Modi government should abandon compulsory Hindutva code!

Modi government should abandon compulsory Hindutva code!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


It seems India is on its way to present Hindutva ideology as the basis for common civil code the BJP has been harping for quite some time.

The ruling BJP party and its mother organization RSS apparently are busy in formulating the Modi government’s Hindutva policy.  They are now testing many Hindutva projects by provoking Muslims and other minorities to eventually amend constitution to make India a Hindu nation quite openly, constitutionally.  Thus far the Congress and BJP led governments have pursued the Hindutva ideology and related projects in a subtle manner but now RSS, emboldened by huge mandate, seems to feel the urgency for implementing it in a step by step manner.

BJP won the 2014 parliamentary poll on anti-corruption-black money planks and he made maximum of Arvind Kejriwal-Anna Hazare movement against Congress misrule.

By mistaking the big popular mandate for permission to impose Hindutva on the essentially multicultural nation, the Modi government is trying to show that it is different from passive Hindutva Congress regime and even the earlier Vajpayee government in trying to impose Hindutva practices.  It thinks since majority of people are Hindus it has to openly appease the Hindutva minded Indians and retain Hindu vote bank.  In keeping a couple of Muslims in his cabinet, PM Modi thinks he plays a shrewd politics.

In fact, the Congress governments, which at times claim to be secular, for years has empowered the state media outlets with Hindutva minded personnel   to propagate Hinduism and Hindutva ideology and promote Hindutva parties under the powerful RSS with which it has maintained close nexus for securing Hindu votes.

After banning beef and mutton in some Indian states, Modi government plans to celebrate the International Yoga Day on June 21 as a national duty and everybody must worship the sun. There could be a few Muslims in India who would do anything for  survival and money, but Islam forbids worship other than God.

Muslims have been made a pawn to be used by Congress and other so-called secular parties. In fact, Muslims, fearing the Hindutva BJP, for years had no alternative to supporting the Congress and other so-called secular parties.  So much so, these political outfits have been getting Muslim votes for free without doing anything good for them but, on the contrary, they have been making the Muslims lives miserable.  For the first time in Indian political history as well as history of Indian Muslims, Delhi Muslims, at par with others, realized the political mischief by the so-called national parties and recognized the need to opt for Aam Admi Party and helped the new party to dump Congress as well as BJP in River Yamuna. This unexpected development has put both Congress and BJP in tight corner.

Whether or AAP will help Muslims to get their legitimate rights will determine the decision of Muslims all over the nation to choose that party. If AAP also begin pursue the Congress policy of bogus appeasement,   Muslims would reconsider their options.

Even as the Narendra Modi government plans to make the International Yoga Day on June 21 a grand success, all India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has decided to launch a nationwide campaign against making ‘Surya Namaskar’ and Yoga compulsory in schools. , AIMPLB member Maulana Khalid Rashid Farangi Mahali said they have decided to constitute a committee of our members headed by Maulana Wali Rahmani and launch a country-wide campaign against the move of making ‘Surya Namaskar’ and Yoga compulsory in school.

The committee, accordingly,  will also find ways to make Muslim community aware of their constitutional rights. During the campaign, we will put forth our view on Surya Namaskar and Yoga and explain as to why it was against our religious beliefs and should not be forced on our children.

Maulana Wali Rahmani was appointed as the acting General Secretary of the Board at the meeting. Maulana Nizamuddin will also continue in the post.  The Board also informed that they will discuss issues like attack on freedom to propagate one’s religion, in a separate session and have plans to launch a campaign in this regard.

Taking the campaign beyond the ambit of Hindu-Muslim tension, the AIMPLB member said that attempts would be made to include people of other religions as well in the campaign. Speaking at AIMPLB’s executive committee meeting held at Nadwat-ul-Ulma here, Mahali also expressed the organisation’s willingness to fight legal battles regarding the “interference of courts in Sharia laws”. “Recently some court decisions have come against Sharia laws. The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has decided to file an appeal in such cases in court and fight the legal battle as a party in such cases,” Mahali said.

The problem with the Indian Muslim leadership is that it is using the strength of Muslims for selfish purposes to garner favors for a few relatives from the government. By doing so, the Muslim leaders also betray the Muslim community. So, all efforts by a few Muslims in media to get justice for the community go waste.

Indian governments, both central and regional, have got no respect for Muslim leaders and care a damn about the plight of Muslims. But now the Hindutva forcers are stretching their long poisonous tentacles towards Islamic faith. Since they want to use the Muslim leaders as vote bank agents,  the politicians do not want a sincere leadership emerges  among Muslims to project their genuine interests.

The Modi government is using a Muslim minister to ask Muslims to go to Pakistan if they want to eat beef or mutton. This shows the level to which Muslim leaders have stooped down to appease Hindutva ideology.

Historically, Indian judiciary, by following the footsteps of Israel which does everything to  keep Jews in good humors, especially the illegal settlers on Palestine lands, stands by the government intentions and denies justice to Muslims. In fact Indian judiciary follows the footsteps of the intelligence, police, bureaucracy, media, etc, in dealing with Muslims.

As such it remains to be seen if Supreme Court delivers justice to Muslims or stand by Hindutva ideology that the Modi government seems to be trying to impose on Muslims, other minorities.

Unlike other religions, Islam does not ask Muslims to worship the sun or moon, fire or wind, sky or star, stone or mud, man or human gods – living or dead, in images or pictures.

Hypocrisy and falsehood do not lead humans to God.  Unfortunately, the non-Muslims find it difficult to comprehend the truth about God’s connection with truth, while anti-Muslim elements refuse to accept the truth: they have got their own agenda, and they just harp on issues like veil. And without the truth there cannot be any connect with God.  It is impossible to get connected God with our lies.

The Modi government should abandon compulsory Hindutva code and govern the nation with commitment. As the rulers the Hindutva men in saffron robes cannot display ugly communal sentiments for retaining the Hindu votes, taken away from other parties on anti-Islamic rhetoric by misusing the Babri Mosque and common civil code propaganda.


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