Secret nexus between state and frauds in India!

Secret nexus between state and frauds in India!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Hindutva brand patriotism of Indian politicians is being exposed as anti-nationalism. Political parties get people’s mandate not to serve the people but only to loot the nation and promote corrupt lords and international frauds.

When the Congress was in power the biggest stories came from the BJP, but hilariously, since the BJP has been in power, the best stories have come not from the opposition, but from within the party.

The Sushma Swaraj – Vasundhara Raje – Lalit Modi controversy which has played out as one of the biggest exposes of the year finally highlights the tension that has reportedly been simmering within Modi’s cabinet and other leaders, and an increasing dissent against the party leadership.

Lalit Modi is absconding from India and is facing serious fraud charges. His defence of Sushma Swaraj has ended up damaging her case further with assumptions that Sushma will either be forced to resign or else will end up with her wings clipped further.

Money laundering has the implicit approval and open support from Indian state which is proud of its corrupt billionaires. Arun Jaitley was a part of the BCCI executive council which approved the IPL season in South Africa. Lalit Modi has stated that most of the financial decisions were taken by a committee, which included the then BCCI officials N Srinivasan, Shashank Manohar and Arun Jaitley. He was just a Commissioner. The decision to take money from India to South Africa was taken by the committee.

Well-placed sources in the BJP have told this reporter that RSS leaders have conveyed to both Modi and Shah that despite their differences, they have to support Sushma Swaraj in the larger interest of the government. Sushma in the meanwhile has been asked to maintain absolute silence on the issue by the RSS which believes that the issue will die a natural death.

For now, in its own best interests, the rivals have decided to put their heads together and try to wriggle out of this mess unscathed. From Jaitley to local leader in BJP, therefore, try to defend Sushma and Lalit Modi.

Sushma owes to her mentor LK Advani and other senior leaders like Shatrughan Sinha and senior Delhi-based RSS leaders and the troika of BJP leaders does not want the minister to resign but wanted to ensure that her wings were clipped in the party. the Sushma – Lalit Modi conflict of interest can is gradually destabilizing the Modi  government.

It seems the Narendra Modi and his government is willing to get discredited and even ousted by standing firmly behind another Modi (Lalit), an official IPL criminal wanted by law but comfortably living abroad with Indian state backing and presumably promoting money laundering for Indian corporates and rich politicians.

Reports suggest Lalit Modi, a close associate of Indian finance minister Arun Jaitley, a powerful BCCI member and Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj and Rajasthan CM Rae Vasundhara was one of the most powerful man in India when Narendra Modi was not even properly known in India.  PM Narendra Modi had come into limelight when Gujarat riots took place as Muslims were massacred and Indian government and state was under pressure to support him against Muslims.

The nexus between a man wanted by law Lalit Modi and BJP leaders Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, Vasundhara Raje, exposes the dirty rackets taking place in a hidden manner behind the elected government s. Interestingly, BJP claim of being the only patriotic party, more than Congress party, has become a big joke.  BJP wanted power and now wants to retain it by supporting frauds.  It seems Lalit Modi and Vasundhara Raje in fact, have had “charming cricket relations”, protecting one another when needed.  So were the relationships of L. Modi and Sushma. Politicians make  popularity by  misusing cricket which is a fake sport of international gamblers.

One thing is becoming strongly revealed that Indian Nation is being controlled by three teams:  Corporate lords and their MPs and MLAs, cricket mafia along with its representative in parliament and state assemblies and   the government of these two teams but elected by people for the name sake.  These teams share the booty also secretly.

Thus, Indian malaise is deep rooted and cannot be set right without delinking all these three components.  And, surely none of these three powerful teams does not want any change in the secret nexus status established among them for years of Indian misrule.  So no change can be expected of now in India.

That the BJP government founded a can research institute not in India but in Portugal to treat IPL Modi family reveals how the elected governments cheat and fool the voters.  Governments generate frauds and groom them. This is an ugly democratic norm.

Of course, no one had expected that the “good day” (Ache din) the PM Modi was talking about during his foreign tours, would come so soon for Indians.

People have got a right to know the truth. Former Indian finance minister P Chidambaram demanded the Modi government to reveal entire spectrum of L. Modi-Sushma controversy. Congress party has asked for Supreme Court probe.

The Modi government needs to show to the voters it does not defend the offenders irrespective of which party the criminals belong. .

BJP is no difference from Congress in promoting corrupt deals and shielding criminals. President of India who decorates a ceremonial post at Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi with fine rubber stamp just enjoys the show.

Credibility of elected Indian government and India is at stake as PM Narendra Modi is trying to display the tricks of his predecessor and an innocent looking Manmohan Singh by maintaining a discreet silence on the highly volatile issue.

Indian voters stand confused as always.


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