India IPL: Finally Delhi team overcomes Dhoni-BCCI threads; Khan led bowlers thrash Chennai Dhoni team.

India IPL: Finally Delhi team overcomes Dhoni-BCCI threads; Khan led bowlers thrash Chennai Dhoni team.

-Abdul Ruff Colachal (Specialist on sport match fixing)


Delhi team on 12 May demolished Dhoni’s hollow Chennai team which all the way claimed to be the best because they have good bowlers. (Their batboys are just ordinary and other teams allowed runs to it fearing the bowlers who hit back.  Delhi bowlers led by Khan just punctured Doni’s batboys and restricted them to 110 runs when Dhoni was indeed expecting 250 runs at least form the “ordinary” Delhi team and Dhoni himself may have expected  a fast 100  with multiple 6s and 4s. . .

In fact, Delhi team is very late to let the bowlers attack right from ball one, using dotball techniques. And,  the Delhi batboys just enjoyed runs and won the match with a bang.

We thought Delhi team does not have good bowlers since BCCI had reserved them for Dhoni team * Chennai cement Indians) and tendulkar Indians team. . But it clear that the Delhi team has been under tremendous pressure from BCCI mafias and Dhoni to underplay, bowlers to offer too many urns.  Now the bowlers have demolished the myth.   .

In fact, one of the teams Delhi has thrashed mercilessly the theoretically strongest team- Dhoni’s Chennai team. This is now history.

If Delhi team played the same manner, perhaps, Delhi would have been on the top now.  All the time,  Delhi was also worried, like BCCI  drunkards an dsome other teams  about Mumbai’s position in its playoff chances.

Next year, if IPL continues its mischief again and if the BJP also  regime allows the ipl  drams continue,   Delhi team can  hope for better results.

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