Who wants catastrophe in Ukraine?

Who wants catastrophe  in Ukraine?

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal



USA is engaged in media war to boost the image of American military power and its anti-Russian and anti-Islamic propaganda is a core part of the plan.

The peace accord over Ukraine signed in Minsk recently by the contact group has been breached as fighting has resumed on both sides.

Americans have blamed Russia for the civil war but Russia say Americans have instigated violence by military attack in East Ukraine.

The issue with Ukraine is the USA has been steadfast in making the former Soviet republics a part of NATO and EU. Ukraine is one of them seeking membership of NATO but Russia sees it as an attempt to bring NATO to the doors of Russian Federation. Annexation of Crimea by the Kremlin was meant to force Kiev to remain neutral

USA has been looking for chances for proxy wars with Russia. The Kremlin has made elaborate territorial security arrangements to deny the USA or NATO any real opportunity to enter Russia from any direction – by land, sea or air.

True, USA has harmed Russia in economic terms but they have made life more miserable for the Ukrainians.

None can invade Russia. Americans, as usual, are fighting the Russians in another nation – now in Ukraine – but they cannot have veto here to chase Russian away from Ukraine. And, if the western nations continue to support what looks like an American war in East Ukraine, that would definitely lead to catastrophe in Ukraine.

Former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev stated in November that the United States has pulled Russia into a new Cold War, trying to openly implement its idea of triumphalism, that faces the risk of further escalation. The 83-year-old statesman made the comments on January 29 in an interview with Russian news agency Interfax. “The USA has been totally lost in the jungle and is dragging us there as well.”I can no longer say that this Cold War will not lead to a ‘Hot War.’ I fear that they could risk it,” Gorbachev said, “All you hear is about sanctions towards Russia from America and the European Union. Have they totally lost their heads?“


A month later he said that the America is “tortured by triumphalism” and called for de-escalation in the midst of hostilities in Ukraine. “This whole process may and needs to be stopped as it was stopped in the 1980s. And we opted for de-escalation and reunification. Back then it was harsher than today. Gorbachev said. By taking cue from Gorbachev, Russia’s envoy to the European security watchdog OSCE Andrei Kelin urged the USA and Europe on January 29 to stop supporting the “party of war” in Ukraine and warned “catastrophe” could result.


A prolonged crisis in Ukraine began on 21 November 2013, when then President, Viktor Yanukovych suspended preparations for the implementation of an association agreement with the European Union. This decision resulted in mass protests by its opponents, known as the “Euromaidan”.


After months of such protests, Yanukovych was ousted by the protesters on 22 February 2014, when he fled the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev. Following his ousting, unrest enveloped the largely Russophone eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, from where he had drawn most of his support. An ensuing political crisis in Ukrainian autonomous region of Crimea resulted in the annexation of Crimea by Russia on 18 March. Subsequently, unrest in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts of Ukraine evolved into a war between the post-revolutionary Ukrainian government and pro-Russian insurgents.


Russia has increasingly blamed the USA and NATO for the flare-up in violence in eastern Ukraine. The West accuses Moscow of feeding a pro-Russian insurgency with guns and soldiers. Earlier this week, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman told the Security Council that a political solution to the conflict in Ukraine was urgent. Over 5,000 lives have already been lost in this conflict.


Russia denies accusations it is sending money, arms or weapons to eastern Ukraine, where a pro-Russian uprising began months after Ukraine’s Moscow-backed President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted by street protests. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Ukrainian army itself was a legion of NATO sent to geopolitically contain Russia.


Russians say the sanctions by USA and EU against Russia are based on the falsehood as they are bent upon weaken the Kremlin. And in continuation of their war on “perceived enemies” Americans seem to be doing this mischief deliberately to control Ukraine. The allegation to the effect that Ukraine is fighting against “regular units of the Russian army” is the allegation that Vladimir Putin’s Russia has invaded Ukraine, and it is the entire basis for the economic sanctions that are in force against Russia.


Ukraine’s top general, Chief of Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, General Viktor Muzhenko, is contradicting allegations on January 29th by the White House and by his own Ukrainian Government, by saying that no Russian troops are fighting against the Ukrainian Government’s forces in the formerly Ukrainian, but now separatist area, where the Ukrainian civil war is being waged. General Muzhenko also says, emphatically, that the “Ukrainian army is not fighting with the regular units of the Russian army.” In other words, Muzhenko is explicitly and clearly denying the very basis for the EU’s sanctions against Russia, and for the US’s sanctions against Russia.

If what General Muzhenko says is true, then he is a hero for having risked his entire career by having gone public with this courageous statement. And, if what he says is false, then he has no place heading Ukraine’s military.

Russian speaking citizens in Ukraine who are fighting in the contested region, are residents in that region, or of Ukraine, and also some Russian citizens (and American mercenaries have already been noted to have been participating on the Ukrainian Government’s side), who “are members of illegal armed groups,” meaning fighters who are not paid by any government, but instead are just “individual citizens” -as opposed to foreign-government-paid ones.

Intense fighting in the Donetsk People’s Republic region continued. The Ukrainian army shelled territories near Donetsk more than 20 times, killing civilians in the attacks. Fighting has also continued in one of the flash points in the region, in the town of Debaltsevo, located some 55 kilometers (34 miles) from Donetsk. The Ukrainian army has been fighting with local militia to break out of an entrapment and advance towards the areas controlled by rebels.

Russian trucks carrying humanitarian aid to the Donbass region were accompanied from the Russia-Ukraine border by OSCE mission observers for the first time. Two convoys of over 170 trucks crossed the border, carrying over 1.5 tons of humanitarian aid including food, medicine, articles of daily necessity, and some building materials.

he self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk have also sent their envoys to Minsk – Denis Pushilin and Vladislav Deinego.  The officials said Ukrainian troops shelled the city from a neutral zone north of the airport. Kiev has blamed rebels, describing the attack as an attempt to undermine the Minsk peace talks. Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, and Francois Hollande have also discussed the increased violence in southeastern Ukraine in a phone conversation.

No new agreements have been reached; they did not result in the signing of any concluding document, with the meeting ending in a blame game between Kiev and the rebels. The meeting amid the deteriorating situation and intense fighting in eastern Ukraine was held behind closed doors and lasted for over three hours but found no credible solution.


Only a big catastrophe can result from such developments. It’s time to stop covering Kiev’s inhuman actions; it is unacceptable to push them toward the continuation of war in eastern Ukraine.

Russia cannot collapse by the effect of US-EU sanctions. One fails to understand why the hell USA and Ukraine are still prolonging the nonsensical war in east Ukraine.

The sanctions should therefore be immediately removed, with apology, and with compensation being paid to all individuals who have been suffering them; and it is therefore incumbent upon the Russian Government to pursue, through all legally available channels, restitution, plus damages, against the perpetrators of that dangerous fraud — and the news reports have already made clear precisely whom those persons are, who have asserted, as public officials, what can only be considered to be major libel. Otherwise, Ukraine’s top general should be fired, for asserting what he has just asserted.

Most Russians swear that by arming Ukraine America is keen to create a terrible catastrophe for Ukrainians.

If anybody thinks USA was interested in ending the so-called Cold War it is time to reconsider the  opinion




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