Prophet Muhammad (SAS) as younger brother of Jesus!

Prophet Muhammad (SAS) as younger brother of Jesus!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff



Life of Prophet Muhammad (SAS) is the source of guidance for the humanity, especially the Muslims, and as such what he said and did would influence positively the life patterns of every Muslim and others.

As being the final prophet of God the almighty, Islamic Prophet ( the religion associated with Him is known as Islam, the truth) believed His prophethood is being only an extension of previous prophets God choose to help the humanity to lead a religiously perfect life here and hereafter.

Prophet Muhammad (SAS) said Jesus (Prophet Isa) is His elder brother and asked his followers to respect s Jesus just as they respect Him.

In fact, by declaring himself as younger brother of Jesus, Prophet Muhammad (SAS) has also may have meant His prophethood is in continuity in history and His life being the continuation of the life and struggle underwent by Jesus himself.  In other words, Prophet Muhammad (SAS) has fulfilled the wishes and dream of his elder bother Jesus in his brief life allowed by God Himself.

Human beings try to spot the hidden plan of others for various reasons. Generally people do so in order to be safe from others and also escape any mischievous harm happening to themselves. However, it is not always possible to succeed in to be safe from evils and troubles of fellow beings.

True believers in God need not in fact worry about what others can or cannot do for them. It is because God knows about everything happening on earth, in the space, entire universe. As well as about where humans have no idea or knowledge.

We can feel secured and free from troubles from fellow beings and evil forces once we trust in god and His powers. All that we need to do is to let God enter our thoughts, hearts and souls. All that we need to do is to let God decide everything we want to do regarding our lives. Unless we consciously allow God to guide us and our decisions we cannot reap any benefits from Him.

Thoughts of God are sacred and very precious to us. God’s Spiritual Guidance or Holy Spirit is ensured in our system by many ways by God Himself. However, the issue is if we know, recognize and realize God’s presence in our souls.

God’s Spiritual Guidance in fact decides our lives in the best way it can.

Without God’s Spiritual Guidance, all our prayers and worship possibly would not reach their intended destination.

All our Prophets who tired to help the humanity with comprehending the truth about out own existence and goals, have done marvelous job of making the humanity God fearing, trust worthy and humane, as far as possible.

Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad (SAS) have accomplished what their predecessor Prophets could not (for certain reasons) in spreading the word of God across the globe at the cost of their own health and without fearing the powerful forces operating against God.

Prophet Muhammad (SAS) went a step further than his elder bother Jesus could and perfected religion in his life time. God seemed to have moved very cautiously with  his final Prophet to complete a simple Holy Book of God’s guidance before he left the world for God’s heaven to join His elder brothers.

Jesus Christ suffered during his childhood and youth as he lived with mother Mary but without a designated father. And he was insulted by the society where he lived on account of that. There is a saying that children without fathers have got God as their father.  His explanation that God is indeed is his father became a laughing stuff for the unbelievers and the sincere call of Jesus towards God was rejected, he was ridiculed. God had to show to the world that He protects and saved Jesus by resurrecting him from the cross.

Jesus was soft and humble and he never protested. He forgave the enemies and asked God to forgive his enemies. He preached repentance and love as the key to enter the God’s paradise. However, society did not change after the death of Jesus to extend he wanted and prayed for.

The failure of Jesus was due to corruption in the government and judiciary and judges betrayed Jesus. His submission of faith to the actions of God almighty was misunderstood by the opponents as his weakness.

The truth of god and faith Jesus established by sacrificing his own life on the cross without any protest is passing away to the heaven, unfortunately, could not stay in the society after his journey to  God’s paradise..

Obviously God would not have been happy about the rudeness sand wickedness of majority people and possibly thought of a new prophet in due course who is obedient to god  but could retaliate the enemy attacks and repeal  all accusations by using the strength of God’s Spiritual Guidance.

God saw how his Prophet Jesus was persecuted by the people and therefore perfected his final Prophet of Islam (SAS) with virtues and determined mindset to serve the humanity with a clear concept of God.  Yet, Prophet Muhammad (SAS) also had to go through stages of persecution, just like Jesus had, by the enemies of oneness of Supreme God.

The rivalry and antagonism between Islam and Christianity, therefore, cannot have the sanctity of God almighty- the creator of universe, living beings, and Prophets.

Islam and Christianity are bound by their sincere and committed adherence to God’s laws and continuous search for the truth.

After all, Islam and Christianity as all genuine religions do, lead the humanity to the service to God in their own ways.

Both the truthful Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad (SAS) were born and chosen by God to educate the people about God’s powers and his kingdom.



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