Will US-China cooperation in Afghanistan benefit Afghans? 1

Will US-China cooperation in Afghanistan benefit Afghans?  1

Dr. Abdul Ruff



Part-I: Introduction to fate of Afghanistan



In fact, the fate of Afghanistan symbolizes that of Islam today – both are on considerable decline. This decline owes to two factors: Power of amalgam of anti-Islamic forces operating globally and, the  inability or vulnerability of Islamic world led by Arab world to defend Muslims, in order to ensure Islamic safety.

Global super power USA and its rival Russia, Asia’s super power China and the neighbors of Afghanistan, which lies destabilized by the “civilized” NATO’s occupational attacks and genocides, still seek to control the resources of this ill-fated Islamic nation.

US ill-focus on Afghanistan has a long history and it goes beyond the phase of consequences of Sept-11 hoax. In fact, Sept-11 hoax perpetrated by the enemies of Islam bent upon destabilizing an Islamizing Afghanistan through provocative operations in the post Soviet occupational era was the culmination of long anti-Islamic war for two centuries, giving strength to enemies of Islam under democracy façade to embark upon an undeclared but permanent illegal war on Islam.

With the fall of Afghanistan to the feet of the enemy forces led by USA, ostensibly seeking to “save” the brave Afghans from Soviet “rogues”, the decline of Islam started a new stage. Not only the enemies of Islam have managed to kill millions of Muslims, destroy Muslim property worth trillions Euros and destabilize Islamic world – on fake pretexts of “terrorism and resurgence”.

Americans, seemingly ultra wise, have recruited many Muslims as their agents globally, first right in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation to fight Islam by pretending to be enemies of USA.  Washington possessing high precision  remote sensing technology groomed  a Saudi national Osama bin Laden obviously  with concurrence of rulers of Saudi Arabia, an anti-Communism ally of USA, as invisible enemy of USA only to be used  as a pretext to invade Afghanistan and kill Afghans in millions in occupational operations.

Washington has full faith not in the Church but in these Muslim agents working for US Empire to get Muslims killed, discredit Islam.

The terrible decline of Islam that continued in the first decade of 20th century was accelerated by US shattering of Afghanistan and Iraq, disintegration of Ottoman Empire and Syria, leading to growing extremist tendencies. .

Americans know that Islamic world as a transnational force has got the inherent capacity and galvanizing impulses to challenge the hegemonizing US global power.  And, hence Americans have embarked upon the permanent war of USA on Islam, now known as war on terror.

USA believes not in democracy but in military supremacy and it showcases it with the help of its allies like UK and Israel.

Islam inspired the most successful of Arab resistances to expansionist Israeli state in Mideast. In the spring of 2011 the extraordinary popular uprisings evinced a distinctive Islamic coloration and these were not led by any Islamic group by ordinary Muslims seeking to replace the autocratic and corrupt regimes.  Their call for freedom and justice in Tunisia and Egypt were not appreciated in the West. However, when the first ever elected popular government by President Mohammad Morsi, came in to rule in Egypt the enemies of Islam, the enemies of Islam guided by USA, ganged up through the military there to stage a coup and the military put President Morsi in jail. .

(More to come>)


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