India’s loss of the Parliamentary session is not the Congress party’s gain: Modi government!

India’s loss of the Parliamentary session is not the Congress party’s gain: Modi government!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

History keeps repeating in Indian politics, based on corruption and other forms of crimes.

While in opposition the BJP always was ever ready to obstruct the parliamentary proceedings for days, making a complete mockery parliamentary democracy but as the ruling dispensation it wants to be a Bollywood hero. However, the then ruling party as the main opposition is playing obstructive politics in parliament now. S. By following the BJP tactics, it did not let parliament functions this monsoon and BJP is baling Congress and questioning rationale for the defunct parliament, bringing loss to the government as many bills could not be passed to help the corporates that always support the government.

Alleging that the Congress leadership was still not able to digest its defeat in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the government on Thursday said India’s loss in the monsoon session was not the opposition party’s gain. “The Congress has exhibited that it continues to be enslaved by a family. It is willing to compromise on national interest and policy merely because the family is unable to digest its electoral defeat in 2014,” Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said at a press conference here. “India’s loss in this (monsoon) session is not the Congress gain. There is popular disapproval of its policies of disruption without a cause,” he added.

Jaitley, who as a boss of Indian cricket board supports corporate mafia controlled cricket shows to fool the public, criticised Sonia Gandhi for hitting a new low. “It is for the first time that a most senior leader of a mainstream party has jumped into the well of the house. Even the pretext of stature and dignity was not maintained,” he said. Attacking Rahul Gandhi, the finance minister said: “There was no serious expectation that he (Rahul) would raise the level of the debate. He has failed to recognize the difference between sloganeering and parliamentary speech. The more he grows old, the more he immatures. Aggressive body language is never a substitute for substance.” Jaitley further said that the monsoon session has educated and enlightened public opinion that India’s economic interests are being held to ransom by the political frustration of the Congress.

A washed-out monsoon session behind it, the Modi government now considers to unleash an offensive against the Opposition, accusing it of wasting crores and impeding the country’s economic growth. Union ministers and other leaders of the ruling NDA have been instructed to take this message to the public through press conferences and protests. They will specifically target the Lok Sabha segments that elected 44 Congress lawmakers and nine of the Left.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for the campaign yesterday, comparing the Congress’ unrelenting protests to disrupt Parliament through the session with the assault on democracy during the Emergency. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will hold a press conference at National Media Centre in Delhi today, while other prominent ministers like Piyush Goel and Nirmala Sitharaman will also hold pressers in different parts of the country.
Office bearers of the ruling BJP will meet today to chalk out their strategy and calendar for the big anti-opposition offensive.

The main opposition Congress ensured through its protests demanding the resignation of three top BJP leaders, that no significant work was transacted in the monsoon session. A flat-out effort by the government to push through the country’s biggest ever tax reform, the Goods and Services Tax, failed, dealing a huge blow to its reform agenda.

The government could now call a special five-day session of Parliament starting August 31 in an attempt to push through the Goods and Services Tax or GST Bill, which creates a national sales tax to subsume a complicated network of central and state levies. Supporters say GST will add up to two percentage points to economic growth and boost domestic trade while creating a unified national market. The Congress, which blames the government for Parliament not functioning through the 21-day monsoon session that ended on August 13, plans a counter offensive. Its leaders in both houses, Mallikarjun Kharge and Ghulam Nab Azad will also hold press conferences attacking the government.

Indian politics would continue to be murky and shallow so long as politicians do not consider the mandate of people as serious call for helping the poor and have-nots- and not the corporates and rich billionaires that surround the rulers after the polls and even make rules for the government.


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