Indian PM Modi visits USA, Ireland from September 23

Indian PM Modi visits USA, Ireland from September 23

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Notwithstanding its falling  level of  popular acceptance indoors as evident from poll debacles, Indian PM Narendra Modi’s visit to the US and Ireland later this week starting from September 28 is being watched closely, especially by the corporate lords and general business community in India. The Indian corporates are hoping to see another Madison Square-like event from energy rich Modi, given the hype being created by the prime minister and his business supporters.

The tour, which starts on 23 September and ends on 29 September, will cover first Ireland and then the USA.   It is the first visit by an Indian prime minister to that country in almost 60 years. He will hold talks with Prime Minister Taoiseach Enda Kenny. “We hope to further develop strong people-to-people and economic ties with Ireland in the years to come. In Ireland, I will also interact with the Indian community,” he wrote in the FB post.

Modi will travel to the USA on September 24 to build on the substantial ground covered thus far. This is his second visit to the country.  The  PMO, the Foreign ministry, Modi and his supporters are working to ensure this one will get more eyeballs than the previous trip.  In New York City, Modi will address the UN Sustainable Development Summit for formal adoption of post-2015 new sustainable development agenda.

PM Modi will also participate in a summit hosted by US President Barack Obama on peacekeeping. The prime minister will host a summit in New York of G-4 leaders of Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan, where the main agenda will be ensure support for continued Kashmir occupation, the United Nations Security Council reforms.  He will be meeting several world leaders and also holding interactions with leading investors and financial sector firms. This will include a working dinner where representatives of major Fortune-500 companies will be present to deliberate on investment opportunities in India


Modi plans to visit West Coast on September 26-27 to participate in several programs. “It would be after a gap of almost 33 years that an Indian PM would be visiting the west coast – the home of start-ups, innovation and technology,”  An foreign ministry official said.

Modi said he will also be part of a Town hall Q&A at the Facebook HQ along with Mark Zuckerberg, and said it would be an event “you shouldn’t miss”. “I have already invited you all to share your questions through Facebook, I will also see some recent technological innovations at the Google (Alphabet) campus and Tesla Motors. I will address a Renewable Energy Roundtable with USDOC and Stanford University,” the PM said.

IT industry body Nasscom, TiE Silicon Valley, and IIM Ahmedabad’s CIIE India will host the first India-US Startup Konnect in the Silicon Valley. It aims to showcase the strengths of India’s startup ecosystem. The day-long event will highlight multiple dimensions of Indian innovation capabilities, represented by more than 30 startups across sectors like agriculture, healthcare, energy, financial inclusion, and biotechnology, as well as leading technology business incubators in the country. The startups will exhibit products, prototypes and achievements to their investors and other potential Valley partners.

Modi will also interact with the Indian community on the day.

By Modi’s relentless foreign tours India is eager to showcase Indian place on international arena and its diplomatic health in actively pursuing its major agenda of defending the illegal occupation of Jammu Kashmir and shielding al its crimes in Kashmir,  exactly what Israel, occupying Palestine with US-EU backing,  is doing as undeclared nuclear super power of in Mideast and West Asia in general.

Through Modi’s almost non-stop tour across the world, outsmarting even US presidents who are so used to such shuttle torus, India is signaling it economic and diplomatic prowess to its nuclear neighbor and chief regional foe Pakistan as Indian strategist are keen to face Pakistan from its global strength.  The latest US support for Indian occupation of Kashmir has come as a sharp shot in Indian arm In dealing with Pakistan, claiming to be a NATO ally going all o out to support American war on so-called terror following the Sept-11 hoax. Obviously, India does not want surrender the part of Kashmir to Kashmir because that would weaken it Indian illegal hold over Kashmir. .

Now a days, Modi does not speak about black money or money laundering  operations by  especially by corporates as he does not want to fulfill the pledge he gave to Indian voters last year that  he would bring  all money laundered to other countries back to India.


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