Are Americans keen South Asia a destabilized region forever?

Are Americans keen  South Asia a destabilized region forever?

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Behind and beyond the illusionary façade of “democracy” many illogical and strange things can happen – and in fact they are really happening!

Americans make maximum use of an essentially destabilized South Asia to their own pipeline and Silk Road advantages by misusing an essentially destabilized, corrupt Pakistani regime.

Whether it was military controlled or civilian ruled, Pakistan over decades has promoted the both corporates and corruption as its unwritten national policy and, interestingly it continued so even when US led NATO forces occupied the so-called Islamic nation that kills Muslims in an around and supports China in ruthlessly dealing with its own Muslim population.

Maldives is in turmoil as also Bangladesh and common people suffer without basic amenities. Sri Lanka known for family rule and corruption has just come out of its civil war and a recent regime change in Colombo is yet to show direction for the future course.

Bangladesh and Nepal are always under perpetual tensions, mixed with mysteries of ideological illusions.

Indians and Pakistanis are under constant mutual threat of small scale wars with the militaries at the borders perpetually being engaged in cross fires while, at the same time, trying to chart a cricket course to fool the nations.

Afghanistan is limping back to some sort of semblance of normal life but not sure about the future of brave Afghans because that that country’s future also depends on Washington and NATO forces.

Without the mercy of USA, no nation in South or West Asia can survive as fully sovereign.

The South Asian regional crises suit Washington to advance its strategic interests in the region. Washington has many leaders across the globe on its favored lists and uses them against the genuine interests of people as the rich an corporates have got their upper hand.  .

With China making tremendous gains in the region, USA is eager to get India on board. With Hindutva forces winning the parliament poll, India is keen to promote Hindutva interests to boost the image of Hinduism as real India. A so-called lefty, President Obama obediently pursues the agenda of US capitalists and his call for religious freedom in India is meant for coercing Indian capitalists to invest heavily in USA. Invasion and escalation of terror wars in Arab world is meant to promote that objective of Neocons specialists. Yemen crisis is also a part of that scheme that Saudi led Arab nations dutifully fulfill.

Obviously, President Obama pursues his own Asia pivot pet project of containing the Chinese influences in South Asia and SE Asia. Americans are eager to drive the Chinese from Asia Pacific as well. With the objective in mind that Washington has pressed New Delhi to take steps to improve relationships with its South Asian neighbors. USA wants India to assume the role of chief agent of Washington in the region and maintain good relations with neighbors, especially Pakistan and Sri Lanka; both are very economic friendly with Beijing. A US State Department spokesperson therefore described Washington’s relationship with both Pakistan and India as strong and vital.

In fact, Obama’s visit to India without touching Pakistan was meant essentially to force Pakistan to drop China as trusted ally.

Americans have been misusing its super power status and UN veto handle to destabilize nations and region to suits its global interests. By making Israel its major ally in Middle East, Washington ably control the Arab world. By using Saudi Arabia as its close ally in Arab world, USA has destabilized many energy rich Arab nations and no still focuses on Iranian oil. Now Americans control Arab oil and many energy routes. By invading Afghanistan and occupying its neighbor Pakistan, killing civilians in tribal zones connecting the pipelines as terrorists, USA has established a clear control over the energy routes connecting the old Silk Road.

Now Americans seek to bring India and Pakistan together to lay the foundations for pipelines.  They perhaps also want Kashmiris to work for the success of the pipeline project. Hence USA is not at all interested in resolving the Kashmir issue.

For pipeline reasons, American strategists are bent upon deliberately destroying any stability presence in South Asia.

Though promoting US pipeline interests in the region, Pakistan has also warned that operationalization of Indo-US nuclear deal for political and economic expediencies would have a detrimental impact on deterrence stability in South Asia. Islamabad knows too well that US alone is capable of decisions and its decisions are final and Pakistani regime will oblige Washington in order to get service charges in old arms.

When, reacting to the statements made and agreements signed during President Obama’s visit to India, Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz said Pakistan reserves the right to safeguard its national security interests, world knows it is  just a statement obviously  for  US aid.

Pakistan is examining the longer term implications of these agreements for its security.  Aziz pointed out that a country, in violation of UN Security Council resolutions on matters of international peace and security, such as the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, by no means qualifies for a special status in the Security Council.  UN should be opposed to any country-specific exemption from Nuclear Suppliers Group rules. Such special considerations to any nuke power would destroy deterrence stability. American leaders know India would add more investments in USA, hoping to get US node to enjoy the veto handle. .
Pakistan rightly think Indo-US deal would further compound the already fragile strategic stability environment in South Asia, further undermine the credibility of NSG and weaken the non-proliferation regime. He said Pakistan would continue to maintain its constructive engagement with NSG and other export control regimes to build its case for membership.
By joining the NATO state terror forces to kill Pakistanis themselves, Pakistan also claims to be a leading partner of the international community in counter-terrorism. It also expects the same commitment from others. Pakistan thinks its contribution and sacrifices in the fight against terrorism have been widely acknowledged. The Advisor said Pakistan values its relations with the United States and expects it to play a constructive role for strategic stability and balance in South Asia.

Pakistan is a major non-NATO ally of USA working as a puppet to dance to Washington tunes for aid.

India seems ready to walk miles in order to appease Americans, hoping to some hw get a veto on the discredited UNSC. Washington plays its cared rather too well with India which also courts Israel, which is the committed foe of Arabs and kills Palestinians. India has now found a trusted ally in Israel for jointly dealing with Kashmiris. Both consider themselves as modern empires.

It is not only the Israelis that fish in troubled Mideast waters, but all powerful Americans too are doing the same, globally. South Asia is just one stage for its operations. .

Whether or not USA would effectively contain China, remains to be seen!  But India and Pakistan are vying with each other to promote US interests in the region in order to a strategic partner of a unilateral super power.

When the fences eat away the crops, nothing can be done with that ugly process.

Meanwhile, let us hope the USA is not trying to destabilize South Asia as well.


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