Israel: A panicky Netanyahu woos illegal Jewish settlers to win an impossible election!

Israel: A panicky Netanyahu woos illegal Jewish settlers to win an impossible election!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


The deadly anti-Palestine and extremely anti-Iran ruling Likud party of Israel is trailing the opposition parties in the final opinion polls for the general poll leaving no scope for the hawkish PM Netanyahu. But in a last minute gimmick to woo the illegal settlers in Israel as well as in Palestine West bank territories, a restless Netanyahu has assured the settler Jews, among others who do not want peace in Mideast, that he would stop Palestine from emerging in Mideast if his right Likud party wins the general poll and if he is reelected as Israeli PM for a third tram.

The idea behind this assertion is to coerce the Jewish settler communities who form big chunks of Israeli voters to vote for the Likud party so that Israeli military can keep attacking Gaza strip, killing innocent people, including children and women.

Polling stations are to open at 0500 GMT on 18 March for Israel’s second snap general election in as many years in a ballot experts agree is likely to be a referendum on the Netanyahu years, including frequent military attacks on Gaza Strip and his address to US Congress to criticize Obama’s foreign policy. .

With his rightwing Likud trailing the centre-left Zionist Union in the final polls, Netanyahu leaves no stone unturned and said that if his rivals were elected security would be compromised and they would give up total Israeli control over Jerusalem. “We will continue to build to fortify Jerusalem so its division will not be possible and it will remain united forever,” he said on a tour of Har Homa, a settlement neighborhood of annexed east Jerusalem.

Netanyahu, who is seeking a third consecutive term in office, vowed he would never allow the Palestinians to establish a capital in the city’s eastern sector and pledged to build “thousands” of settler homes.

Throughout his campaign, Netanyahu has repeatedly accused Zionist Union leaders Isaac Herzog and former peace negotiator Tzipi Livni of being ready to abandon Israel’s claim to Jerusalem as its indivisible capital. But Netanyahu’s most bombastic statement came when he was asked by the rightwing NRG website if it was true that there would be no Palestinian state established if he was reelected. “Indeed,” said Netanyahu, who in 2009 had endorsed the idea of two states living side by side.

Netanyahu is also a usual Israeli buff master.

He later told public radio that the two-state solution was now irrelevant, saying the “reality has changed” and “any territory which would be handed over would be taken over by radical Islamists”.

The Palestinians want east Jerusalem as capital of their future state, but continued settlement proliferation operations and terror attacks on Gaza strip on fictitious pretexts has incensed the international community, which sees it as a very serious obstacle to peace.

Israel exists on illegally occupied Palestine lands and big aid from USA and Europe. It looks both USA and EU, now appreciating Israeli strategy of using them as a security shield and refuses to listen to their advice on Palestine peace issue, would henceforth cut aid and even deactivate its support for the Zionist criminal regime in Mideast.

The behavior and posture of Israel shows entire world, especially the advanced western nations, depends on Jews.  Israeli leaders have made the people of Israel the collective  culprits  for the military crimes in Palestine.


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