India: AAP accuses Congress, BJP of protecting those accused in 1984 anti-Sikh riots, 2002 anti-Muslim Gujarat riots!

India: AAP accuses Congress, BJP of protecting those accused in 1984 anti-Sikh riots, 2002 anti-Muslim Gujarat riots!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Congress and BJP, the two major political outfits, drowned by Delhiites in the Yamuna River, seek  a free hand  in attacking the minorities when in power  and engineer riots and violence to win Hindu and Hindutva votes  in polls.  While Congress party has taken the Muslim vote bank for granted with so many Muslim agents working for it obviously for money, BJP has secured Hindu/tva vote bank to win polls comfortably. Both parties have closely knit networks meant for their own vote bank “security”. They protect one another from any punishments.  They also protect the black money holders and money transnational launders, including IPL bosses/payers, etc.

The common man’s ruling party of Delhi state AAP (Aam Admi Party) today hit out at the PM Modi led central government and the previous Manmohan led  Congress (UPA) dispensation, accusing both of trying to protect the accused in 1984 anti-Sikh and 2002 anti-Muslim Gujarat riots, killing and wounding thousands.

Shielding the criminals itself is a serious punishable crime. But the Congress and BJP have done that with conviction.  The AAP said, rightly so, both Congress led UPA then and the current NDA governments are not interested in ensuring justice to the riot victims because they are minority people. .  BJP and Congress operate as secret allies and promote corruption and other forms of crimes. The ruling dispensation misuses, as its prerogative, intelligence and other investigation agencies as well as courts, where possible,  Big arms dealer Abhishek Verma’s claims on Congress leader Jagdish Tytler getting clean chit from Sikh riots raises further questions. “This casts aspersions on the UPA government as to whether it interfered with an independent agency like the CBI in this case. And we, therefore, demand a clarification from the previous dispensation on this,” AAP MLA and senior party leader Jarnail Singh told reporters.

When  less privileged ordinary Indians are punished for their crimes, Indian Government treats  foreigners who kill Indians with sympathy and respect. When Italian personnel shot  dead,  perhaps  out of sadistic pleasure, a couple of persons in Kerala on the sea,  the them Congress government arranged  to  send them back to Italy, almost according special status to those criminals. Interestingly,  Kerala government, ruled by Congress party and Kerala political leaders did not realize the issue seriously. The reason for special love for Italian criminal is that Congress leader Sonia Gandhi originally belongs to Italy    But BJP also ignored the matter and Italian criminals escaped punishment. .

There seems to be a clear understanding among Congress, BJP and even regional parties like SP, etc.  f The AAP knows  the history of all these parties. The party was reacting after CBI filed a third closure report, containing Verma’s claims that Tytler had told him in 2008 that he had met the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (yes, the same innocent looking  “gentleman”) after which he got a clean chit over his alleged role in an anti-Sikh riots case. In his statement as a witness recorded by the CBI during a probe, Verma, an accused in the naval war room leak and other cases including cheating and forgery, has said that Tytler had also told him that a deal was struck and a hefty amount was paid to a riots case witness, who had deposed against him.

The congress as well as BJP government have tried to protect riots accused on each side and when these two  most important parties shield the criminals, they are indeed protected from all sides.  While the Modi government, which should have tried to bring justice to the 1984 riots victims, is now allowing closure of the report so that the criminals are free.  But, why is the Centre trying to protect men like Tytler? Because if they do take actions against the accused, then Congress will demand action against the 2002 Godhra riot accused- so simple. AAP said it therefore demands that the clean chit given to Tytler be taken back.

The CBI said in its closure report said that Verma’s oral evidence indicated that Tytler might have tried to influence witness Surinder. However, the agency said the fact narrated by Verma could not be verified as Surinder Singh Granthi, the witness, has since expired as the case was deliberately prolonged.  Verma is at present lodged in a jail and his statement was recorded by CBI on August 5, 2013.

AAP also accused the Centre of threatening officials to not allow the Delhi government to function. “After the Delhi Assembly elections, which practically wiped them out from the national capital, now they (BJP-led Centre) are insecure and do not want a democratically elected government to function,” party spokesperson Ashutosh alleged. “They are seeking a political revenge. But, we want to tell that Centre’s diktat will not work in Delhi, whether it is through Lt Governor or otherwise,” he said.

On the issue of a CBI raid yesterday on the BJP-led North Delhi Municipal Corporation premises pointing to alleged irregularities in issuing of birth certificates, the AAP said, “This is all eyewash.” BJP is trying to fool the people.  “This is the reason they do not want to give us full statehood. So, that corrupt municipal bodies can continue to do things at will,” an AAP party functionary  Jarnail alleged.

The fact may not be a new revelation to many but it has finally established the unholy nexus of BJP leaders with touts. Delhi government has been working from day one of its installation to uproot the politician–tout nexus in the state and it is unfortunate that the biggest stumble block has been the Centre in this initiative.

AAP leader Dilip Pandey, speaking at the press conference convened at the party’s office in Patel Nagar, also posed seven questions to the BJP. “Does the political leadership of the Modi-led NDA government agree with the MHA bureaucracy’s view that Delhi cannot be granted full statehood?” the AAP asked.

It also queried if BJP has “distanced itself from the stand taken by leaders like Atal Behari Vajpayee and L K Advani of the issue of full statehood to Delhi” and what is now the stand of Delhi BJP on the issue of statehood.

Clearly,  the ruling BJP and opposition Congress  have got a  hidden agenda against minorities, and AAP which the Delhiites chose as the  worthy party to govern Delhi state.


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