BJP to launch government in Jammu Kashmir, PM Modi releases flood relief fund!

BJP to launch government in Jammu Kashmir, PM Modi releases flood relief fund!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff



Now it is almost official.  The BJP is going to launch a government in Jammu Kashmir, with PDP playing second fiddle as CM. People feel betrayed by a senior Kashmiri Muslim leader, Mufti of PDP.

If media reports are to believed, the BJ P government led by Narendra Modi, upon the PDP’s decision to launch a coalition government in Kashmir with BJP, has ordered to release the relief fund withheld for too long.

Reports suggest that Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 25 approved financial aid of over Rs 400 crore for flood victims in Jammu and Kashmir who lost their houses in the deluge in September last year ( Rs 426.83 crore) out of the Prime Ministers National Relief Fund (PMNRF) for assistance to the people who lost their houses in the devastating floods,” a Raj Bhawan spokesman in Governor’s office said in Srinagar.  He said that the aid would benefit 1.87 lakh victims whose houses were damaged in the floods.


The Prime Minister had earlier announced PMNRF relief of Rs 1 lakh and Rs 50,000 to the affected families whose houses had been fully damaged,” he said. He said that the financial assistance approved today by the Prime Minister envisages additional assistance of Rs 50,000 for completely damaged “pacca house”, Rs 25,000 for partially damaged “pacca house”, Rs 10,000 for completely damaged “kacha house” while Rs 5,000 for partially damaged “kacha house”. “An amount of Rs 1,54.66 crore would be distributed among 30,933 people whose pacca houses were completely damaged. 92,024 people whose pacca houses were partially damaged would get an amount of Rs 2,32.56 crore,” he said.

The governor’s spokesman said that 15,832 owners who completely lost their “kacha houses” would get an amount of Rs 15.83 crore whereas 47,550 people whose “kacha houses” were partially damaged would get an amount of Rs 23.77 crore. He said that the Jammu Kashmir Governor N N Vohra has expressed gratitude to the Union Home Minister and the Prime Minister for approving additional PMNRF relief to assist the flood-affected families. He said that the financial assistances sanctioned under PMNRF will be in addition to Rs 12,600 and Rs 3,800 already paid to the affected owners as per the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) norms.

It is now clear, unfortunately, that the central government of BJP played with the lives of Kashmiris by deliberately withholding the relief fund money for too long until the Kashmiri party PDP decides to form a government with BJP.

Is it not an attack on Indian democracy?

Who said PM Modi and BJP love Kashmiris?

By the by,  after the past two months in Jammu and Kashmir, there was a feeling of resentment and deceit against the PDP among the people of the Muslim-majority Kashmir Valley who had voted for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in record numbers to keep the BJP out of power, but the same BJP would rule us now. The PDP even turned down the offers of ‘unconditional support’ by the National Conference as well as Congress which resulted in scathing criticism of the PDP.

General  feeling among  people in the valley is: “This is not what we have voted for. This is not why we trusted Mufti saheb. We feel cheated and the PDP will face the consequences of its alliance with BJP in Kashmir in coming years”. However, some are hopeful that the new government will push forward growth in the state. “It doesn’t matter whether the BJP or the PDP rules the state. At the end of the day, if our highly educated and unemployed youth get jobs and infrastructure is developed in the state, it would solve our problems,” a retired government employee, said.

While the PDP-BJP alliance is now sealed with Mufti set to take oath as the chief minister of the state, most likely on March 1, people in Kashmir Valley remain wary.  The PDP patriarch, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, people warn, will meet the fate of one of Kashmir’s tallest leader, Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, whose grave needs round-the-clock police protection.




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