Awards for dishonesty? Sachin Tendulkar refuses to surrender and High Court refuses to cancel Bharatratna!

Awards for dishonesty? Sachin Tendulkar refuses to surrender and High Court refuses to cancel Bharatratna!
-Dr. Abdul Ruff (Specialist on sport fixing)

Sachin Tendulkar a cricketer pampered by corporate lords and cricket mafias, including ministers, MPs, MLAs, managed Bhartratna for the 100s he made by using the weak and bogus bowlers and fielders on mutual understanding. Indian cricket board fixed several matches with friendly teams and got several 100s for Sachin. But he was forced to retire when Indian government and BCCI understood the futility of expecting more 100 from the new bowlers as Sachin could not get a full 10 for nearly 2 years and finally Bangladesh came forward to help India and offered Sachin his one last 100 before retirement. Moreover, Indian government got Australian government to gift their highest civilian honor Order, given only to Australians to Mumbai Indian Sachin and Indian corporate lords succeeded by offering Sydney huge money as FDI.
As speculated by all, the Madhya Pradesh High Court on Monday dismissed a petition demanding that the Bharat Ratna honour of cricketer/ batboy Sachin Tendulkar be revoked. VK Naswah, the petitioner, had said that Tendulkar exploited the fame associated with the highest civilian award for “earning money by endorsing commercial products” and therefore it should be taken away. Judges also love fake sports like cricket.
But the division bench of Justices Rajendra Menon and SK Gupta dismissed the petition, saying it was not maintainable. Naswah may approach the Union Government with his demand if he wishes so, the court said. The petition said that Tendulkar exploited the “fame” of the award to promote commercial products and earn money, which was against the “dignity and legacy” of Bharat Ratna. He should return the award on moral ground or otherwise it should be revoked, Naswah contended.
Naswah also took exception to the reference to the former India captain in a book as `Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar’, saying that Bharat Ratna was not a title. He told reporters later that he will approach the Centre on the issue and move the Supreme Court if the government did not act.

But will Indian government with BCCI executive member Arun Jaitley as the most powerful minister in Modi government, do justice to the award of highest civilian honor Bharatratna meant for serious national building like APL Kalam, to a bogus sportsman. Indian government is full of silly cricket fans and mafias that willingly promote fake sports and fool the public in the broad day light. Both Congress and BJP have misused cricket.
Of course, Sachin cannot be expected to surrender the stolen awards. After all, he and his mafia worked secretly for them to mind extra money. .
No wonder, Indian regime has not found any genuine or great judges so far to confer Bharatratna on them! But the government has a list of fake cricketers for the highest honors. Shame! Judges cannot find fault with government/state decisions because they want to be safe. .
It is atrocious that even judges have not yet guessed how 100s are shared by teams. Not only Test even any format in cricket is being played only for 100s where bowlers deliberately offer big scores with fabulous 100s and 50s and even 200s, depending on their mood and preferences of the boards.
Eng-Aus Joint cricketism: Bowler frauds or batboy mischief?

Cricketers are trained to offer 100s to batboys in test cricket saying that cricket is meant to promote batboys for awards, rewards and money. And those bowlers who do not willingly offer big scores are not preferred by the cricket boards.
In the first innings of test 3, England bowlers restricted the big hitting batboys to meager 60 runs – one of lowest scores of Australia. It seems English men were unhappy that their cricket ally Australia could get only 60 uns.
What happened afterwards is not known.
In the second innings, English bowlers began throwing ball to Australian batboys like street boys. In fact street boys are much better! In fact, England feels so bad that they could not give enough runs to Australia and in the second innings therefore, would have decided to make them shine. W to
Bowlers are also actors and the know how to behave on field.
Alternatively, it is quite likely, Australian batboys deliberately fell one after another in order to give a fresh lease of life to England’s hopeless bowlers who depend son their luck rather than skills to get wickets. They just throw the ball in front of the batboys, without targeting the stumps, to let them choose their shot selection.
There are some hundreds which are free flowing and pleasing to the eye, and there are others which are composed by sheer grit. His was the latter and he will cherish it as it came after a series of poor scores in international cricket. The first phase of their innings was very scratchy and the batsmen were struggling for timing as the pitch looked to be two-paced. In addition to that, poor shot selection by some of the batsmen who failed to read the lengths off the spinners didn’t help their cause either.
The spinners start off well but struggle a bit during the middle stages. The pacers are at times impressive with their pace variations
Does Indian government have any idea about bowler tactics and field mischief, pitch mischief exclusively promote batboys, toss mischief?
Why should India promote and even pamper fake, dishonest persons for highest civilian awards?
Bharatratna and other civilian honors are not meant for most power full persons!


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