Delhiites are happy with the AAP government: CM Kejriwal

Delhiites are happy with the AAP government: CM Kejriwal

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Of course, the mood of people of Delhi is upbeat as they feel satisfied that they elected the Aam Admi party- the best possible party to power in the national capital and the government of Aam Admi party is corruption free and fights corruption even as the ruling party- a rare politics in Indian national scenario where corruption decides literarily everything. AAP government is committed to the cause of common people of Delhi state.


The AAP government of Kejriwal is going to complete 100 days this month end. Stating that he doesn’t care about what other parties and media say about t his government, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on May 10 said that if election is held in the national capital today, Aam Aadmi Party would poll at least 72 percent votes. “After the elections, our condition has improved a lot,” Kejriwal said, while interacting with party volunteers through Google Hangout. “Whatever comes in the media, but I conduct a survey every 15 days of my party in Delhi.” In the last Assembly elections, the AAP polled 54.59 percent.

Only a leader who is free from corrupt practices and even corrupt thoughts can say like this with such conviction. As a Delhi party which rose to power on the strength of anti-corruption movement, the AAP has stuck to its core anti-corruption and pro-people principles, earning a credible name among the masses of Delhi state.

By doing so he became a model CM for other to emulate he is not scared of sharing power and he is no dictator as claimed by the media that support either Congress or BJP.


Arvind Kejriwal has proved himself to be a decent democrat by sharing power with a deputy CM – the post he created for the purposes although he not  duty bound or  under any kind of pressure from within to appoint a deputy CM.  In fact, deputy CM is a rare thing in Indian states since CMs do not trust other leaders to entrust them with the job of deputy CM. CMs do not want another power centres apart from that of CM.  For instance, the Kerala state in South India where Muslims constitute over 30% of populations and has second largest team in the Assembly the ruling Congress party and a alliance partner of secular Muslim League still refuses to appoint a Muslim as a deputy CM and whenever ML demands the post of Deputy CM,  the ruling Congress and  Hindutva BJP play joint games outside the assembly to thwart that move of ML for  the  important post to serve the cause of Muslims the state.

The Delhi Chief Minister also took a dig at the Narendra Modi-led central government, saying “normally, it is seen that parties win the election, but gradually people get fed up of them. The biggest example of this is the Modi government at the Centre”. “Their popularity has decreased from the time they came to power. But our popularity has increased and today if elections are conducted in Delhi then we will get 72 percent votes according to our survey.”

After the Delhi Assembly’s elections, people’s affection has increased towards the AAP. This is in contrast with BJP’s central government led by premier Narendra Modi as it  has been losing the good will of Indian masses ever since  the BJP came to power party and allies began an onslaught on minorities.  When earlier the BJP’s Vajpayee, who also participated in celebrating the insane destruction of historic Babri Mosque in Uttar Pradesh, became the PM of India he could effectively control the criminal minded Hindutva forces to behave with minorities properly.

A US panel has asked President Obama to take up the case of onslaught of minorities with the Modi regime. .

Kejriwal said the AAP government is going to complete 100 days in its office on 24 May while the Modi government will complete its one year on May 26.  “I think there should be comparison of work between Modi’s and our governments. There should be comparison as to what we have done in the last 100 days and what Modi’s government has done in the last one year,” he also said.

Attacking the media, the Delhi Chief Minister said, “Media keeps showing us in negative light but don’t worry about that as people of Delhi is happy with us. Despite media’s attempts, people gave us 67 seats out of total 70 seats.” BJ P got just 3 seats while Congress party which ruled for years got none – so much popular anger against corrupt Congress rule.  “As far as starting a media house is concerned, we don’t want to do that. There are good people in media too, who are not happy. If some senior people come together and want to start a news channel or news paper, the government will definitely help them. We also want a honest media house which only shows news,” he said.

Split within AAP was an unfortunate thing to happen at this juncture when people were still celebrating the AAP victory.  However, that has not in any way affected the party and government. Delhiites seem to have rejected the splinter group led by eminent anti-corruption leaders and are solidly behind Kejriwal who has promised a corruption free welfare society in Delhi.   Hopefully Kejriwal would have  a large heart  as  the leader and let  the “ rebels”  reenter the AAP with whom he floated the party in the first place.

After all, all of them have got common agenda- anti-corruption and genuine concerns for the common people .


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