Vendetta politics: Modi government raids Delhi CM Kejriwal’s office!

Vendetta politics: Modi government raids Delhi CM Kejriwal’s office!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff



If the BJP government wants to help the AAP government in dealing with corruption it should have been done with the elected CM Kejriwal’s consent.



The centre-state relations between the Modi’s BJP government and Delhi government of Arvind Kejriwal have never been smooth as the BJP lost not only seats in Delhi assembly but also lost to the ruling Aam Aadmi party (AAP) most of its vote banks in the state. BJP is eager to get back the seats it lost to AAP but also regain its “trusted” Hindu vote banks that are now with AAP. RSS-BJP duo is very sad and upset that Delhiites discarded the “patriotic” BJP candidates.
BJP cannot ask the AAP to “go to Pakistan” to do politics as it is not a Muslim party and it is unable fight the popular party in Delhi.
The Congress party which had ruled for many terms in Delhi before the AAP stormed into power has not won even a single seat in the present assembly to claim some credibility and hence it lost interest in Delhi state. As such it maintains a “wait and see” policy for the AAP government to collapse somehow. BJP cannot let the AAP government to flourish and expand its influence nationwide to come to power in India. Hence the Modi government has to create problems for Kejriwal.

The Modi government and Delhi Lt Governor have been working to somehow destabilize the poplar AAP government. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today morning said the CBI of the Modi government has raided his office in central Delhi and launched a no holds barred attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he was resorting to “cowardice”. Modi is a coward and psychopath,” he said in another tweet expressing his anguish over the raids.
Allegations against Rajendra Kumar raised by Ashish Joshi, member Secretary, Delhi dialogue Commission. CBI has registered a case against Rajendra Kumar, Secretary to CM Delhi on the allegation of abusing his official position .by favoring a particular firm in the last few years in getting tenders from Delhi government departments.
A furious Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted this morning that his office had been raided by the CBI and directed an unprecedented attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling him a “coward and psychopath…When Modi couldn’t handle me politically, he resorts to this cowardice.” The Delhi CM, who is involved in a prolonged tussle with the Centre, accused the Modi government of resorting to vendetta politics and came down heavily on the agency for the raids at Players Building.
The CBI has denied that they raided or sealed the Chief Minister’s office. The investigating agency claimed that they were searching the office of a senior bureaucrat who was caught taking bribe last week.

AAP, however, has declared unofficial war on the Centre to counter its anti-AAP moves. “This is an undeclared state of emergency. The Modi government wants to turn our country into a police state where there are no civil rights,” said AAP leader Ashish Khetan.

Kejriwal and other members of the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) were stopped from entering their offices by a CBI team at the Delhi Secretariat. Raids are still on at the Chief Minister’s office on the third floor, say sources. AAP claims that the CBI refused to give any reason.
BJP claims that Kejriwal is believed to be in a huddle with his deputy CM Manish Sisodia and other senior AAP leaders.

The AAP government has been locked in a running feud with the Centre over the control of important functions like law and order, police and land. Kejriwal accused CBI of lying, saying ‘let Modi say which file he wants’. I am the only CM who dismissed, on my own, a minister n a senior officer on charges of corruption and handed their cases to CBI.

Union Parliamentary Minister Venkaiah Naidu said that the CBI does not function under government. Gone are days of Congress when CBI used to be misused. Today CBI is an independent organisation, government do not interfere at all. How can you criticize central government and PM Modi but the PM has nothing to do with this. It has become fashion for Delhi CM, instead of obeying the central government, to quarrel with Central government & to take PM’s name for everything. BJP says that the CBI case is against Kejriwal’s Principal Secretary Rejender Kumar and not against Kejriwal.

Since AAP took power in February after winning a massive mandate in Delhi, it has been locked in a running feud with the Centre over the control of important functions like law and order, police and land. Modi government used the Delhi state Lt. Governor to create problem for CM Kejriwal and his AAP government in order to destabilize the party and government so that fresh polls could be called for.

Days ago, when Kejriwal was asked about vendetta politics, in connection with the National Herald case against Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, he had told NDTV: “There is definitely a vendetta against AAP. Five of our MLAs have been arrested on flimsy grounds.”
Kejriwal questions CBI’s decision to raid the CM office; asks why the agency share information with Delhi government before the raids. The protocol demands the central government takes the state governments into confidence and as such to inform the Delhi state government about such raids of CM’s office. The centre’s action smells of the usual vendetta politics.
Meanwhile, one doubts if the central government plays sports politics in threatening Delhi government as the cricket mafias controlling all sports activities of India badly wants Delhi Dynamos team to lose to Goa team and Chennai team owned by Mumbai billionaires to win to enter the finals and then win the ISP 2015 edition by sinking Kolkata team. ISL football semi match today is featuring Delhi Dynamos and Goa team. The cricket mafia wants Delhi team to lose. Already Kolkata team is under tremendous pressure to back off and let Chennai win since all Mumbai teams have already lost.
In India sports/cricket/entertainment and politics are interlinked. Supposing Delhi dynamos is out of ISL in semifinals, does that mean Delhi government also must also go?

If the BJP government wants to help the AAP government in dealing with corruption it should have been done with the elected CM Kejriwal’s consent.
There is a strong case for claiming full state hood for Delhi state at par with all other Indian states.




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