Congress government sold India to benefit the rich, will BJP too?

Congress government sold India to benefit the rich, will BJP too?

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Taking on Congress over its charge that his government was pro-rich, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 04 accused it of ‘selling the nation to benefit the rich’ when it was in power and asked BJP workers to fight the falsehood with facts and self-confidence.

In his concluding address at the two-day national executive meet of the party in Bengaluru, Karnataka state, Modi said the NDA government was for the poor and weaker sections of society and cited several schemes and decision of the Centre to drive home his point.”We are accused of being a government for the rich but the truth is that the previous UPA government worked for the rich”.

Referring to the coal scam in which several blocks were allegedly given away to a select few, Modi asked if a government is rich, which allocated coal blocks on the basis of a note, not for the rich?

The UPA government sold the nation to benefit the rich and wasted the money of the poor on the wealthy. We have earned Rs two lakh crore by auctioning only 20 coal blocks and this money has come from the pockets of the same rich people. Does the BJP government work for the rich?”, Modi asked, according to a BJP statement.

Stressing the pro-poor credentials of his government, Modi said his it will provide LPG connection to one crore poor households and noted that it brought down the gas price to below five dollar per unit after the UPA government had increased it to 8.4 dollars from 4.2 dollars.

He made a reference to tax on the super rich and said BJP workers should cite facts and respond to these falsehoods targeting the government with self-confidence. Modi asked BJP workers to work towards ending manual scavenging and told them to ensure that this campaign does not remain confined to newspapers’ pages.

The Prime Minister also made a mention of senior party leaders, saying it was due to their guidance that the government had met successes. Senior leaders like LK Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi have been kept out of the government and also decision-making process in the party.

Although BJP and Congress accuse each other of pro-rich, the fact remains both are pro-rich and promote the multinational corporations and Indian corporate lords who in fact decide Indian policies  and accompany the prime minster and  very high dignitaries  visiting  foreign nations, especially  the USA, Europe, Russia and China to undertake huge  trade with  corporate world.

The BJP has taken a hit in perception battle on three critical governance issues – land acquisition bill, failure to bring back money and the fact that Modi government cares more for the rich than for the poor. Concluding its three day national executive meet in Bengaluru, the party has come out with a new found aggression to ferociously counter these charges and make an all out effort to convince that their government is development and welfare oriented. In his speeches, Modi dwelt at length in countering Congress and other political rivals’ who were engaging in “disinformation campaign” that the BJP government was pro-corporate and anti-poor. In the same vein, he talked about transparency in auction of coal blocks and around two lakh crore rupees collected from it, a large portion of which would be shared with the states concerned.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Armament Research Board, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) said India is capable of developing intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) which can hit targets beyond the range of 10,000 kms, In other words, India missiles can pierce through not just China but even travel beyond Asian continent. India has successfully test fired nuclear capable Agni V missile recently which has a range of 5,000 kms. One does not know if India still focuses on a veto in the discredited UNSC.

Since  the Congress-BJP duo pursues similar, if not same policies, there is no guarantee that the BJP government would also sell India to the rich.


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