Babri Mosque and Indian secularism (India)

India has to rebuild the Babri Mosque without further delay.

Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal Blog

Babri Mosque and Indian secularism

Babri Mosque and Indian secularism

-By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


As India is celebrating its 68th Independence day with a patriotic, ‘no-questions asked’ fervour, with a ritual speech by the premier, now by Narenedra Modi, it should be borne in mind that Indian government has not yet fulfilled its historic pledge made to Indians and world at large that it would reconstruct the Babri Mosque at the very site where it stood for centuries before the extremist Hindutva mobs pulled it down as per their well planed and executed conspiracy against Islam.

The promises and pledges by the state or government should be kept in deeds.

Babri Mosque belongs to Islam and every Muslim irrespective of their broad or narrow approaches eagerly await the historic day when the historic Babri mosque comes back to its original site to decorate Indian secularism and illuminate Indian…

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