Islam haters spread falsehood and Islamophobia!

Islam haters spread falsehood and Islamophobia!
-Dr. Abdul Ruff

Upon the successful execution of Sept-11 hoax, the enemies of Islam, pretending to be democratic, secularists and modern, have rekindled the age old “civilizational” hatred for Islam – especially in Western countries. It works well.
They have been able to showcase falsehood that Islam is a purely terrorist religion and also to create two types of Islam: radical and moderate. Possibly, they say believe that radical Islam can be most effectively countered by moderate Islam.
The goal was to find educated Muslims seeking personal advancements and profits, religious leaders and scholars and community ‘influencers’—to use the lingo of the counter-radicalization specialists—who could explain to their followers and to any misguided young people that Islam is a religion of peace, that the term jihad refers mainly to the individual’s personal struggle against temptation and for moral betterment, and that tolerance and interfaith cooperation should prevail.
Because of a lack of education, or poverty or other handicaps, many Muslims may have developed an incomplete or incorrect understanding of Islam and the “extremists were so much louder” and had backing from various maleficent sources, and therefore were gaining larger audiences. The task therefore was to help moderate Muslims spread the word.
Outwardly it looks good. But they say want to stop thousands of radical recruits streaming into Syria from Europe and the USA.
It appears America possesses a core terror team that works tirelessly against peace and Islam. This team, having very close-knit and high-level connections with the Pentagon CIA and FBI, try to thwart any move by Democratic government undertakes steps to bridge the gap lying between Islam and Christianity so that the so-called “civilizational” enmity remains intact.

During the 1990s USA was on peace footing and wasn’t invading anyone. In fact, in 1999 USA as per the decision made by Bill Clinton went to war against Serbia to defend Kosovo Muslims against Serbian attacks. The support extended to the Kosovo issue along with Chechnya stalemate in Russia was clearly resented by the team that included the Neocons etc, and planned schemes to make Pentagon go after Muslims. Russia opposes American support for Chechen Muslims while Israel condemns any outside support for the Palestinians, besieged by Israeli and Egyptian terror blockades.
Israel caused American hatred for Islam and Muslims. Muslim hatred of America goes back to the Yom Kippur War and Six Day war in Israel when USA was seen as the country that made Israel’s survival possible. The Zionist thinking is that after Israel, USA can only fight Muslim radicals, because credible dialogue is no longer possible.

The United States will elect a new president soon and anti-Islam activists want the new presidency to be a lot crueler and tougher on Muslims in the name of fighting “radical Islam”. They want the government to get harder for Muslims to crate Islamic agitators in America.

The terrorists responded to Bushdom crimes and genocides of Muslims by launching embassy bombings and finally the attack on New York City, though the authenticity of Muslim involvement in bombing needs to be ascertained.

The Neocons driven anti-Islam nuts want Muslims to leave the USA country now so that “others” will benefit.

Enemies of Islam try to coerce Muslims to quit Islam or at least to become “moderate” Muslims. The point is they say all Muslims are radical and terrorists. The founder of Islam did act in a manner consistent with permanent Islam and there is nothing called moderate or radical. Muslims are being made “moderates” by the post-11 hoax. That is why the logics of “moderate” and “conservative” or “ terrorist” Islam does not work, because Islam is one as founded by the Holy Prophet of Islam.

Islam haters are unhappy that Arab nations promote Islam and deny the enemies of Islam to weaken the Islamic faith. They complain that Saudi, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and other oil rich Muslim countries spending huge resources to spread Wahhabism, Salafism to all over the world.

The Trump threat to Muslims is part of the anti-Islam strategy. They sponsor plenty of frenzy and false videos against Islam. They thrive on crude racial Islamophobia and xenophobia.

As the first requirement for peaceful Islam, the West and especially the USA must withdraw from Muslim-majority states and stop repeatedly backfired attempts of control them. A long period of development and economic progress is needed, under the leadership of indigenous governments. Saudi Arabia will be passed by Iran, with its highly educated population. Sisi of Egypt seems to want to re-direct how Islam is taught and interpreted, a technique that worked well in Soviet central Asia.
When it is now routine for many to talk about the need of moderate Muslims, it is clear that Islam itself is moderate religion helping the believers to live a highly moral life and that’s the reason it only permits Muslims to seek peace at all time and fight with those who fight Islam and not to transgress.
So those who say Islam is poison, Islam is not a religion but a political system, Islam is 7th century religion to help mankind. Only mentally disturbed would say Muslims are a cult, Muslims are extremists, Muslims are radicals and terrorists, etc. The fact is that the people who blame Islam are themselves the radicals, extremists, terrorists, thugs, invaders, occupiers, oppressors, mass murderers and over all they are extremely ignorant people who live or guided by their vain desires and cannot stand Islam and Muslims.

Today Muslims fear everybody.
Islam is not a violent or discriminating religion. Islam is the religion of peace. It is not its violent ideology but the hatred for Islam is directly responsible for terrorism that has got nothing to do with Islam.
Fascists say instead of defending Islam, Muslims should be renouncing and condemning it. ‘Moderate Islam’ should not be the ‘aggressive traditionalist’ and should hate or reject western values, modernity life and corruption, should not incite violence against the West, Muslims should be integrated in western life and culture so that Islam becomes a part of western religion. It demands of its followers that they be inseparably in the West but not of it, so that they don’t have to suffer emotional, social and intellectual separation.
How can they dictate their terms, ultra civilizational values and “modernity” on others, on Muslims?
Today, western culture promotes a culture of self-alienation that has negative effects. It can cause individuals to fail or flounder in their careers, because their standoffishness and self-marginalization prevent them from being true team members. That, in turn, can lead to feelings of anger, disappointment and frustration, as people who have segregated themselves now feel that they are being excluded and discriminated against—a vicious circle.
Advices are offered to Muslims to abandon mosques and Islamic preachers if they want to be “modern”.
Terror chase by the anti-Islam forces and their media, leading to witch-hunt has forced Muslims to be on the run perpetually and Muslims are divided. Divided loyalties can cause individuals to stay silent when they notice suspicious activity in their neighborhood or family or social circle.
In recent days there has been discussion of how a non-Muslim (or anti-Islam) society must avoid marginalizing the minority Muslim citizens. But no impact on the real life in the west where Muslims is treated as second class citizens and asked to just follow their instructions.
Muslim immigrants are the worst hit people to find jobs in the West.
Maybe Americans have long felt superior to the Europeans in their ability to create a “salad bowl” of diverse cultures, beliefs and traditions instead of the cramped xenophobia they often attributed to them.
Anti-Islamism and Islamophobia have not arrived only just now to terrorize, humiliate, injure and even kill Muslims. Hatred for Islam and Muslims has been going on for years now. Enemies of Muslims and humanity want to segregate Muslims from other communities. Non-Muslims become anti-Muslims overnight if something goes wrong somewhere.
Muslims are suspected and despised. Genuinely God fearing Muslims fear Allah. Allah has forbidden the believers to take the kaafireen as trusted friends, and he has issued a stern warning against doing that. Allah states that taking them as friends incurs the wrath of Allah’s eternal punishment.

Hypocrisy cannot be a part of democracy.
Of course, there could as many criminal elements and frauds among Muslims, at par with other religions, but calling every Muslim a criminal or terrorist is unjustifiable, inexcusable.
Integration and assimilation should not in any manner hamper or intimidate the core values, practices and religious behaviors of Muslims. Any attempt to dislodge Islamic values among Muslims would fail.



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