Aam Aadmi Party government launches registration for unauthorised houses in Delhi!

Aam Aadmi Party government launches registration for unauthorised houses in Delhi!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Good news for the poor in Delhi and India at large!

In fulfilling its electoral promises given to Delhiites and in easing out difficulties faced by the people in Delhi, particularly the common people the main stay of AAP; political   support, the Kejriwal government has decided to regularize the unauthorized houses in Delhi state.

The Arvind Kejriwal-led government has decided to bypass Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and open registration for houses located in unauthorised colonies. There are over 1650 unauthorised colonies and the registration of thousands of houses means that the cash-strapped Delhi Government will make some quick bucks by making the prospective house owners pay for stamp duty.

The Kejriwal government is eager to  give the relief to the needy and poor without  going through the lengthy process and  by  registration  it has made the beginning. The legal process demands that the Municipal Corporation first do the layout of these unauthorised colonies and fix the ownership. The registration should legally happen only after the ownership is fixed. But the Delhi government has decided to do the boundary demarcation and register the unauthorised houses.

Moments after the Delhi government’s decision, Municipal Corporation of Delhi run by non-AAP parties and the opposition party leaders accused the AAP government of plotting to generate revenue at the behest of ‘innocent citizens’. Among other problems cited by the opposition is the fact that the move will bypass the second stage of the three-step regularisation process which includes perpetration of a layout plan by the MCD.

The government has now decided to immediately complete the process of fixing boundaries of these colonies using the latest scientific methods. Once the boundary of a particular colony is fixed, registration of properties in these colonies will also be started. The exercise would be followed up by sending the maps to the respective municipal corporations for preparation of layout plan, and then to the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) for change in land use.

Earlier in the day, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, said that registry of around 1650 unauthorised colonies will begin from April 1. “The people of Delhi have been living under fear for decades and our government is dedicated to regularise the irregular colonies as promised in the party’s manifesto,” Sisodia said during a press conference here. According to the party, the decision was taken after a meeting chaired by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal who directed the Revenue Department to fix the boundaries in these colonies.

Vijender Gupta, one of the three BJP members that the AAP government ‘should stop acting selfish. “The AAP plan has problems written all over it. Firstly, they cannot bypass the MCD and initiate registration based on boundary demarcation. The layout has to be passed by the MCD and then only registration. Secondly, the chances of property fraud will increase immensely,” he said.

Steering clear from confronting the AAP government, Chief Town Planner (MCD) Shamsher Singh said, “So far we have not got the official order by the state government. We have only heard about the announcement and based on that it would have been a good idea to include layout clearance in the regularisation process.” The government orders, according to sources in the corridors of power in Delhi, are being issued now and the registration process would start in a matter of days.

It is indeed an enlightened move on the part of Delhi government to undertake the task of    improving the living conditions of the capitals’ down trodden people who have been ignored by both Congress and BJP governments for years now.  Their interests lie with the rich and corporate class who lavishly fund, the polls after polls, expenditures of these big parties. .

The Kejriwal government’s resolve to go ahead with the registration process is taking place in the face of opposition from major national parties that see the move as the political investments for future dividends both in Delhi and India.  The AAP move to register the unauthorized houses would go a long way in streamlining the life conditions of the poor and daily waged labor classes.


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