Palestine: Will Netanyahu or Obama reinvent the peace process? Part – II

Palestine: Will Netanyahu or Obama reinvent the peace process?  Part – II

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Part II


Israel as an illegal entity imposed by UK-USA twins on Palestine lands has been very careful to maintain a closed knit nation-society without causing any serious political or constitutional instability that would cause the collapse of the Zionist regime and colonialist system of apartheid. The essentially racist is set up is considered by Jews absolutely necessary to fight and marginalize the Palestinians by putting in place terror blockades controlling literally everything in Palestine, its lands, roads, its sea airways, exports and imports, collecting taxes from Palestine and  using  them against Palestinians themselves. If Palestinians create any problem to Israeli occupational tactics, Israeli military and policy would just kill them. Israel with US sponsorship maintains absolute colonialist system in Mideast.

It is here that India pursuing similar colonialist  operations against Kashmiris in Jammu Kashmir,  steps in as  capable military ally of Israel, USA and UK, seeking a veto on discredited UN.

Insanity of Israelis in killing Palestinians, youth, old, women and even children is very difficult to explain. It is even harder to explain the US support for these crimes against humanity by a so-called democratic Israel. Europe, generally hating Islam and Muslims, seems to enjoy the Jewish act of perpetual killing the besieged Palestinians, especially children.

Israel’s multi-times PM Netanyahu and the Israeli right-of-center time and again declared their civilizational right to keep Palestinians homeless and without a nation for themselves, citizenship rights because they fear a Palestinian state will become a strong nation growing among wealthy Arab nations and may present a security challenge. Netanyahu said that if Israel relinquished the West Bank it would become a bastion of Muslim radicals, though it knows that the West Bankers are substantially more secular than the Jewish population of Israel or West Jerusalem.

But in fact, Netanyahu and the right are dedicated to Greater Israel, to annexing the West Bank territory and finding a way to expel the Palestinians from it for creating  more colonies for illegal Jews and it wants to slowly move on to annexing  more and more Arab  lands for  establishing greater Israel to take on Europe for revenge action.

The Palestinians are not a security challenge– they are like the guard at a bank getting in the way of bank robbers- Israel. The bank robbers feel a need to knock him out or kill him, remove him from the scene. Israel is already doing  that.

For all the atrocities that were committed by European rulers, now Israeli leaders seem to take revenge on the poor Palestinians whose lands they literally stole by confiscation with support from imperialist USA-UK twins to make an Israeli state. The Nazis had killed many Jews and other races, taken citizenship rights away from Jews, Gypsies and others in Europe. In fact, the supposed Holocaust was made practically possible in part by the denial of citizenship to Jews, which left them with no access to courts or other levers of social power that might have combated the monstrous Nazi plans for genocide. Millions of Jews were stateless in the 1930s and 1940s, and their lack of citizenship rights often exposed them to ethnic cleansing or loss of property and displacement.

Now the arrogant ruling Jews in Israel have extra access even to US, UK courts. Today, the courts in Israel protect the genocide interests of Jewish military and the criminal regime targeting Palestinians and their lands.  Jews in uniform are eager to drink Palestinian blood and taste their flesh in live and of late, Israeli soldiers are too fond of flesh and blood of Palestinian children like wild dragons do. Americans promote this new trend in Israeli military as well.

The Palestinians are the last major stateless population. Stateless people do not have rights as most people understand the term. Their situation in some ways resembles slavery, since slaves also were denied the rights of citizenship. Stateless people’s property is insecure, since people with citizenship rights have better access to courts and to ruling authorities. Palestinians never really know what they own, and Israeli squatters routinely steal their property with impunity. Squatters dig tube wells deeper than those of the Palestinian villagers, lowering aquifers and causing Palestinian wells to dry up. Squatters go on wilding attacks, chopping down entire olive orchards – a prime source of Palestinian income – or beating up Palestinians. If Palestinians assemble peacefully to protest the loss of their farms to ever-expanding squatter settlements, the Israel army arrests them, including, often, children, who are taken away from their families and put in jail. Palestinians can be held for long periods without being charged. The prisoners are obviously tortured.

It is shameful to have Israel preside over 4 million stateless people forever. This is Apartheid. And Netanyahu has just made Apartheid the official policy of Israel, just as South African leader P.W. Botha dedicated himself to making black South Africans stateless and without the rights of citizenship. The only fig leaf Israel had for its Apartheid was the farce of the “peace process” and a pro forma ritual invocation of a “future Palestinian state.” Now Netanyahu has ripped off the fig leaf and stands naked before the world. Botha was called by his victims the “Great Crocodile.” It would be better epithet for Netanyahu than “Bibi.”

Netanyahu’s statement was merely a reflection of what the Palestinians had long feared – that he has little interest in an independent Palestinian state. While Israeli and Palestinian officials continue to pay lip service to American-led peace talks, there have been no significant breakthroughs in recent years. Talks are bogus that provide escape route for the Israeli leaders and hence they fail. Some fear his comment of no state for Palestinians is merely a blunt statement of what was in fact unspoken policy. “Netanyahu’s statement confirms the view that he and the former leaders did not seriously engage in a peace process,” one European diplomat told IRIN.

Yet since the election victory, Netanyahu’s allies have sought to row back on the statement. Tzachi Hanegbi of Netanyahu’s Likud party and the deputy foreign minister in the previous government, told IRIN that Likud was still committed to negotiations with the Palestinians. “We will be very delighted to renew the negotiations, we believe it’s in the interests of both people, the Israelis and the Palestinians, to have a dialogue and discuss and to try and find a common denominator in the issues that are so crucial to both people.” He refused to be drawn on whether the next government would be willing to support an independent Palestinian state in any form.

Israel is firm. Ahmed Tibi, a Joint List parliamentarian, said that Netanyahu’s victory meant little change would be forthcoming. “It seems that the Israeli Jewish public did not want to change the reality. We wanted Israel to change its reality and cooperate with democratic process,” he said.

Netanyahu’s Likud party used the fear of the Arab vote to drum up Jewish support. Netanyahu warned that Arabs were voting in their “droves.” The Joint List, a coalition of four predominantly Arab parties, had a major breakthrough at this election – becoming the third largest bloc in the Knesset.

Netanyahu’s approach has also contributed to increasingly tense relations between Israeli Jews and Arabs in Israel.  Netanyahu is supposed to represent all citizens, including the 20 percent of Arab Israeli citizens. These kinds of statements from Netanyahu widen the gaps between Arabs and Jews and worsen the ethnic discourse and do not contribute to democracy. Netanyahu and other Jewish leaders are least bothered about democracy. Blood suckers cannot be democrats though Israel might argue so. .

Netanyahu’s choice of coalition partners is likely to influence whether he formally engages with the peace process in the coming months. He took several weeks to form a fragile hawkish government.

In the absence of an alliance, there appears little impetus for serious bilateral talks between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators. This could encourage the Palestinians to ramp up their attempts at international recognition, rather than through direct negotiations.

Last year the Palestinians announced their intention to join the International Criminal Court, with their accession confirmed on April 1. This comes after numerous attempts to gain recognition of Palestine at the United Nations, with resolutions in the Security Council vetoed by the United States. Israelis annoyed now, so is USA.  Saed Erekat, chief Palestinian negotiator during the last round of talks, announced that Netanyahu’s victory made the need for the Palestinians to pursue an international approach to independence more important. “Now, more than ever, the international community must act. It must rally behind Palestinian efforts to internationalize our struggle for dignity and freedom through the International Criminal Court and through all other peaceful means,” he said. “The Palestinians will be looking for international action now. They are forced to start a process that has not got internationally-backed parameters.”

The European Union has already announced its commitment to working with the new government on the peace process, but a European diplomat added that there was increasing support within European countries for bringing the Palestinian issue back to the Security Council with broader support. That could force the US into a corner. The USA would have to decide whether it is also playing with Palestinians or seriously looking to pressure Israel into concessions, put down parameters, or merely looking to maintain the status quo. The only other way for a peace process to move forward is for the USA to insist on it. This could begin with the USA withdrawing its veto within Security Council on certain measures and could go into a phrase of taking more positive action. The big question is what will the USA do?

The European diplomat said foreign diplomats were increasingly in agreement that direct Israeli-Palestinian talks are unlikely to yield results. “The two-state solution needs stronger international engagement, it will not come from a bilateral process,” he said.

Europe, like USA, feels bilateral talks the Israeli regime employs with Palestinians for prolonging occupation and crimes are useless.

USA does not share any positive values with Israel as Jews are essentially criminal minded, targeting Palestine people for their blood and lands and  for that  purpose misuses US veto and military. President Obama should stop thinking that Jews are more important for US democrats that he cannot do anything to delink essentially the illicit US-Israeli terror links.

(To continue>)


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