Delhi CM Kejriwal sacks his food minster for corruption!

Delhi CM Kejriwal sacks his food minster for corruption!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Politics in India means corruption and for the ruling party its means rampant corruption. Indian politicians generally speaking, are corrupt and they promote this evil even while they criticize each other over that issue. Indian judiciary cannot investigate corruption charges on its own unless the governments ask it to do so. Ruling and opposition parties jointly promote corruption and help each other make illegal assets.

Under these circumstances a new party AAP was born committing itself to the cause of a corruption less India. Naturally all corrupt parties hate AAP and swear to fight it to be out of India.

Obviously, the Aam Aadmi Party AAP believes that corruption cannot be rooted out fo the country just talking it as other parties do as a routine mischief  to fool the electorate, but by taking concrete and decisive steps in containing and stopping this societal menace, harming the equality efforts of the country’s founder leaders.

In an unprecedented and swift move Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who along with Anna Hazare had spearheaded the famous anti-corruption movement that eventually removed the Congress led UPA government, has sacked Food Minister Asim Ahmed Khan for allegedly demanding bribes from a builder. The prompt governmental action, without expecting the opposition BJP to demand it, has sent a strong signal that AAP government won’t tolerate corruption.

The food minster is one of the five ministers in the Delhi state cabinet, including the Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

In the first of its direct action, Delhi CM Kejriwal on Friday the 09th October publicly sacked the minister, making both Congress and BJP leaders nervous and look pathetic as corruption both promote as state policy and corruption related issues of societal menace they cannot get rid of.    Also, they don’t want any other government to disrupt the corruption system built up by both.   They all thrive on dirty wealth made though illegal and immoral means while talking about the plight of Indian poor only for votes. .

As the AAP is sincere about the corruption issue that weakens the popular will of the Indian masses opposing corruption, the media agents of the corrupt political parties seeking illegal wealth violently condemned the AAP action of sacking a minister in full public view.

Announcing the corruption issue at a hurriedly-called press conference where the CM, also fighting the Governor for supporting BJP government’s destabilization moves against AAP government, played an audio tape of a conversation purportedly involving the builder, Khan and a middleman, Kejriwal said he won’t tolerate corruption. “We won’t tolerate any corruption, even if it is by our ministers or legislators,” said Kejriwal, flanked by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and official spokesman Nagendar Sharma. “I’ll not spare any minister, any legislator, even my son or even Manish. Strict action will be taken against anyone involved in corruption,” he said, also asking Sisodia not to spare him if he himself indulged in corruption.

Kejriwal said: “Even if we have to give the biggest sacrifice, we will not compromise on corruption. We are keeping a vigil on everyone”. Congress and BJP had forced the first AAP government to resign by refusing to support the anti-corruption bill.

Kejriwal, who began the press conference by saying that the AAP was born from an anti-corruption movement and was “forced to contest elections”. “We had dreamt of a corruption-free India. And we had said we will not compromise on corruption at any cost,” he said. Still keeping the media guessing, Kejriwal said the step “we are going to take is a solid step” — and then announced Khan’s sacking. He said an audio tape given to him on Thursday established the claim of the complainant that the minister demanded Rs.6 lakh from the builder for allowing illegal construction in his Matia Mahal constituency in old Delhi. “Prima facie it seems the matter is serious…We cannot tolerate this.”

Later,  the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader said the case was being referred to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).  Hours after being removed, Khan said he was shocked. “I am shocked and surprised. I was asked to resign and I have. There is a conspiracy behind it,” he told reporters. In the audio tape released to the media, Khan could be heard telling the person on the other line that he became late because of a meeting which lasted for four hours. The conversation was in Hindi. “I was really worried where to keep this,” the unidentified person is heard on the phone. “Meet in 10-15 minutes in front of Moti Mahal,” Khan is heard telling the person. “This is 6, should I give the date six,” the man asks. “Meet Iqbal there and give,” the minister answers. In another conversation, Khan is heard haggling over the money.

Khan is the second minister to bow out of the AAP government in disgrace. Then law minister Jitender Singh Tomar resigned under pressure in June after being arrested for allegedly faking his educational degree. “If we can remove our minister, then we can take action against anyone,” Kejriwal said on Friday.

Kejriwal announced that party legislator Imran Hussain will replace Khan, who was also the environment minister, in the cabinet. “I don’t think that such action has ever been taken. We have done it. Now BJP should remove Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Vasundhra Raje,” he said, daring the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to remove Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh chief ministers accused of alleged impropriety in the Lalit Modi case and the Vyapam scam respectively.

The BJP, the only opposition with a meager 3 seats to its credit in the Delhi assembly where the AAP has 67 of the 70 seats, and the Congress made light of the minister’s sacking. “Sometimes Kejriwal fights with (Delhi’s Lt Governor) Najeeb Jung, sometimes with PM (Narendra Modi), sometimes with (Home Minister) Rajnath Singh, and sometimes with his own people,” said BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad. “Let his stories of fights be left to him,” he said.

Congress spokesperson R.P.N. Singh added: “This is the situation when there is no Lokpal in Delhi. Imagine if there was one, the whole cabinet would have to resign.”

Former Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit who promoted corruption in Delhi even in the Commonwealth Games said Kejriwal was seeking only publicity by this and he is not sincere enough. Sheila Dikshit was punished by Delhiites by electing Kejriwal in New Delhi seat which she contested.

Needless to say the AAP supremo Kejriwal‘s action of removal of a cabinet minister in pubic has definitely unnerved the BJP leaders who rule India now.

BJP and PM Modi refuse to act on corruption and related charges against his cabinet members and CMs of state governments ruled by BJP.

By shielding the tainted ministers and leaders, the PM Modi has, on mere strength of parliamentary majority and equally corrupt Congress party, made calculated mischief.

Is Modi deliberately helping the Congress party because he was the prime beneficiary of anti-corruption movement targeting the previous government and the BJP’s landslide victory in parliamentary poll held last year had very little to with Modi’s poll promises of development and black money?

Corruption is not a serious issue in the West because the rich and corporate class thrive on bad money and governments fully controlled by them. But for  the third world corruption is a very serious crime because it pampers the rich and harms the common people.



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