Palestine: Hamas government bans new year celebrations!


Palestine: Hamas government bans new year celebrations!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff



For Palestinians who continue to face Israel’s aggression, brutality, segregation, threat to the lives even of their children and women, there is no difference between old and new years. UN still refuses to mitigate their sufferings, legally.

The Hamas government in Palestine on December 30 issued orders banning Palestinians in the Gaza Strip from fun celebrations of the New Year, claiming that it contradicts with the Islamic Sharia law. A media report said:  “Celebrating the New Year in the Gaza Strip contradicts with Islam and its regulations. It is a western tradition in the first place and we never accept to have it in Gaza,” a Hamas police spokesman in Gaza Ayman Batniji said said owners of hotels, cafes and restaurants were informed that they were not allowed to celebrate the New Year.

In response, Gaza-based Palestinian rights groups slammed the New Year merry ban move, saying the decision restricts public freedom in the impoverished and blockaded enclave. Mustafa Ibrahim, a Gaza rights activist,  who watches all atrocities  by Israel in Palestine and cannot stand the Israeli aggression and onslaught on Muslims in Palestine,  said that the  government decision was “based on ideological considerations and it has nothing to do with the basic Palestinian law that guarantees public freedom with no restrictions”.

True, Islamic faith, instead of getting stronger, has become shaky after the NATO attacks on Muslims and their nations following the Sept-11 hoax.  When many Muslim nations, including Arab nations,  helped the enemies of Islam in targeting Islamic world and Islam, Muslims almost has taken Islam as a  “usual thing” without faith.

The Palestinian consensus government, which was formed in June 2014 upon an agreement between Hamas and the Fatah party’s Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), has given Hamas to lead the nation, but Israel, eager to weaken Palestine economy and  security, opposes  Hamas controlling Palestine government, especially in security.

There is nothing for the Palestinians, besieged between terror blockades of Israel and Egypt to celebrate New Year because nothing new emerges from the present Israel-USA dominated fascist scenario in Mideast. Israel can celebrate and also USA can do it because they with huge piles of high precision terror goods at their command, terrorizing the Arab world, have been winning all the way, targeting Palestinians and other Arabs.

Although global Muslims want positive news from Palestine just to celebrate that Muslims are great and strong”, nothing like that is forthcoming as the Palestinian blood keeps flowing as Zionist  weapons  target  the  people of Gaza Strip are kept  perpetually charged.

Claiming to be modern democracies, US-Israeli terror twins employ militarism and expansionism as key policy in oil rich Arab world.

Arab leaders, who pursue pro-US policies, are indeed helpless in helping themselves in any worthwhile and long term manner

When USA, EU, Israel, India and other colonialist powers celebrate and wish each other “happy new year” that makes sense to them and world but when those nations being persecuted by the occupying nations also celebrate the same “happy new  year” that  makes mockery of their freedom struggle from the monster nations.


Of course, Islamic nations have got nothing to do with “happy new year” because Islam has effectively outdated anything that is not entirely Islamic. By celebrating the holidays that belong to other religions Muslims give a chance to the enemies of Islam to claim “another Victory” over the Islamic faith.

Ignoring it would be the ideal approach.

The decision of the Palestine government not encourage or celebrate new years should serve as an eye opener to global Muslims and Islamic world at large. On January 01, Palestinians, and other such colonized nations, like Kashmir, should mourn the genocides of their own people by their sworn enemies so that a new phase  of genuine joy in the name of sovereignty could dawn in their lives.



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