Bring nuclear monster Israel to justice quickly enough!

Bring nuclear monster Israel to justice quickly enough!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Militarism, aggression and genocides remain the hallmark of Israeli government, almost controlled by its military.

Even after committing ghastly crimes against humanity for years of its occupation of Palestinian territories the international community has not been able undertake punitive measures against state crimes of the terrocractic Zionist regime. Not even one PM or President or any other Israeli leader, including military, has been held responsible for the state crimes.

Israeli leaders are damn sure they would escape punishments for their systemic crimes to promote occupation and expansionism in Palestine though the force of advanced militarism as backed by USA and EU.

This obviously means so long as Israel is shielded by USA and its UN veto, Israel would be safe to keep attacking the besieged Palestinians.

This is a dangerous commentary on western falsehood and their loose talk about being the global democracies.

Israel decides not just the US foreign policy, but also the international law as well. That is indeed dangerous.

Israel has nukes, obtained illegally from USA or with US help and both USA also wants Israel to be the sole nuclear super power of Mideast and West Asia. Israel, supported by USA and Europe (European Union ), Canada and Australia does not want any of its nuclear weapons programme to be placed under any sort of international monitoring. What is shocking is none in the notorious UNSC question’s Israel’s right to own illegal nukes without reporting to the UN and IAEA.

Western powers continue to shield Israel and its illegal nukes. Israel and USA began an earnest campaign of lobbying and arm-twisting the IAEA to ensure that the resolution did not see the light of day.

World by a resolution binding the Israeli nukes had expected the IAEA to bring Israeli nuclear activities under UN supervision.

On 18 September, under US-Israeli pressure tactics, the IAEA’s General Conference voted down the resolution, which called for international supervision of Israel’s nuclear facilities. With blanket permission for Israel to manufacture and even sell nukes & technology to the needy countries, secrecy is ensured for the Israelis, who can go about developing their nuclear bombs, weaponry that could one day be turned against their neighbours.

Israel, having lost its cold face internationally over the failure of its strategy to block Palestine from becoming a UN non-permanent member, now feels elated that its illegal nukes safe.

Israeli military celebrated its “IAEA victory” by storming the Al Aqsa Mosque, situated in occupied Jerusalem and the third holiest shrine of the Muslim world. Israel   had planned to go for a military onslaught on Muslims but Palestinians saved themselves this time from further genocides by a healthy approach which reduced causalities.

Palestinians now know that their low level weapons cannot match the superior Israeli firepower, while Israel can fire nukes if it were to leave the Middle East for Europe or USA- both have got enough lands to accommodate a nuke Israel.

Israel has the prerogative to attack Palestinians without fear of UNSC and NATO – both support Israeli regime and its crimes.

The ongoing Zionist policy of aggression and perpetual crimes in Mideast by a monstrous nuclear power that has been granted the freedom to operate unchecked certainly doesn’t bode well for peace.

Time is already overdue to bring nuclear monster Israel to justice quickly enough so that a peaceful region could be established in West Asia.


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