Cricket: Sri Lanka crushes ultra greedy Pakistan!

Cricket:   Sri Lanka crushed ultra greedy Pakistan!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff (specialist on sport fixing)


Like all other teams, Pakistanis also want as many 200s, 100s, 150s and 50s as the opponent bowlers and fielders allow, because cricket matches are staged only for making batboys shine at other’s coast while bowlers are encouraged, if not asked even by offering extra money, to offer big scores and good 100s and 200s or at least a few 50s.

So, an impression is being deliberately created by sport media that  it is  batboys are  genuine and big hitters while hiding the fact that none of  the batboys can stay at the crease unnecessarily if bowlers are do  a serious and thorough work for the money they get from the corporate sponsors.

Clearly, Pakistani team is very greedy seeking big scores by offering big scores to opponents first and chasing them down with the help of opponent bowlers and fielders. This strategy has failed in Sri Lanka on July 26.

Upon establishing an unbeatable 3-1 series dominance,   Pakistan seemed to have came to the field to play the fifth and last ODI with a big score plan. They took the weak SL team for granted and decided exploit the situation to make a record in Colombo. Pakistan  seems to have decided  to offer 350 plus runs to Lankan batboys with solid 100 to  an opener,  and then chase down with ease- with 100s and 50s  if not a 200 to shine  too much.

In fact, cricket is not played to win or lose like in core sports but only for 100s, 50s and 200s or else cricket would die a natural death.  Test played for 5 long days only o to let batboys make their wealth in runs and money.

And Pakistan offered 350 plus runs in a hurry in 6s and 4s. They did not stop at giving a 100 to the opener but even stopped attacking batboys and giving runs to SL captain and partner at the end. The big idea was 350 plus for SL and the return favors.  Pakistan wanted to shine and it needed it not so badly.

In the normal course, Pakistan would have got a couple of 50s but  it sought 100s or even 200 for a batboy as a record. Lankan bowlers clearly saw the Pakistani game plan and attacked Pakistani batboys right from the ball one and showed no mercy whatsoever because it needed to get some prestige  at the end after losing the series. Not a single Pakistani batboy got at least 50 grace runs.

Ultra greed is not good for Pakistan and it should not have planned for a self disaster. .

In fact, Sri Lanka deserves appreciation and applauds for trimming Pakistani greed.  But will Pakistani learn anything from this shame?

One is not very sure if Pakistan premier Sharif took a few minutes off his busy schedule to weep for the “unscheduled” defeat his cricket team and there is not even one sport where Pakistanis win anything. Pakistan’s disgraced sportsmen and their media backers.

In fact, records and ranking in cricket is not real. It appears everything in cricket is bogus- starting from toss, pitch, fielding and bowling are not as real as the cricket commentators make us believe.  But the cricket fans wanting their favored team to win by any means, including fixing and bowler help do not openly admit this crude truth.

IPL scams have fully exposed fixing status in cricket as the underlining rule. Indian courts are unable to punish those caught in IPL dramas.  The courts let the culprits escape without any punishment.  One explanation is if bowlers are punished even the batboys as beneficiaries also should be punished and then entire cricket  and its players, boards, ICC, would be under attack.
Court declaration of IPL cheaters being “not-out” once again raises the issue of corporate influencing the courts and judges. One can say everything cricket is fake as matches are fixed by countries and their cricket boards for 100s, 200 etc for special batboys who seek fake records for rewards, awards, money. . Does it mean Indian courts support fake cricket?

Someone with a bat and someone else with a ball can naturally make a definite mischief. Why not ban cricket if it can’t be played as a genuine sport?


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