Militarist imperialism: Success of US covert global military operations!

Militarist imperialism: Success of US covert global military operations!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


US success in World War II emboldened its military planners to plan for global control mechanisms to retain military superiority and they have achieved that goal fairly easier than even the UK expected. Today, Washington looks down upon all other nations, except perhaps the fellow veto powers, as poultry products.
When today the USA claims super power status it indeed means business. As the leader of capitalism world, USA has actively promotes imperialism and makes huge profits. Entire world, including Russia and China are dutifully promoting US interests. Notwithstanding widespread US genocides of Muslims in Arab world to shield Israeli crimes, every Muslim country at par with other nations, tries to come closer to Washington and protects American interests in their respective regions as their prime duty.
Literally, Americans with a global canvas has taken over every nation and further deepen and tighten its control over the world. As of 2015, the US Special Operations forces are settled down in 147 countries – that is 75% of the nations on the planet, which represents a jump of 145% since the waning days of the Bush government and during the Obama era. On any day of the year, in fact, America’s most elite troops can be found in 70 to 90 nations. Is it not terrifying?
Global military establishments, intelligence wings, Interpol, state police establishments, corporate intelligence- have been brought under the CIA-Pentagon duo.
In extending the Bushdom era terror wars further, President Barack Obama publicly rescinded his previously declared proposal for drawing down the US military force occupying Afghanistan and adopted a plan dictated by the Pentagon to keep the remaining 10,000 troops in place, likely beyond the end of his presidency. There is no chance that the new president would end the profitable terror wars launched after the Sept-11 hoax.
US imperialism’s predatory aims in Afghanistan remain today what they were 14 years ago: advancing the interests of the American ruling class by projecting US military power into the energy-rich Caspian Basin as well as against its principal global and regional rivals: Iran to the west, China to the east and Russia to the north.
The reversal of the Afghanistan withdrawal plans coincides with an increasingly dangerous eruption of American militarism, with Washington mounting provocative threats against Russia and China.
Obama is also turning his back on possibly the last best chance to resolve the bloody Syrian war because he fears a backlash from Official Washington’s powerful coalition of neoconservatives and “liberal interventionists” along with their foreign fellow-travelers: Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf sheikdoms.

US corporate regime wanted a Black president to help the US to extend its control of Africans and Asian nations there were hitherto unwilling to let Americans set their policies. And black Obama suited their needs who pursued imperialist polices and cynically dropped his previous argument that keeping US troops in Afghanistan indefinitely, at the current cost of roughly $35 billion a year, was neither fiscally nor politically justifiable. While his administration can find no money for jobs, education, health care or other vital social needs, unlimited resources are always on offer for America’s war machine.
The decision to upend the US timetable for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan comes little more than a year after Obama ordered thousands of US troops back into Iraq and launched an air war in both that country and neighboring Syria.
Having lost their freedom to think, US solders work as paid killers of the CIA-Pentagon duo. However, in both Iraq and Afghanistan for over a decade of war by incurring the huge expenditure of trillions of dollars has produced only a debacle for US imperialism, together with death and destruction for millions of Iraqis and Afghans. For Afghans, the carnage by US-Russian forces, one after another, goes back more than 35 years. Cruel fate, indeed!

America, despite its claims of “threats” to its super power status, is the most successful nation on earth and in the space and effectively controls entire world in all possible ways. Americans are second to none. But unfortunately, the effort, as measured by special military operations conducted globally, bomb tonnage dropped on what it considers as the enemy states, or bodies counted especially in Islamic (Arab) world, is taken as evidence of progress made by Americans.
Sept-11 hoax provided the required legitimacy for Washington to threaten and invade the world at will. Today, Americans bomb even hospitals and justify their war horrors as civilizational development. As the US Geographic Combatant Commanders across the globe host all the special secret operators the American sway over the globe is near complete. That a few countries like Russia and its allies stand in the way of US imperialism does not in fact hurt the US capitalist rulers as Americans have almost perfect way of dealing with all obstacles.
In order to maintain its global reach with ease, USA allows some regional powers to claim leaderships and promote US interests.
Americans are not only the cleverest to the extent of being the most cunning leaders, but also some of the best soldiers in the world: highly trained, well equipped, and experts in weapons, intelligence gathering, and battlefield medicine. They study foreign cultures and learn local languages. They’re smart, skillful, wear some very iconic head-gear, and their 12-member teams are “capable of conducting the full spectrum of special operations, from building indigenous security forces to identifying and targeting threats to US national interests.”
They’re also quite successful. At least they think so.
Obama’s justification for the continued US occupation of Afghanistan was riddled with outright lies and grotesque distortions. More than 14 years after the September 11 attacks, he continued selling it primarily as part of the “global war on terrorism” inaugurated by his predecessor as the pretext for the invasions of both Iraq and Afghanistan.
In addition to the fact that there remain many unanswered questions about what happened on 9/11, the claim that the US is engaged in some global war on Al Qaeda terrorism is ludicrous given that the American military has used Al Qaeda-connected fighters as proxy ground forces in the US-backed wars for regime change in both Libya and Syria.

Fourteen years after the US invasion and a trillion dollars later, the living conditions of Afghans remain abysmal, with an estimated 60 percent of the active population unemployed and over 40 percent living in abject poverty. Millions are fleeing the country, with Afghans last year making up fully 44 percent of recorded undocumented migrants and refugees the world over.

Successes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Trans-Sahel Africa, the Philippines, the Andean Ridge, the Caribbean, and Central America have resulted in an increasing demand for Special Forces around the globe. That USA does not want to end terror wars became clear when Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the US government had turned down the proposal from Russia’s President Vladimir Putin for the USA and Russia to cooperate together to eliminate ISIS and other jihadists in Syria and in Iraq.
The Army’s Green Berets are among the best known of America’s elite forces, but they’re hardly alone. Navy SEALs, Air Force Air Commandos, Army Rangers, Marine Corps Raiders, as well as civil affairs personnel, logisticians, administrators, analysts, and planners, among others, make up U.S. Special Operations forces (SOF). They are the men and women who carry out America’s most difficult and secret military missions. Since 9/11, US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has grown in every conceivable way from funding and personnel to global reach and deployments. In 2015, according to Special Operations Command spokesman Ken McGraw, US Special Operations forces deployed to a record-shattering 147 countries. One doubts if these forces engineered with Israeli help the Sept-11 attacks.
There is, of course, certain logic to the increasing global sweep of these deployments is a sign of success. After all, why would you expand your operations into ever-more nations if they weren’t successful?

The first post-9/11 months may represent the zenith of success for these special secret troops. The initial operations in the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 — carried out largely by US Special Forces, the CIA, and the Afghan Northern Alliance, backed by US airpower — were “probably the high point” in the history of unconventional warfare by them (Green Berets). Between 2012 and 2014, for example, Special Operations forces carried out 500 Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET) missions in as many as 67 countries, practicing everything from combat casualty care and marksmanship to small unit tactics and desert warfare alongside local forces. And JCETs only scratch the surface when it comes to special ops missions to train proxies and allies. Special Operations forces, in fact, conduct a variety of training efforts globally. Most of the special ops deployments in those 147 countries are the type Robinson expresses skepticism about — short-term training missions by “white” operators like Green Berets (as opposed to the “black ops” man-hunting missions by the elite of the elite that captivate Hollywood and video gamers).

In addition to training, another core role of Special Operations forces is direct action — counter terror missions like low-profile drone assassinations and kill/capture raids by muscled-up, high-octane operators. The exploits of the men — and they are mostly men(and mostly Caucasian ones at that) — behind these operations are chronicled in Naylor’s epic history of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), the secret counterterrorism organization that includes the military’s most elite and shadowy units like the Navy’s SEAL Team 6 and the Army’s Delta Force.
Impacts, of course, are one thing, successes another. Special Operations Command, in fact, hedges its bets by claiming that it can only be as successful as the global commands under which its troops operate in each area of the world, including European Command, Pacific Command, Africa Command, Southern Command, Northern Command, and Central Command or CENTCOM, the geographic combatant command that oversees operations in the Greater Middle East. Now all of them work under the Pentagon, making it a global power by itself.

USA generates new threats to justify its permanent war plan. The JSOC’s failure to completely destroy al-Qaeda in Iraq allowed IS to grow and eventually sweep “across northern Iraq in 2014, seizing town after town from which JSOC and other U.S. forces had evicted al-Qaeda in Iraq at great cost several years earlier. By this spring, JSOC operators were not only back in Iraq and also on the ground in Syria, but they were soon conducting drone campaigns in both of those tottering nations.
Iran was made a threat to USA. JSOC was born of failure, a phoenix rising from the ashes of Operation Eagle Claw, the humiliating attempt to “rescue” 53 American hostages from the US Embassy in Iran in 1980 that ended, instead, in the deaths of eight U.S. personnel. Today, the elite force trades on an aura of success in the shadows. Its missions are the stuff of modern myths.
The US military has tended to confuse inputs with outcomes. Effort, as measured by operations conducted, bomb tonnage dropped, or bodies counted, is taken as evidence of progress made. Today, tallying up the number of countries in which Special Operations forces are present repeats this error. There is no doubt that U.S. Special Operations forces are hard at it in lots of different places. It does not follow that they are thereby The Special forces may not be actually accomplishing anything meaningful, but they are successful in generating fear in the minds of global populations.

Britain, the closet ally of USA has expressed qualified apology for Iraq war as its former PM Tony Blair admits ‘mistakes’ and conflict’s role in rise of Islamic State but defends armed intervention in 2003. Tony Blair has moved to prepare the ground for the publication of the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war by offering a qualified apology for the use of misleading intelligence and the failure to prepare for the aftermath of the invasion.
Crimes have been committed by USA and its “democratic” allies against humanity but will also, as UK has done now, apologize for the crimes its military perpetrated in Islamic world and end terror wars as US led permanent war in which militarist cum economic imperialism plays pivotal role.



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