EU to support strong Climate bill at Paris climate meet on Nov 30

EU to support strong Climate bill at Paris climate meet on Nov 30

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


World powers are meeting in November in Paris to discuss the dangerous climate issue and decide the solutions to save the earth and the living beings on the earth.

The process of environmental disorder due mainly to the excess green gas  release to atmosphere, like terror operations, is a serious issue to be set right at the earliest as it can sooner than later cause disaster to the world and humanity.

Protection of environmental and climatic conditions is of paramount importance for us to save our world and lives in it.  UN has a prime duty to take steps to protect climate from deterioration and eventual destruction. The UN  initiated pro-climate  steps are yet to take proper shape and  reach results owing  mainly to the opposition from global environmental polluting nations, obstructing to  pass international laws and implement the decisions at summits even in small measures .

As a result, climate conferences have failed to come to make any some worthwhile credible resolutions; humanity is still frantically searching for a way out to resolve the climate issue.

With just 10 days scheduled for formal negotiations before landmark talks on climate begin in Paris on November 30, preparations are painfully slow. Technical work to pare back an unwieldy negotiating text, still more than 80 pages long, is behind schedule and big economies, such as India and Saudi Arabia, have yet to deliver promises on emissions cuts.

While the EU and developing nations are among those urging an internationally binding text, others, such as the United States, want only national enforcement. UN climate negotiations are haunted by the memory of a failed Copenhagen summit in 2009, the last attempt to reach a global climate deal.

The EU was the first major economy to deliver its emissions pledge in March. It promised to cut emissions by at least 40% by 2030 versus 1990 levels.

The European Union said it will support a UN deal to cap global warming only if the agreement is legally binding and includes regular reviews to ensure words translate into deeds. European Climate and Energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Canete urged those governments and other key G20 economies to submit pledges to the United Nations without delay and said technical work must accelerate to keep pace with strong political will.

Countering concerns the two biggest emitters, China and the United States, could dominate the Paris talks. Miguel Arias Canete said the EU could not accept a deal on the basis of a minimal level of common agreement.  “It must be an ambitious agreement. I have established our priorities and we are going to fight for them,” he told a news conference in Brussels.

Talks in Paris will be an extremely difficult negotiation, but Canete is sure that there is the political will for genuine resolution to take the humanity out of danger line. Arias Canete laid out his priorities as legal certainty, a review every five years, clear enforcement rules, and an interim 2050 goal of cutting global emissions by 60 percent versus 2010, plus the more remote target of virtually zero emissions by 2100.

Arias Canete said the Paris talks had to be different and bring in nations representing at least 80 percent of all emissions, rather than a small club. Canete said that was the most ambitious yet, although the United States and China say they are taking huge steps. So far the global pledges fall far short of the action needed to limit global warming to 2 % Celsius (3.6 % Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial times. The 2 degree limit, which the EU wants cemented into any Paris deal, is what scientists say can prevent the most devastating consequences of global warming.

November is still far away and there is every possibility that world powers meeting in  France come to some useful  agreements to cut emissions significantly with proper verification techniques to monitor the climate progress.

Terrorism – both its state and non-state varieties – state militarism policy,  extreme  austerity measures, proliferation of nukes &  technology  and acute environmental disorder cause serious threat to human and  other living existence; they contribute to the destruction of the globe altogether with an impending nuclear war impatiently waiting in the wings .


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