Indian politics: Wither Aam Aadmi Party?

Indian politics: Wither Aam Aadmi Party?
-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Needless to state that the AAP leaders are the target of a strong conspiracy hatched in New Delhi. Unless Kejriwal wakes up, it would take the toll of the party. Kejriwal won’t be the chief beneficiary.
Many in India and abroad have begun to write off AAP as a party of small petty-minded leaders without any real commitment to the welfare of nations and peole of India. That is not good for India which has pinned all hopes on this new party with new ideology to suit common people of the nation.
Mentality of denial and betrayal is harming the party as well as Delhiites.
No one, especially the Delhiites who voted AAP to power already twice, has any idea about what exactly has been going on after the historic victory in Delhi state assembly polls. Of course, this is not what the people of Delhi and India expected from the leaders of the new party which gave them high hopes.
While collective leadership is not the aim of AAP founding leader Kejriwal, the leaders who now shamelessly wash dirty linen on the Delhi streets seem to have failed to understand that Delhiites voted the AAP not because of them and, conversely, the party was defeated in parliament poll in Delhi was also not because of them.
Surely, AAP has evolved one man party revolving around Kejriwal leadership and he alone can take credit and blame for the party performance in the poll and governance.
The significant contributions from every leader in AAP, both big and small, cannot, however, be belittled or overlooked by Kejriwal while deciding the party programs and policies, power sharing etc.
It is quite likely that Prashant Bhushan and nurture ambition of ministerial berths in the cabinet and Kejriwal ignored their wishes. No doubt, Bhushan and Yadav deserve more than cabinet positions for their contribution to the party’s growth, for their role in media management to shore up support of some sections of people. Ignoring this fact would amount to denying the due place to leaders they duly deserve. When they are denied their place in the party and government, they began criticizing Kejriwal and his autocratic style f function.
Officially, the clash of interests between Kejriwal and Bhushan-Yadav was the natural result of ignoring certain principles of AAP that make its stay above all other political outfits, both national and regional. The complaints by the “detractors” include that Kejriwal encouraged the billionaires to contest the Delhi poll, denying the common leaders to represent the party in the assembly.
Today, Kejriwal is the rule and law of AAP while Bhushan and Yadav seeking some sort of parity with their “colleague” Kejriwal have difficulties in acknowledging that. Refusal to understand the reality is the fault of Bhushan and Yadav who refused to treat Kejriwal as their only undisputed leader in the party and maybe did not want to obey him for the party’s sake, even if not for the people’s sake.
Kejriwal is angry with them mainly because they indirectly worked against the party interests in Delhi poll as well as after the victory.
This merely is an intellectual problem – a problem that keeps Kejriwal away from known intellectuals Bhushan and Yadav. That is detrimental to Kejriwal’s future as well as the party’s efficient management. That would eventually land the party into an era of decadence and people would abandon it as they have done with other major parties.
Peole do not have permanent political allies – they prefer those who work sincerely and without infighting or bickering.
Therefore, removal of those leaders who criticize the leadership on some useful issues is not going to benefit the AAP or Kejriwal in the long run. Delhiites as well as many AAP members across India are disillusioned with AAP functioning.
Needless to state that the AAP leaders are the target of a strong conspiracy hatched in New Delhi. Unless Kejriwal wakes up, it would take the toll of the party. Kejriwal won’t be the chief beneficiary.
For a party like AAP committed to the cause of common people and already set for a national appearance, it is absolutely necessary project a united forum for people to trust the AAP and Kejriwal needs to understand the complexities of party management. Kejriwal has to ensure unity of AAP.
AAP has no right to destroy the hopes of common people of India.


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