India’s focus on EU!

India’s focus on EU!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


India’s focus on EU!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Ever since it opened up its economy nearly 15 years ago, privatizing and selling the public (state) property to rich corporate lords that control Indian parliament and state assemblies, India has longed for an exclusive big power status. India also thought as a colonialist nation with Kashmir under its occupation, it deserves a high seat in the intentional community and control the world along with the veto members. India has made IMF and World Bank happy too. India also considers itself being a big power. However, India keeps knocking at doors of big powers for its recognition by them as big power.

India has undertaken steps to liberalize economy and do away with socialist infrastructure in step by step manner. After getting Russia to support Indian economic structures, the post Independent India also began taping all possible economic help from the west. India used its “liberalized” economy to promote the corporate system on the one hand and come closer to western powers. But since India does not share values with them, it feels sad it still stays outside the group of big powers. However, Israel finds India a fellow colonist sharing basic values  while India tactfully uses Israel to come closer to USA, the universally accepted  imperialist boss.

Pursuing a consistent policy aboard – from South Asia to West Asia, from East to West and USA to EU – ever since he became Indian Prime Minister last year, Narendra Modi goes firmly after his plan of regular foreign tours to influence the world around and get as much money as possible from Indian Diaspora that, living abroad as foreign citizens, still has emotional attachment to India which Indian regime tries to exploit to strengthen its economy in order to match the Chinese.

Growing military ties between New Delhi and Washington do not make Indian government contented.  And in order to make Indian goal  of entry to  UN veto berth,  USA and Russia are not enough, although both have  clearly rejected Indian  veto ambition as over pitched especially there are other big powers that, according to them,  deserve a veto move than India or Pakistan. China would never accept Indian claim in UNSC veto system. However, India now wants to enlist the support of EU by purchasing their terror goods and other costly military equipment.

Having adding Silicon Valley to his growing list of ‘conquests’, PM Narendra Modi’s energetic and proactive foreign policy continues to make gains. However, there is one major fortress that he has been unable to breach in the 16 months since taking office: Europe, and more specifically, the European Union (EU).

However, the ‘scheduling issues’ have been blamed for the lack of any India-EU summit since Modi came to power. However, the last India-EU summit was held in February 2012 — a few days before the MV Enrica Lexie incident – murder of two Indians on Indian sea – that resulted in the arrest of the marines. India took all necessary steps to save and escort the Italian marines to Italy. Since then hectic diplomatic have been going on behind the scene, keeping the Indian public – the victim of Italian state terror attack – in dark,  as even the Modi government does not want to punish the Italian marries for waging war on India. Italy is also a NATO member.

A widely-held view that ties between India and the 28-country-bloc EU took a nosedive after Italian marines Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone were apprehended by Indian authorities in 2012. Unsurprisingly, former Italian foreign minister Federica Mogherini, who is currently the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, has been less than pleased with India’s handling of the marines’ trial.

India seeks trade with EU. While India and the EU may be on different pages diplomatically, the EU is reportedly India’s biggest trade partner with bilateral trade amounting to over $101 billion in 2013-14. And although a meeting to discuss the long-pending India-EU Free Trade Agreement, scheduled to take place in New Delhi around two months ago, was called off by India, the FTA is very much a part of conversations between India and the EU.

A possible revival of India-EU diplomatic relations could come as early as next week, in the form of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s forthcoming India visit that starts on 4 October. Getting the arguably most powerful and influential leader in the EU onside will go a long way in bringing India and the EU back to the negotiation’s table.

However, according to a former Indian diplomat the onus for scheduling the next meeting is on the EU. According to him, ‘it is EU’s turn to reach out to India to fix dates for the next summit specifically because of the offence they caused when India had probed six months back if a summit was possible’. Italy possibly wants India  to withdraw the marine murder case and apologize for dragging a “non-issue”.

This sort of approach may not be the best if positive India-EU relations are the objective. One party will have to take the higher ground, and it is unlikely to be the EU — already grappling with the Ukraine crisis on one hand, and the immigrant crisis on the other.

EU considers itself the second super power now after the USA while Russia has long lost that status with the close of cold war in favor of USA. EU continues to create unnecessary hurdles in the path of fulfilling Turkey’s ambition for EU membership.

India knows it can’t fight EU or USA, ideologically or militarily and hence it wants to mend fence with big superior military and economic powers by always keeping them in good humors. India is happy Pakistan has lost full sovereignty and its economic strength due mainly to its alliance with USA in its bloody war on so-called terror, indirectly meaning war on Islam and oil rich Muslim world.


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