Americans should stop sharing Zionist values!

Americans should stop sharing Zionist values!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff



Israel and the strong Jewish cum American lobbyists in Washington, including their members in US Congress has influenced US policies to such an extent that America has shed its democratic values and become increasingly arrogant.  This is the result of sharing the Zionist values.

Ever since Israel was imposed on Mideast in Palestine territories, years of US-Israeli bilateral relations tilted favoring and protecting the Zionist regime in Mideast by using the US veto to shield Israeli military from any possible punishment. So much so, Israeli leaders, accustomed to being pampered by American rulers, expect Washington to formulate policies that serve the Israeli causes. American Jews, the powerful financial lobby, now dictate their terms to both Republican and Democratic parties. In fact, these rich Jews decide even the foreign policy matters of USA.

Israel and its US lobbyists, as before, have been coercing the Obama White House to attack Iran over its controversial nuclear ambitions. However, President Obama seems to offer a credible chance for Iran in talks to solve the nuke issue amicably but that has annoyed Israel since it is the only nuclear power in West Asia and wants that status quo intact and does not want Iran to challenge Israel with its own nukes.

Israel knows too well that Iran has long ago abandoned its nuke program and is proceeding with nuclear power for electricity. Washington and IAEA have verified that.

Israel and the strong Jewish cum American lobbyists in Washington, including their members in US Congress have influenced US policies to such an extent that America has shed its democratic values and become increasingly arrogant.  This is the result sharing the Zionist values.

The hawkish Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, wanted to get reelected in poll scheduled for mid-March as PM for his third term by  attacking the besieged Palestinians, addressed the US Congress and  used Americans and US  Congress to  influence Israeli voters to choose him to as  PM without approval of the  White house  or US president. The speech on March 3, was arranged by Boehner and the Israeli ambassador without consulting the White House — a move that Obama’s team has called a breach of protocol. The US president has said he would not meet with Netanyahu during his visit to Washington to avoid any appearance that he is trying to influence the Israeli elections that are. However, Obama could do nothing to stop Israeli pleader from addressing the US Congress. Obama met him after words.

A weak Obama has swallowed the Zionist shameful act.

Susan E. Rice, President Obama’s national security adviser, sharply criticized Israeli PM Netanyahu over his plans to address a joint meeting of Congress, saying his actions had hurt his nation’s relationship with the United States. Netanyahu’s decision to travel to Washington to deliver the speech two weeks before the Israeli elections has “injected a degree of partisanship, which is not only unfortunate, I think it’s destructive of the fabric of the relationship,” Ms. Rice said in an interview on the PBS television program “Charlie Rose.”  Ms. Rice demurred when asked whether she believed Netanyahu was making the speech to gain political favor, but she wanted the secret cum open relationship between the United States and Israel to be “unquestionably strong, immutable”, regardless of political seasons in either country, regardless of which party may be in charge in either country.

US President Obama had refused to meet Netanyahu if he came to address the Congress. Her comments marked the strongest public rebuke to date by the Obama administration since Netanyahu accepted an invitation from Speaker John A. Boehner to make his case to Congress against a nuclear deal with Iran, which is a priority of Obama’s. It is also the frankest acknowledgment yet by a top American official of the degree to which the controversy has damaged US-Israeli relations.

Netanyahu just bluffed that he was making the trip to Washington because it was his obligation to “do everything I can to prevent” a nuclear agreement with Iran. The fact remains that Netanyahu visit is not only a “breach of protocol,” but it could be construed as unconstitutional. In the Constitution, the president’s powers of authority include the right to invite foreign dignitaries and Congress’s do not. If the president or the Democrats wanted to make a federal case over this, they could. Of course they won’t and don’t , since Congress has been infringing on the authority of this president since he was elected and Congress has suffered no adverse consequences as a result.

The episode is a low point in the tense relationship between Obama and Netanyahu and has touched off weeks of mostly anonymous sniping and finger-pointing. The US will pay for this since it makes Americans look weak and divided. Republicans have elevated reckless partisanship to open rifts in foreign policy to garner votes. Top administration officials have hinted more openly of their displeasure in recent days at the way Israel has been misbehaving with USA which stood by Israeli and its crimes against humanity.

Secretary of State John Kerry said that he would be out of USA and in Switzerland negotiating with the Iranians. The White House has also not committed to sending a representative next week to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s conference, where Netanyahu is also scheduled to appear.

The politically divisive invitation from Speaker Boehner was meant to keeping the bipartisan support of Israel strong for US presidents have stood by Israel for decades against Palestinians and Arab world.

It appears the US politicians, bureaucrats, policy makers and even core US media are controlled by US Jews who want President Obama to respect Israel and Netanyahu and promote as usual the Zionist interests in Mideast as a key American policy. They expect Israel to engineer an invitation from the Knesset for President Obama to address it to praise Israel and US-Israeli ties.

Backed by US veto on UNSC that protects Israel from any punishment, Israel has taken the US arms, money, technology, and shield for granted. Netanyahu badly wants the USA to attack Iran and utterly destroy their military capability, just like Americans did with Iraq. That would cost trillions of dollars, thousands of US soldiers’ lives, and hundreds of thousands of Iranian lives. But Israel would be safe and emerge stronger in Mideast.

It is commonly believed that Israel has at least 80 deliverable nuclear weapons, and may have twice that number- maybe obtained as gifts from White House obviously for coordinating secret military and intelligence operations. Many Americans still think Israeli nukes obtained illegally are harmless and pose no threat to Arab and humanity, but they argue only the Iranians “do represent a major threat to the entire world”, but this is not the way Israel to do things directly questioning US wisdom and Netanyahu knows it.

Americans are keeping Netanyahu in power.  It is only the cumbersome election system which only he as PM has the power to change. Netanyahu is the leader of Israel, not the USA. If he feels it necessary to insult President Obama to promote Israel’s interests, so be it. A new president will be in office in one year, and this incident will have blown over.

Iran is a far more useful ally to USA than Israel, and Americans should act accordingly. The Iranian leadership has become more moderate with time. It is likely to continue to do so once its economy is reintegrated with that of the world. And the Iranians will be agreeable to far more nuclear inspection than exists in the State of Israel. Israel denies having nukes and does not allow any inspection by IAEA. Israel also says Iran will be a threat to it and USA for a lot longer.

The President Obama’s efforts to resist the enormous pressure from the Israeli lobby are to be congratulated. USA must approach its Iran policy or the Israeli-Palestine negotiations in a manner that advances the interests of the USA, not those of Israel. And President Obama seems to be doing precisely that to the dismay of Netanyahu and his fellow fanatic zealots who promote and support Zionist crimes against humanity.

The idea that Obama did not meet with Netanyahu out of concern for influencing the upcoming election is remarkable. As far as even the vast majority of Israelis are concerned, Netanyahu has become the problem, not the solution. He has caused terrible damage to Israel, financially and politically, and has become a huge embarrassment.

Netanyahu can do more harm to his country than USA or Iran. Netanyahu and every single Israeli and Jewish lobbyist in Washington know it. President Obama opposed the Israeli tactics to use Americans for domestic purposes of Israel both in polls and wars. Obama has given Israel everything by way of armaments and UN votes.

Already the US-Israeli relations have somewhat ruptured, notwithstanding their “shared values” in genocides. However, the powerful Israeli lobbyists and Jewish arms merchants are making strenuous efforts to reach out to the White House to protect the illegal expansionism and genocides. Israeli and its US supporters, including the Pentagon bosses and political leaders, including the presidential hopeful Mrs. Clinton are hopeful that whosoever becomes US president next would reactivate and pursue pro-Zionist polices.

World is keenly watching if the current rift in US-Israeli ties would eventually pave  way for their collapse and emergence of better relations between USA and Arabs as well as Iran, between West and East. A weakening of arrogant Zionist regime would naturally give rise to truly democratic traditions and environment of peace around the world.

Meanwhile, for promoting peace globally, Americans could stop sharing Zionist values. US leaders keep saying they will stand by Israeli state crimes without realizing that their Israeli connect indeed angers the world. That is in fact has been the major victory of Zionist foreign policy formulated by US Jews.


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