Indian nightmares of BJP: Anna Hazare and Kejriwal

Indian nightmares of BJP: Anna Hazare and Kejriwal

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal



The BJP, ruing India, is aghast silent.  Neither the party leaders, including PM Modi, nor any minister speaks much.  They are totally disillusioned with the Delhi results, because PM Modi wanted to make Delhi. His launching pad for making both houses of parliament BJP dominated.

BJP had not expected such misfortunes awaiting the party and MM Modi in Delhi. But added to that misfortune is the return of Anna Hazare in New Delhi with a popular struggle for farmer lands.

When Hazare protested for months in New Delhi, it was viewed essentially as an anti-Congress movement because the Congress led UPA government totally corrupt.

The BJP and its Sangh parivar team took full advantage of Hazare movement and even some top leaders openly supported the movement and condemned the Congress for all evils India has gathered over years.

Many BJP people thought Hazare was fighting for Hindutva forces and actively promoted him.

But today, the Hazare phenomenon has come back haunting the BJP which is now ruling India.

Big head ache for BJP and PM. Modi.

Already BJP is unable to comprehend the phenomena of AAP and Arvind Kejriwal. Delhi CM Kejriwal is a nightmare for BJP leaders and they have lost the steam against him. BJP fears if AAP moves beyond Delhi that directly affect the Hindutva fortunes.

As the BJP I was struggling to  find ways and means to contain the Kejriwal phenomenon,  the Hazare phenomenon has added new worries for the  BJP which thought  it is going to  be it s time henceforth.

The pain is too much, unbearable.  The social activist the BJP thought would help it grow further is striking hard at it and, much worse, Kejriwal supports his mentor’s agricultural land bill cause which is genuine. The Hindutva supports now question the logic of Anna Hazare movements and even suggest he has lost the vision and intent he had before.

When, earlier, Muslims used to vote for Congress for free out of fear of BJP as the only available alternative to Hindutva parties now in Delhi they found AAP as the reliable and credible partner in governance. The trend is likely to spread across India.

BJP is now worried more than Congress about the change of mind among Muslims.

Anna Hazare has rightly said the Modi wave was bogus and Indians had already deleted the corrupt Congress party and voted for the available alternative. In Delhi they found the right third alternative to vote for.

BJP and PM Modi are watching how their applecart is being rattled by their own nightmares.



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