Kashmir a complicated issue, Kashmiris not aware of their cruel fate!

Kashmir a complicated issue, Kashmiris not aware of their cruel fate!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


At the outset it must be declared that Kashmir issue is more complicated than we generally presume it to be. This vexed decades’ old problem can only be resolved by involving China and Pakistan along with India whose extreme occupational tactics are criticized worldwide. Since Pakistan and China also occupy parts of Kashmir, India quitting Jammu Kashmir alone cannot resolve the issue.  Simultaneous release of Kashmir parts by both Pakistan and China can make sense to Kashmiris and peace movement across the globe.

When people have to decide who should be their occupiers perhaps that would put them in perpetual agony. Over years of occupation and subjugation, brutality and terrorization, Kashmiri Muslims seem to have forgotten that they were until recently free people enjoying full sovereignty to decide their own destiny.

Today, Kashmir has become the joint property of nuclear powers India, Pakistan and China. And, this big trio does not have any plan to surrender, on their own, sovereignty and independence to Kashmiris.  Kashmiris are also divided into pro-India, pro-Pakistan and pro-China. Some Kashmiris cannot tolerate any criticism of Pakistan or China as they love them more than Kashmir. International community does not care who kills whom in Kashmir.

India does not want to resolve the Kashmir issue because it does not  think there is  really any issue pending with  government of India over Kashmir  and repeatedly (and loudly reiterated)  that Jammu Kashmir has been an integral part of Indi and that shall be final. President Pranab Mukherjee said the same many times as Indian external affairs minister.  To put it in a nut or larger shell, there is no point in expecting a fast growing India and cricket super power to make any amendment to its resolve on the matter.

As far as Pakistan is concerned, the Kashmir issue has not been resolved fully as yet.  Not even once Islamabad showed it’s eager to help India resolve the problem by explicitly stating the way and means for resolution by declaring its demands to resolve the issue “fully”. Once Pakistan comes out clean with a resolution plan of its liking, a suitable road map could be drawn to implement the issue.

But Pakistan never did that and it does not want to undertake any such serious step.  It only blames India for not “resolving” the Kashmir problem.

Pakistan’s only strength seems to be in controlling the Kashmiri separatists who  operate without any  freedom plan but do exactly what Pakistan tells them.  Since Pakistan wants to take away Jammu Kashmir from India by pushing the separatists to fight against India and add JK to Azad Kashmir so that entire Kashmir could, sooner than later, become an integral part of Pakistan.

Games of India, Pakistan and its Kashmiri allies have got thousands of innocent Kashmir Muslims murdered day and night. Kashmiris remain terrorized.

Dialogue and negotiations are the only way forward to resolve bilateral or any other international problem and there has been a lot of hue and cry for dialogue and negotiations. But these should be done just or the sake of it or as a time pass tool in order to prolong the crisis endlessly. Honesty, sincerity and real intent should be there to launch a meaningful dialogue. Otherwise, everything’s a waste.

Pakistan and allies must state the content of resolution first.   What exactly do they want?

The JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik held a rally in the PDP bastion of Anantnag in south Kashmir, saying dialogue between India and Pakistan will not resolve the Kashmir issue unless the two countries have an intention to do so. “When there is no intention to resolve Kashmir issue, what are dialogue and negotiations meant for?” he said addressing the rally in Anantnag town on Friday.

The separatist leader said the Indian leaders were publicly pledging not to give any concessions on Jammu Kashmir. Malik alleged every pro-India party and politician of Jammu and Kashmir is a “stooge” whose only job is to safeguard the interests of India. “Today those people who ignored our boycott call and voted for so-called ‘keep out BJP rhetoric’, should be feeling ashamed after watching the same politicians who made noises of BJP danger during election sharing power with same BJP,” he added.

China which also occupies a part of Kashmir is trying to appease India by all possible ways. It appears Beijing is realistic as it is not in the habit of returning territories to other nations and seeks more alien territories if possible as outer ring security. If India cooperates with China over the jointly occupied Kashmir it can always keep it as an integral part of China. Beijing rightly thinks it needs India’s support on Kashmir.  Pakistan gives blanket support China’s occupation as that guarantees Pakistan’s own occupation of Azad Kashmir. Kashmiris who willingly play into dirty hands of foreign nations have no idea about what the nuclear trio wants in South Asia.

Meanwhile, the release of top separatist leader Masarat Alam on March 07 on the orders of Chief Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, who is trying to be good to Kashmiri Muslims for in gratitude for their votes, has not gone down well with ally BJP which said it could spell “danger” to the ruling coalition while the security establishment felt there could be a major threat to peace in Jammu and Kashmir.  They said the release of “anti-national” leaders was in violation of the Common Minimum Programme (CMP) that the two parties had agreed upon before forging an alliance to form the government in the state. BJP views every Muslim to be a terrorist or anti-national or both.  JK military establishment says Alam is “stronger and more powerful leader than Syed Ali Shah Geelani” and has huge stone-pelters cadres in youth. Mufti’s action seems to have made people of Kashmir feel some relief which they have not felt for years.

Fight for sovereignty for Kashmir and fight for relocation of JK in Pakistan are happening hand in hand in Kashmir where most of the people belong to Islam.  Indian government is concerned only about helping Hindus living in Kashmir while attacking the Muslims

Kashmiris are not aware of their own cruel fate! But even if they know everything how does it matter at all? Occupiers are the same, whether they are Hindus, Muslims or Chinese!

World needs to gather courage to criticize Pakistan, China and India for their joint criminal operations, maybe in tandem, in Kashmir. Let all these three nations pull themselves out of Jammu Kashmir and let Kashmiris lei vein peace. They also deserve freedom, human dignity and the right to live as sovereign citizens.

Kashmir should not remain a flash point in South Asia for powers to engage themselves in regional rivalries and arms race to terrorize the humanity.


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