Ramadan Iftar party from RSS with love!

Ramadan Iftar party from RSS with love!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Is RSS – the mother of all Hindutva and anti-Muslim parties and organizations operating in India and aboard for promoting Hindutva culture as being the basis of Hinduism and Hindu nationalism, and targeting Islam and Muslims, their mosques for political plus Hindu vote bank purposes – reforming into a secular organization to positively guide all communal organizations in India and to save India from divisions of all sorts?

Yes, it appears so.

After insulting Islam, Islamic culture, including world famous Taj Mahal and accusing Indian Muslims of lacking patriotic mindset, suddenly the RSS has hosted Ramadan Iftar party for Indians and foreigners in India. RSS is behind the destruction of historic Babri Mosque by Hindu criminal elements led by BJP.

From attacking Muslim youth with a powerful weapon “Love Jihad’, placing all blames on Islam and Indian Muslims for inter religious marriages, the RRS has reformed itself to invite Muslims for Iftar party. Indeed a fundamental change of mind which would a long way in cementing Hindu-Muslim brotherhood.

Facing flak over hardline posturing by its offshoots, RSS held an iftar for Muslims from across the country as well as diplomats of Muslim countries for the first time. Not just that! Indresh Kumar, a senior RSS functionary and Chief Patron of Muslim Rashtriya Manch, the Muslim wing of the Hindutva organisation, stressed that people of one faith should respect other religions and not criticise them.

At the function organised at Parliament Annexe building, Kumar said followers of different religions should respect other faiths and not become extremists and went on to quote from the holy book of Muslims to stress that mutual peace and harmony was the message of god.

Ambassadors of a few countries, including Egypt, and representatives of various Muslim countries attended the event, the organizers said. Union minister Harsh Vardhan was also present. Kumar said differences in religious beliefs should be respected and emphasized that Islam taught peace and harmony. Hindutva organisations have been facing flak for pushing their hardline agenda with programmes like ‘Ghar Wapsi’ and ‘Love Jihad’

It was RSS which is instrumental in keeping Muslims away from prime minister’s char since 1947 as by taking cue from the topmost Hindu  “patriotic” RSS Indian political leaders cutting across political spectrum refuse to make a Muslim Indian premier.

Hopefully, RSS would advise Indian political parties including BJP to make a Muslim next prime-minister of India.

RSS should ask the  judiciary  speed up Babri Mosque false case and return the property to Indian Muslims.


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