India, Pakistan, Bangladesh on UN peace building commission!

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh on UN peace building commission!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Good news from South Asian rulers is that India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have been chosen to be on the Peace keeping panel but the additional bad news is that they are not in a position to do justice the job and position that they been selected for.

South Asians can feel proud of the fact that 3 South Asian nations are on the UN peace keeping panel but they cannot feel equally happy when it comes to the question of what exactly they have achieved in their respective nations in terms of peace and normalcy.

With large scale hungry people in the country, India is also the largest troop contributor to UN peacekeeping operations, and therefore will serve on the organisational committee of the world body’s peace building commission for a period of two years.

Unable to remove disgraceful poverty from its soil for several decades after the independence, India has contributed more than 170,000 troops to 43 of the 68 UN peacekeeping missions since the inception of UN peacekeeping more than 60 years ago.

India is yet to find a credible peace solution to the vexed Kashmir issue but in order to confuse the world community it keeps kills the hapless Kashmiri Muslims. But India says it can solve all world problems relating to regional tensions.  Kashmir is suffering because of India and Pakistan, mainly and it cannot be any sacred guarantee to the existence of India, Pakistan or China. It first needs to guarantee life to Kashmiris. Unable to guarantee its own people, Kashmir has lost over 1000,000 lives to Indian guns. Both India and Pakistan are making all efforts to retain Kashmir parts under their control.

The Organisational Committee of the Peace building Commission includes also Pakistan which plays hide and seek with India and also, like India, refuses to resolve ht e Kashmir issue  amicably by bringing together both Azad Kashmir and Jammu Kashmir as well as the  part of Kashmir  now with China and those regions that have already been annexed to Pakistan.

Pakistan is in turmoil and having lost its sovereignty to occupying NATO forces, it just kills its own people to get aid from the economically powerful western powers.

India and Pakistan along with Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Nigeria will represent the troop-contributing country category on the Organisational Committee of the Peace building Commission for the period from 1 January, 2015, to 31 December, 2016.

Bangladesh is not able to end the perpetual domestic crisis, unrest and dreadful power struggle but it thinks it can serve on the peace keeping organization of UN to take peace to the world.

Maybe peacekeeping outside one’s own country is easier than indoors.  Let that be.

From the group of leading financial contributors, Canada, Germany, Japan, Sweden and the Netherlands would serve two-year terms on the committee from January 2015.

Maybe, more peace efforts and more troops and more bloodshed – that is the brutal situation around the world.

One of the reasons India uses for claiming a seat on the discredited UNSC permanently is its peace keeping role, but its brutality in Kashmir puts Indian position awkwardly in international arena.

Today humanity is terrorized more than ever and all these peace keeping efforts have not made I nay credible impact on the global peace situation but on the contrary, tensions are mounting in every region.

When UN itself is not able to solve any of the crucial issues in the world harming world peace and security, what else can peace keepers do, other than enjoying life in foreign countries?

What is missing is sincerity in intentions of UN leaders with the veto handles.  They do not want peace because under peace conditions they cannot sell their arms. So, they try to make nations fight each other so that they can sell their arms for premiums.

UN General Assembly is without teeth and hence it is not at all serious about world peace and without real powers to exercise to achieve peace, it plays into dirty hands.


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