When will Sept-11 war end? Will it end at all?

When will Sept-11 war end? Will it end at all?

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Today the world, though shivering, knows too well that Sept-11 was also usual hoax perpetrated by anti-Islamic forces in and around USA. Sept-11, as we all know, was engineered and put into operation in New York in order to generate hatred for Islam and terrorize Muslims and others, offer the necessary pretext to invade an Islamizing Afghanistan followed by other oil rich Muslim nations and, more importantly, also clear energy routes.

USA has achieved the unstated but secret objectives. But it does not want to end the terror wars in Af-Pak, Middle East. Clearly Washington has an agenda for permanent war to control by militarism the world and its resources- permanently.

The last survivor of Sept-11 had not yet been pulled then from the World Trade Center’s 200,000 tons of twisted steel when senior White House officials met to lay the legal foundation of the future war on terror. Sept-11 caused deaths, in New York, 2,606 people were dead; aboard planes bound for Los Angeles and San Francisco, 246.

US departments have somehow got the statistics but no clues as to who and who attacked one of the largest so-called democracies.

The White house, however, has not revealed the whole truth about Sept-hoax. The truth is that USA and NATO are waging an illegal war on a pure lie. A bill first intended to untangle the “plotting of nineteen Al Qaeda hijackers” now provides the legal framework for false counterterrorism operations in one-fourth of the nations of the world. On this fourteenth anniversary of 9/11, the day is best memorialized by reflecting on those 2,977 lives lost and pledging to do more for those survivors and first responders who remain.

US presidents and politicians across bipolar system have kept all Sept-11 facts highly confidential. They all preserve the lies as sacred testimonies because if revealed, the facts about the Sept-11 can further create rupture sin American credibility, weaken the US imperialist hold.

US state strategists claim USA continues the Sept-11 war is very long and it continues in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the US super power. This cannot end at all. USA like Israel would find more and more threat perceptions continue illegal wars on Muslims.

As the USA reeled, government, though struggled to authorize combat operations against an enemy whose identity was still unknown, has killed millions of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, alone.

Probably the Islamic blood is too tasty for the innocent looking US presidents and NATO soldiers.

All enemies of America have been murdered, officially. Yet, despite these small victories, the world has seemed to grow only less safe in the years since 9/11. While some of this can be attributed to US policy made in Israel, much cannot. It is a result of broader, global trends: economic discontentment, political revolution, technological diffusion, and the growing prominence of violence in USA not caused by so-called Islamic fundamentalism.

The US hawks as well as Mossad nuts still determine American foreign policy today. Although the attacks must never be forgotten, the war must one day be ended. It is our job to begin thinking about what comes next.

The 9/11 war has become the longest-running conflict in American history of official lies. Its name has evolved with it: the “Global War on Terror,” the “Long War,” and the comparatively sterile “Overseas Contingency Operations.”

Sept-11 war has given way to what is now known as US counter terrorism.

It was with the weight of the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) that President Bush delivered an ultimatum to the Taliban and declared a broader war against terrorism. On October 7, 2001, seeking to capture Afghanistan as a slap to Russia that had occupied it during Cold War era, the first US democratic bombs fell in Afghanistan, swiftly followed by ground invasion. The Taliban fled to Pakistan. With help from Pakistani military, Al Qaeda was made to get scattered across the Middle East.

In 2002, additional US forces deployed to the Philippines, the Horn of Africa, and India-occupied (controlled) Kashmir. Meanwhile, the CIA launched its first drone strikes into Yemen. In 2004, these strikes extended into Pakistan. In 2007, the US counterterrorism missions expanded further to the Sahara and Sahel; in 2008, Central America and the Caribbean; in 2013, Mali. Side by side, USA targeted Iraq and Libya.

The ISIS or Islamic State came to   help USA continue its war path, killing Muslims. Then, on September 10, 2014, an innocent looking President Obama stood in the White House East Room and declared that the United States would “degrade and ultimately destroy” the self-declared Islamic State. USA also works to assemble cells of fighters in Syria.

Sept-11 war continues unabatedly. CIA-Pentagon duo in consultation with Israeli Mossad would launch more radical terrorists so that USA can continue targeting Islamic world, while Israel could proceed with its own pet expansionist-criminal agenda in Palestine.

Like the match-fixing in cricket by cricket boards through mafias, the permanent war agenda is seemingly being fixed by the CIA-Pentagon and their civilian strategists.

As liars and criminals in colorful suits pretend to be great democrats, humanity is under permanent threat from GST (Global State Terrorism) operations!


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