to correct or address that sense of injustice and alienation is a question I do not have answers…If we are going to inform someone by post that his family member is going to be hanged, there is something seriously wrong with the system,” he said. However, Omar Abdullah’s angry outburst over the execution of Md Guru that it was a “tragedy” that Guru was not allowed to meet his family before he was hanged and not allowed a “final farewell”. – looks more like another Indian political gimmick rather than sincere movement against foreign yoke and crimes.

 In order to resolve the Jammu Kashmir issue as well as Indo-Pak tensions, both should reach beyond the mere UN Security Council Resolutions. Pakistan must stop suing  the same old phrase of “resolution” of JK issue, but come out with its plan for future Jammu Kashmir.  As it stand, world gets the impression that as Indian employs terror technique to quell the freedom movement and  murder of Muslims, Pakistan is only trying to bully them by the garb of protection shield which means nothing. Indian brutality and Pakistani hypocritical stance have harmed the genuine interests of besieged Muslim in JK.

Reunification of all parts of Jammu Kashmir into one Jammu Kashmir must be done as the top priority policy of both India and Pakistan.  Pakistan must clearly spell out its desire to bring about a united Jammu Kashmir going beyond the UN Security Council Resolutions for  a plebiscite in India occupied Jammu Kashmir. .

Kashmiris could consider erecting an Afzal Guru monument in Sri Nagar and other town in occupied JK as well as Azad Kashmir. They must sk for proper investigation of Parliament attack and real culprits (hiding under the garbs of state protection) should be brought to light. 


Indian media, with the worst kind of fanaticism systemically generated targeting Islam and Muslims, have created a bogus Hindu collective conscience and the murder of Afzal might have satisfied the communalized collective conscience. But there is a lot to answer on what was carried out at 8 A.M on February 9, 2013 in Tihar Jail, 29 years after another execution was carried out-that of Maqbool Bhat on 11th Feb, 1984. Kashmir had hardly got over the first, when it was served the second…the fallout is hard to predict.

Murder of Afzal has clearly given the ruling Congress party and its allies an edge over bjp/RSS in the next poll to Parliament. Having ensured Muslim vote bank, now the ruling Congress has only attempted to ensure Hindu vote bank. Congress-bjp combine knows Muslims would not vote for RSS. Congress has outsmarted bjp/RSS by killing Muslims all by themselves..

February 9, 2013 shall be a memorable, the most important day – another Black Day-  for Kashmiris henceforth and will have crucial role in the future of Jammu Kashmir. Afazal’s struggle for freedom has not earned the Kashmiris full freedom – but his murder shall!

 Kashmiris could consider erecting an Afzal Guru monument in Sri Nagar and other towns in occupied JK as well as Azad Kashmir. They must ask for proper investigation of Parliament attack and real culprits (if hiding under the garbs of state protection) should be brought to light. 

Sri Nagar in Kashmir must be renamed as Mohd Afzal Nagar or Afzalabad as a tribute to the all Kashmiris who lost their lives since 1947.  Kashmiris do not require Indian permission for that: their law makers can make it.



[Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal, Educationist, Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Specialist on State Terrorism ; Global columnist, Commentator  on world affairs , Expert on Mideast Affairs, Analyst on  sport fixings , Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website: https://abdulruff.wordpress.com/write to me: abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com

Dear Islam lovers and friends: Please publish this or perish . 



د. عبد راف 

Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA  & other anti-Islamic agencies.Terrorism is caused by anti-Islamic forces.Regimes often resort to  state terrorism. Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than “terrorism” Fake democracies have zero-tolerance to any criticism of their anti-Muslim and other aggressive practices. Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using all sorts of criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. Humanity has a right to know the truth.  Muslim blood is cheap…



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