India led joint sport exercises in India would discredit and spoil sport culture!

India led joint sport exercises in India would discredit and spoil sport culture!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal (Specialist on sport fixing)




Not every country can shine in international sports for various reasons.  However, nothing is wrong if a nation is eager to outsmart other nations in sports. But having lost all hopes in shining in sports, Indian corporates and billionaires have resorted to joint sport exercise by paying huge money (obviously black variety). In such joint exercises India can easily control   the players from abroad for a possible expected outcome. Teams and individual players can be easily controlled by throwing extra money that makes the players extremely happy.


Money and influences abroad, especially of UK and Australia, makes India the bosses of sports in some way.


IPL, ISL and similar exercises weaken the individual national sports teams as many players work for the foreign teams and mint extra money. The hoax called IPL  has  no only spoiled cricket  making it a total farce, but also negatively influenced real sports like foot ball, hockey, tennis, etc. Players now are fixing the sports outcomes .


IPL the root cause


IPL Joint cricket exercises have got their own advantages for India. While earlier, only cricket boards and their mafias could communicate with teams for special 100s etc, now the IPL has brought Indian cricketers directly close to foreign cricketers, captains, coaches, etc so that they could themselves also can fix the matches conveniently by mobiles and during the cocktail parties in between the matches.

The real problem is the IPL drams have destroyed many national teams as many players, bought by Indian corporates and ballooners work for India and against their own countries for extra money. The ongoing Indo-South African test matches   in India showcase corrupt motives when South Africans after troubling Indian batboys, began offering 50s and 100s. First SA bowlers, the spins, attacked Indian batboys and got the wickets cheaply. But in later matches, India managed to get the African visitors to oblige Indian batboys as they face axe.


While the boards and players show their faith in Indian money, their own boards seem to oblige monies Indian bosses. So, real sport spirit has fallen a silent victim. Who cares?



Awards purchased


Not only 100s and 50s are bought, even awards are also purchased by governments


After their success in joint cricket exercises in cricket (IPL), Indian bosses, under supervision of sports ministry, diversify  their  “sport interests” in  core sports like Badminton, foot ball,  hockey, tennis, etc where  the best possible sportsmen form  available  lot are bought to play  Mumbai or Sachin Tendulkar teams so that the  proven fake cricketer’s  fame  is intact. Indian regime, corporates and billionaires were deeply worried that their “ratna” who was pampered by mafia fixings for 100s, could not, in spite of batboy pitch and pro batboys field rulers and help from co-batboys,   get a 100 runs for nearly 2 years and eventually Bangladesh with a gift of 100s came to India’s rescue, while Australian government offered Indian nominee Sachin their national award meant for Australians. Possibly India bought that award of Sachin to create the necessary conditions for Indian regime to offer its own top national awards. The case is still pending in courts. Indian corporate media argue that the government should not withdraw the “ratna” award off their best “god” – even above and more than Ram.


In cricket all former and current batboys want easy runs for batboys to justify their profession and they do not appreciate that batboys struggle to get a run. But they refuse to recognize that easy runs get awards and more money but this has made cricket a cheap gambling for money.  Former Indian spin Anil Kumble could not digest that Indian and South African boys struggled in India in test matches to get a run. For batboys should be given runs. .


It is indeed extremely difficult to explain Indian mindset, official as well as otherwise. But the situation is too serious.


Mafia teams
Like IPL, Indian corporate mafia decides who should win ISL every day and everything should take place only accordingly. Mafia favorites obviously as Mumbai and cricket fraud Sachin who sponsors Kerala blasterds team
After cricket and badminton, India is trying to spoil football because it cannot play any sport.


In ISL the corporate bosses want one of their favorite Mumbai based teams like Mumbai, Pune, Sachin Kerala or Chennai to win the tournament and when all these teams  could not reach the semi finals , they somehow managed to push Chennai team- also owned by Mumbai lords.  They don’t want Kolkata, the defending champions or Delhi to win the tournament this time and some players in both teams are under  mafia control  to spoil chances by allowing the opponents to breach the  defenses  and  crating chances for  the opponents to get penalty for easy  goals.  At times the goalkeeper himself leaves the net zone to let the opponents to put goals.


Delhi team is not weak but always keeps the fight in its own portion of the field so that the opponents hit at least a goal while hitting several attempts.
Mumbai dynamos are perhaps told by the corporate mafias that Delhi should not win.
Delhi Dynamo team is lazy beggars, refuse to play seriously (maybe they get extra money for not playing for their own team) but and play for the opponents seriously. The only pretend to play while hitting the ball to the opponents for their safe play.
Delhi team deliberately let the opponents to run fast and put goals while they remain dutifully behind.
Like IPL, in ISL also the mafias do not want Delhi team to win. They always pamper Mumbai even in regional cricket exercises.


That is unfair for a nation if it promote sonly one state.

These paid joint sport exercises can also make the regional nations grow inferiority complex, especially Pakistan which has been suffering without even enough 100s in cricket. They, after playing politics for India seeking joint cricket exercises in UAE have announced cancellations.


Mockery of sports- Why?


India wants the regional teams to support Indian strive for superiority. There are many occasions when Pakistan deliberately lost to India in sport events as Pakistani team comes to field seemingly to lose to India.


The paid joint sport exercises can be India’s success because India is the boss of the joint operations, but will all these manipulations and money they waste in self promotions make any difference at all?

By promoting joint sport exercise India seems to spoiling the national spirit of sports but does it mean India, failing to showcase its sports power by spending big money, hates sports?





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