Palestine: When will Israel change into a genuine nation to respect Palestinians as a human society-nation?


Palestine: When will Israel change into a genuine nation to respect Palestinians as a human society-nation?


-Dr. Abdul Ruff






One may suspect if Israel- and not USA- control the world and its regional politics. It is however atrocious that an illegal entity and state terror organization, thanks to US backing, has become an important world player.


Today Israel is fake nation without any credible legal or moral basis for its existence except that USA is backing it, has stepped into being a criminal state targeting Palestine children, while Israeli leaders are committed to military crimes and blatant lies. And, Jews are made to believe by their rulers that their bluffs are the truth in bits.  Lies are essential for colonist nations like Israel-USA twins to justify their illegal occupation and genocides.


Shielded by US super power and with its UN veto, Israel’s descent into self-imposed ghettoization is political, cultural and academic and not, of course, religious for the bulk of Israelis are secular and the majority of religious Jewry is not Israeli and they have no wish to be so and do not support Netanyahu’s right wing, extremist agenda.


Israel’s war on Palestinians rages – last week, another five Palestinians murdered in cold blood, the toll now at least 66, certain to rise from seriously wounded victims likely to die, plus more fatalities from continued daily carnage. The story of western/Israeli media ignore is raging Israeli state terror against an entire Palestinian population – including dozens murdered, hundreds kidnapped, either disappeared or imprisoned, thousands injured, and millions terrified about what’s next.

On October 28, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) representative Hanne Sorine Sorensen commented on how “life will never be the same for children wounded during” Israel’s 2014 summer aggression on Gaza. They’ll never again live normal lives – crippled, wheelchair-bound, copying with shattered bodies, traumatized by Israeli ruthlessness.

The same scenario is now playing out throughout Occupied Palestine – short of tanks, artillery and F-16s so far involved, maybe coming, Israel holding nothing back to brutalize an entire population, unrestrained in its ruthlessness.

Unable to stand the Zionist criminal operations, Palestine children and youths armed with stones, their bare hands and immense courage, threatening one of the world’s most powerful military forces.

Palestinians are dying daily, many others seriously wounded. A handful of Israelis died – for Israeli and Western officials and media scoundrels the only ones that matter.



Israeli leadership has always existed on the strength of its crimes in Middle East while the Zionist fascist regime is shielded and pampered by USA and EU for its crimes against humanity.

Only past criminal records of them and their families are the main criterion for Israeli regime to choose its future prime ministers. Today Netanyahu represents contemporary aggressive Zionism. Fanaticism and arrogance displayed by Jewish leaders enable them to find a place in the cabinet and emerge as a PM candidate.

Netanyahu’s Likud Zionism is a political dogma inherited from his father who for many years was the right-­hand of a former Russian by the name of Vladimir Zhabotinsky, the founder of the Betar Movement and commander of the militant Irgun Zvai Leumi (IZL) underground terrorist organisation of the 1940s that bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, killing 91 mainly British personnel, in an effort to end Britain’s Mandate over Palestine.

Today’s Likud Party is, of course, the direct descendent of that Irgun Movement. Likud’s brand of Zionism is anathema not only to most Jews in the Diaspora but also to the majority of Israelis. Netanyahu himself is a minority politician who polled only one third of the vote in the last election but who now heads an unstable coalition. It is this coalition that is determined to turn the Israeli state into an indigenous­-Arab­-free, Zionist fortress isolated from political and democratic reality.

Being a perfect terrorist state, Israel attacks the besieged Palestinians and calls them the “knife-wielding terrorists”, ignoring their longstanding persecution at the hands of ruthless occupiers. But the Israeli and western media Jews seem to dominate claims legitimacy for occupation and crimes. Western and Jewish columnists, contributors and editors don’t explain why Israel attacks Palestinians as a key colonialist policy as they one-sidedly supporting outrageous Israeli claims, Big Lies, genocides of Palestinians to make a Holocaust to equal the supposed German holocaust. (Germans were scared of Jewish political criminals and their secret terror organizations and hence they support the holocaust.)  These elements willfully suppress hard truths of crude Palestinian plight, substituting disgraceful misinformation, giving credence to Israeli Big Lies and crimes

Decades of oppressive occupation has denied Palestinians fundamental human and civil rights guaranteed under international law, Washington’s full support for Israeli high crimes, both nations partnering in each other’s viciousness. US-Israeli duo condemns Palestinians for opposing the Zionist occupational crimes in Gaza Strip and talking about their own Palestine nation without “permission” from Israeli military. .

Americans, talking about democracy and rule of law, never discuss longstanding Israeli military raids into Palestinian communities, mostly pre-dawn, homes broken into violently, ransacked, families terrorized, children traumatized, arrests made for political reasons only. Mass arrests, detentions, and grueling interrogations amounting to torture and other forms of abuse aren’t discussed – nor an entire population collectively punished for not being Jews. Palestinian land stolen, their homes bulldozed for wanting to live free or no reason at all in order to facilitate exclusive Jewish development in Palestine territories. Americans pretend they don’t see anything. Israeli military collects taxes in Palestine and the  government uses them to bully Palestinians but USA has not even once questioned the rationale.

Israel is a belligerent, racist, apartheid state worse than South Africa – doing to Arabs what Hitler did to Jews. Nothing on Western media pages explains it, they instead support Israeli high crimes, calling them “self-defense” – you know!.

The question is if at all Israel would change to become normal state. Chances are very bleak considering the fact that Israeli president keeps a coalition government of all sorts of fanatic  parties that promote illegal occupation and state crimes, and pursues anti-Palestine, anti-Arab, anti-Islam, terrorist and bluff policies.

There have never been any mass movements in Israel against military brutality against Palestinians and Jews. Fearful Israeli government does not let them happen. The consensus, however, is that this current right­ wing coalition government of “wiling” fascist allies, will have to be eventually replaced by a genuine moderate, centrist one willing and anxious to collaborate with the international democratic community to become a normal nation and establish a free, independent, Palestinian state and an end to illegal settlements and land­-grabs.

That time, however, cannot come soon enough but in the interim the world will have to withstand the ghetto mentality of Israel’s current political incumbent and his influence over the US congress who continue to supply him with the bombs plus money and high precision killing machines that enables him to stay in power and bombard even the incumbent Obama government for not openly supporting Zionist terrorist operations in West Asia with able support from the pentagon.

As a military-intelligence ally USA can mold the Zionist mindset to effect mindset changes in Israel. But USA, promoting fascism and imperialism as the profitable trends in Mideastern Muslim nations, is not interested.

Regretfully, US President Obama who actively support Zionist imperialism, endorsed the Israeli crackdown in Jerusalem, Gaza and throughout the occupied West Bank in brief comments made last week during a press conference with the visiting president of South Korea, Park Geun-hye. Obama, like all US leaders, including the presidential hopeful Mrs. Clinton, call the Israelis as “innocent people” while super power boss sees Palestinians as “terrorists”.  That is to say all colonialist powers for Obama and allies are innocent but the oppressed people are “terrorists”. How can he mediate for a peaceful settlement of long standing Mideast crisis?

Now Israeli rulers are treated as special guests to address their parliaments and offer advices to their leaders. Hawkish Netanyahu addressed the US congress a without permission from White House and now wants to do the same in Germany – leader of EU!

It is not at all easy for anyone to make the blood thirsty Jewish solders to become humane in behavior and stop killing children, among other Palestinians, like wild beasts do, for sadistic pleasures.


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