Washington: Let India and Pakistan approach us to mediate!

Washington:  Let India and Pakistan approach us to mediate!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Very close on the heels of a positive signal from UN chief Ban Ki Moon declaring his willingness to mediate between India and Pakistan if they are willing for genuine peace in the region, the US super power that unsuccessfully mediates between an arrogant Israeli regime and besieged Palestinians, has repeated what the UN supremo said the previous day.

Washington also says it would only engage in India-Pakistan peace process if both countries jointly ask President Obama to mediate and find a lasting solution to the vexed problem.

India and Pakistan are nuclear powers of South Asia that seek to use their nuke arsenals both as a threat and deterrent to avoid a nuclear war.

However, the USA has categorically ruled out any role for itself in Indo-Pak peace process unless both the countries jointly ask for it. White House officials asserted that the best way to resolve issues is through direct dialogue between the two neighbours. “President Barack Obama and his interlocutors discussed with the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his team the situation in the LoC (Line of Control). Pakistan has often made a request for the United States to be engaged in it.”

During the meeting Obama affirmed the US commitment that “we would be engaged only if this is something that India and Pakistan would like”.  “This has been a reiteration of the continued policy of the United states for both countries to work out these issues bilaterally and of course we and other countries would be willing to provide facilitating and other supporting role if India and Pakistan together ask for,” the official added.

American bureaucrats insist that there is no change in any policy of the United States.

The official, requesting anonymity, did acknowledge that it has received set of dossiers from Pakistan on alleged Indian activities in parts of Pakistan.

In the meeting with Secretary of State, John Kerry on 21 October, the US official said,  Pakistan Prime Minister did share, hand over written material relating to certain concerns that Pakistan has about security in the region. “As we have long said, and as the Secretary underscored, the best way to resolve issues is through direct dialogue between the two neighbors. We stand ready to support such dialogue in any way we can. We have just received these dossiers. We have not reviewed them and we do not have any comment on the contents at this point,” the official said.

US position now is that a dialogue between India and Pakistan, the parameters of which, it is for India and Pakistan to work out. Washington claims that it  is not the policy of the US to try to influence or try to set terms or otherwise even make recommendations for how that dialogue should take place. “We just hoped that India and Pakistan do have a dialogue, normalize relations and work together to move the peace in the region and prosperity of the respective countries,” the official said, adding that there is no US shift towards India or Pakistan.

“This is our policy for many years. That policy of the US has not changed,” the official said. “There is no tilt towards any country. The US has very important relationship towards India and Pakistan. They stand on their own. They are not zero some. USA has global interest and has interest in peace and stability in the region,” the official added.

India is yet to respond to the suggestions made by both UN and USA. However, India has already made it position clear to the world, especially on Kashmir which it claims to be an integral part of India.  India says it can have cross border trade relations with Pakistan without discussing the Kashmir issue, which, according to New Delhi’s strategists, is closed once for all. India considers Pakistani concern for Kashmir unnecessary and unwarranted because, they say, such an attitude creates irritation in India.

Pakistan keeps raising the Kashmir issue in the UN, disregarding Indian objections.  It appeasers, neither the USA nor the UN is aware of the simple fact that Jammu Kashmir which India and Pakistan share by illegally occupying it, does not belong to India or Pakistan. Jammu Kashmir was a sovereign nation in the Himalayas until India and Pakistan invaded and occupied according to  their individual military might  and as per the usual British  conspiracy to create tensions in the region which it had ruled until ousted by the force of freedom movement.

Pakistan created Azad Kashmir out of the lands it occupied from Jammu Kashmir, while India converted the Kashmiri lands it occupied and created a new state called Jammu & Kashmir within India.

While India has murdered over 100,000 Kashmiris (Muslims) in trying to silence them from seeking sovereignty, Pakistan has not been so ruthless since there are no freedom agitations in Azad Kashmir for ceding from Pakistan.

Kashmiri families are separated between LOC and many of have disappeared from Indian side of Kashmir and UN has not even bothered to find out where have they disappeared. Later secret grave yards were discovered in Kashmir valley.

Peace or war, both India and Pakistan do not want to lose both their parts of Kashmir and their respective nukes which they value more than well being of the people.  Both say they don’t want big powers, like USA, to steal their nukes or take them away on the pretext of terrorists laying their hands on them or citing explosive regional tensions.  The problem is both had to sacrifice a lot for obtaining costly nukes as their legitimate rights at par with USA or Russia or special state called Israel which is allowed by IAEA, UN, NATO, UNSC, Russia and USA to maintain illegal nukes and  threatened Arab nations, especially Palestine.

Corporate lords, corporate intelligence and cricket mafias in India as well as Pakistan think cricketism can being both nuclear nations together and now they are pushing for joint cricket exercises in Dubai by sharing 100s and 50s by favorite batboys. They had played cricket before and fought wars. More they play the bogus cricket just for a few 100 runs by mutual understanding – as India and South Africa are doing in Indian towns (from September to December) – worse their relations would be.

The cause of their conflict is a serious crime committed against humanity by invading and occupying a peaceful nation – Jammu Kashmir – as soon as both got independence from Britain. The problem cannot be solved without surrendering sovereignty back to Kashmiris.

And certainly they cannot improve ties not by playing joint cricket exercises. There should be sincere intention to mend ways and stabilize relations between and among neighboring nations.

South Asia requires peace and stability and India and Pakistan should stop terrorizing Kashmiris



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