Indian politics without principles: CPM, Congress and BJP join hands against Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal!

Indian politics without principles: CPM, Congress and BJP join hands against Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal!
-Dr. Abdul Ruff

Indian politicians do not seek politics with firm principles, never look for principled alliance. Indian politics has always been to promote the convenient alliance among corrupt politicians. Anyone who talks in public against corruption and other forms of crimes is targeted by national and regional parties and their leaders because that amounts to direct criticism of their way of life being practiced for years since Independence. Corruption has generated a new class of rich and corporate lords, circulation of black and grey money leading to money laundering business practices.
Today, fortunately there are two politicians who somehow maintain certain principles in their brand politics: one is obviously anti-corruption crusader turned Delhi Chief Minister and AAP founder Arvind Kejriwal and the next is West Bengal Chief Minister firebrand Mamata Banerjee who heads Trinamool Congress party which removed the communist led Left government and formed her own government after about 30 years of CPM rule, rather misrule. In fact, Mamata rescued West Bengal from an increasingly capitalist Communist government as well as the Congress party with pretensions of a secular mindset.
While both Congress and BJP have joined hands to weaken the AAP politics and wreck Kejriwal’s Delhi government so that once again one of these two parties can hope to win elections again in Delhi state, the CPM, Congress and BJP are finding the Mamata Banerjee a similar threat to their political fortunes in West Bengal and North East.
Ever since Mamata’s TMC wrestled power from the Communists, it has been winning all elections, including by-elections held from to time, giving her party the top position that any party had in the state for years.
It appears now the CPM is coming close rot Congress to defeat TMC in West Bengal and BJP at national level. BJP has been trying hard to make its presence felt in the state for quite some time but Mamata’s ever rising popularity has eclipsed its hopes and like CPM, it also feels it cannot enter the state so long as Mamata is strong and hence it also tries for an “understating” pace with both Congress and CPM to defeat TMC.

Accusing Congress, BJP and CPI(M) of joining hands to create disturbance in Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on 28 August asked the Centre to look into the work that they had done and their failure to fulfill their promises. “I want to tell BJP, which is in power in Centre, that you should show some signs of responsibility. It can’t be the case that only I (state government) have the responsibility and you (central government) don’t have any responsibility. “Look at your central government and see what work you have been able to do and what you have failed to deliver. Does politics and winning elections mean resorting to communal violence? In Bengal there is no place for communal riots,” Banerjee told a rally. CPI(M), Congress and BJP have joined hands to create disturbance in the state, she alleged and said that in some places they have joined hands to fight election together. “It is a rainbow coalition and the people will teach them a lesson for trying to scuttle the growth of Bengal,” she said.

In fact, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee virtually launched her 2016 state assembly poll campaign throwing a challenge to the trio CPM, BJP and the Congress to come and test the ground of ‘Maa Mati Manush’ in the state. “The communists have been taken care of in Bengal. It is time for them to wear lipsticks and sit quiet. Our target is Delhi now. Tinamool Congress will take the fight to Delhi against the Central government,” said Banerjee while addressing a mammoth martyr’s day rally in Kolkata. The 2016 polls will create a new record in electoral history as Trinamool Congress will sweep the polls, she added.

The CPM had left behind 35 years of rule of “shame”. It is time for the CPM leaders to wear lipsticks and sit quiet now,” she said and added: “They have enjoyed all the Bengali sweet rosgollas for 35 years and had left only the gollas (zeros) for the people. People in Bengal will never pardon them,” she said.
Attacking the BJP government at the Centre without naming it, she said L “They are trying to spread the seeds of communalism but they will not be able to divide Bengal on communal lines,” she warned. But the BJP politics of danga that the rulers in Delhi are indulging in will not go too far. She said that West Bengal’s fight is now against discrimination by the Central government, against violation of federal principles and against the Centre’s deprivation of the state’s legitimate economic demands. Attempts were made to throw mud at the Bengal government by raising the issue of corruption (read Sarada scam) but the rulers in Delhi must know that the Trinamool Congress will never bow down to it out of fear. “Red eyes will not fetch anything out of Bengal,” she said. She went on to ridicule the BJP government as the Centre was launching the Swachh Bharat scheme and the awards were being bagged by the West Bengal government.
Mamata Banerjee was also referring to the UNESCO awards to Nadia (first), Burdwan (second) and Hooghly (third) districts for stopping open defecation practices and introducing the use of toilets. She also scoffed at Narendra Modi’s pet ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padao’ project saying the Central government has allocated a paltry Rs 100 crore for the project. Rupees fifty crore out of it will go for the government’s advertisement. The rest fifty will be divided to all states. “So, it is not aBeti Bachao, it is a Beti Hatoa scheme of the centre,” she added.

“In comparison look at the Kanyashree project,” she said, the West Bengal government had allocated Rs 1000 crore for the project to help girl students with stipends and a one-time grant of Rs 25,000. Bengal has already brought 22 lakh girl students under its purview and on August 14, another 200,000 girl students will join the scheme taking the total beneficiary to 2.4 million girl students in just four years.

Meanwhile, the Youth Congress (TMYC) national President and Trinamool Congress MP Abhishek Banerjee said those who are trying to come to power in Bengal through riots will fail. Mamata Banerjee will shatter the dreams of BJP, CPI (M) and Congress. She cannot be bowed down by propaganda. The people are with her,” he added.
Mamata Banerjee said that her government would not tolerate ‘politics of riots’ and ‘befitting reply’ would be given.
Warning the CPM leaders, she said, “Do not dare to challenge me on anything. It will take less than a minute to destroy you. But we do not believe in revenge politics and politics of blood. We believe in politics of culture and courtesy. We got violence in the name of protests in return. People will judge everything.” Saying that CPM has again resorted to politics of lawlessness, she added, “Those who pushed Bengal to the brink of destruction, left a legacy of huge debt are dreaming of coming back to power. Forget about 2016 assembly election. CPM would not be able to return in 3016 too.” Pointing out at the violent clash between the CPM cadres and the police, she said “Protests do not mean violence (goondagiri). We have also protested when we were in Opp. We never resorted to violence. The people have rejected the CPM. There is no bigger judge in democracy than the people,” she added.


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