Face of anti-Islamic terror!


Face of anti-Islamic terror!



-Dr. Abdul Ruff




The Sept-11 hoax in USA and its repetition in Mumbai Taj in November 2008 and elsewhere have got nothing to do with Islam, though both USA and India make strenuous effort to make the world, especially the global Muslims, believe that it is Islamic terror.

The truth, however, is that all these global terror hoaxes are anti-Islamic by nature and purpose.  The way the enemies of Islam try to “show” about the ‘danger of Islamic terror” by their favourite media blasts indicates their hidden agenda against Islam.

What we witness is not Islamic terror as the enemies of Islam describe with a view to enacting more terror acts as “Islamic terror”.

They are indeed anti-Islamic terror operations.

Worse, the enemies of Islam have been able to get some insane Muslims also, if at all they are genuine Muslims, on their side to incite violence as acts of terrorism and also to criticize Islam.

From the Taliban to ISIS, the enemies of Islam have been able to parade their paid agents that pretend to be “Islamic Muslims” to “establish Islamic world, knowing fully well that such terror mischief would only generate hatred for Islam and permanent trouble for global Muslims.

In fact, the anti-Islamic rogues enjoy too much by causing tremendous Islamophobia globlaly.

Most Muslim rulers who are corrupt and criminal minded have adopted anti-Islamic strategy as part of US led war on terror.

Terrorism was originally caused by Jews in Europe but the phenomenon has been borrowed by USA led western nations as a useful strategy to contain and weaken Islamic societies, invade oil rich Muslim nations, loot their resources.

There has been a gradual shift in the terror modus operandi, use of arms and ammunitions, but  the real main players in the game are  not revealed. Those who are  “tried” and  punished  may not be the real culprits.  But the official media reporting for judicial knowledge is supposed to be holy.  Maybe, those who are punished as “terrorists” are wanted and thuds not innocent as they could be involved in some criminal cases.

Like Americans, Indians also wanted to make the “attack” impressive and hence caused sky smoke scenario by prolonging the hotel “fight” for days.

India, like Russia and many other countries, wanted to use the “high sky smoke scene as the fittest opportunity to come closer to USA to “fight terror” as strategic partners with “shared values”.

One still does not have clue as to why Bush Jr had visited Mumbai and stayed at the very Mumbai Taj Hotel (which was still feeling the terror impact) at Gateway of India, soon after the Mumbai terror attack.

Forget it if you can! Bush is not going to reveal the whole truth about Mumbai or New York!.

Let us be sure that the truth about these terror attacks would never come out of secret zones because all anti-Islamic nations, forces and their capitalist media are together blocking the exit/revelation of the truth and facts.  Ruth

They will never let the truth reach the humanity.

Documents are either destroyed by governments or falsified to make them bundles of intelligence lies.  The CIA and its global allies have a prime duty to monitor the destruction of all true documents and manufacture fake ones.


(More to follow>)




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