Why does India avoid now blue color as sport code? Lankan bowlers make Indian batboys shine!

Why does India avoid now blue color as sport code? Lankan bowlers make Indian batboys shine!
-Dr. Abdul Ruff (Specialist on sport fixings)

India used to consider blue as their lucky color code and always used blue color code in sports and cricket. But of late, Indians prefer not blue but other colors except green – the color code of Pakistan. Even in regional matches green color is not sued or green color code is given to the weakest team only to lose tournaments while blue teams win. Even in IPL dramas the blue remains the most favored color code of India corporate lords and regional boards.
Color does not matter to India if the matches are fixed for India’s favor. Otherwise, India risks defeats. Both blue and India seem to be unhappy with each other, maybe for some vague reasons. Even gods are unable to help India.
India now applies another technique; not just it does not use blue color, it also asks the opponents to use blue color because India now believes blue brings defeat and disgrace. Some countries agree to obey India but other doesn’t. Some countries do not change their color code, notwithstanding pressure tactics from countries like India.
There is an interesting phenomenon in Indian badminton strategy: if the opponent pays better, India quickly loses the first half (11) or even first set by hitting wrong deliberately and quickly take the opponent by surprise with quick attacks to win the tournament. At times, some of the badminton ipl type players from abroad oblige Indians by losing the matches, possibly on certain conditions that are not revealed to public. And after gaining upper hand in the first half they lose the game just like that
In other words, India tires to transplant the match fixing habits in badminton and other sports.
In the ongoing test match series between India and Srilanka, Lankan bowlers happily make “important” Indian batboys shine too much, with 100s though India crushed Lankans by offering a meager 183 runs in 49.4 overs in the first innings. SL thinks in the second innings Indian would offer SL batboys like Sangakara good scores so that Lankans can also shine. Good logic but at what cost?

Just on the eve of test matches, India got Sanga who announced his retirement, to declare Indian skipper Virat Kohli as the future of cricket in all formats and departments. In order to prove what Sangakara said his loyal bowlers made Virat Kohli, who has been failing at the crease in recent times, shine once again, if not for the last time now as it is golden opportunity for them to amass runs and ejoy regime honors.
Cricket boards and ICC, run by the billionaires and corporate lords, are deeply worried that batboys do not shine with easy 100s and 200s as before and they obviously have asked the teams to save cricket by offering good marks for the poor batboys. In fact, even general public and media now are aware of fake records but governments cannot withdraw all fake awards offered to batboys under pressure from corporate lords who control the governments and parliaments.
That is indeed the “give and take policy” followed in cricket by every team and all such bogus records — essentially for dishonesty and fake display – are bogus but are treated as big achievement by the government to honor the cricketers with national awards meant for meritorious nation building efforts.
Cricket records generally are fake. But no amount of exposure of matching in cricket in the media would make cricket boards behave and try to get cricket on honest or gentlemanly tracts with better rules to suit batboy cricket. Corporate lords still fund the fake shows.
If a country does not trust its skills and talent rather than color code to win sports, something is wrong somewhere.
Not only color code but also Indian gods work for Indian sports people.
In fact it is not only India, but most nations are engaged in paying the “fixed” matches.
In view of rampant match fixings, establishment of an international squad is absolutely necessary to track all fixing cases and punish the culprit nations and players. Schedule verifications and genuine toss techniques are important.
There should some check on sports and cricket for genuineness and reliability of outcomes.
Meanwhile, it is to be seen if India also would readily oblige the hosts in Colombo by offering a full 100 or at least a pass mark of 50 runs to SL maestro Sanga.
In case Sanga does not get a “decent” score that could only be construed as his bad luck!
After all, every batboy can hit big if bowlers are willing to help by using pro-batboys pitches and field conditions.


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