Are Modi and Sharif not failing the logic?

Are Modi and Sharif not failing the logic?

-Dr. Abdul Ruff




Logic of tensions


It is a known fact that Kashmir remains the flashpoint in Indo-Pakistani tensions for decades. The issue could not be resolved amicably because India still wants to retain alien Jammu Kashmir at any cost. Indian patriotic forces in trying to silence the Kashmiris who demand freedom, have already murdered over 100,000 innocent Kashmir Muslims for refusing to accept Indian subjugation as their “integral” fate. The UNSC has not even shed a drop of tear over the cruel fate of Kashmiris.
Jammu Kashmir had been an independent sovereign nation sandwiched between newly freed (from Great Britain) India and Pakistan but both, soon after their independence, launched a military misadventure in Kashmir, dividing and occupying that nation between them in a step by step manner, including enacting of wars between them.
Pakistan and India have remained mired in post-colonial quarrels for 68 years over Kashmir, a result of an awkward and violent partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947.
Having been over powered by Indian military invasion, Kashmiris remains fully terrorized. Though major chunk of Jammu Kashmir is now with India, Pakistan had got and to be somewhat satisfied with lesser parts of Kashmiri lands.
India and Pakistan have met at different levels to build up ties but failed the reason is Kashmir and their unwillingness to solve the explosive issue sincerely. Dramas have been enacted like terror operations in the name of “talks” and dramas cannot produce credible results.
Personal logic


World media came up with a lot articles on Indian Premier Narendra Modi’s abrupt personal diplomatic journey to greet Pakistani Premier Nawaz Sharif in Lahore, suggesting a sort of positive indicators in developing a new phase of Indo—Pakistani relationship. Media reported that Modi dashed to Lahore, almost in hurry – if not the visit was arranged well in advance _ to take part in Sharif’s birthday celebration and his granddaughter’s wedding. Modi’s surprise trip has been hailed in India as a new phenomenon in international diplomacy.
However, neither New Delhi nor Islamabad tried to back up Modi’s diplomatic adventure. While Pakistan did not dwell on the subject, Indian side gave a big applause to Modi’s “bold act of personal diplomacy.
It should be mentioned right here that their diplomats have laid the groundwork for possible Indo-Pak rapprochement after a long duel, making concessions on a few key issues even while both sought expanded cross-border trade and people-to-people exchanges.
In extension of global trend of not discussing the crucial problems affecting the mutual trust, (for instance China and Japan) India has asked Pakistan to do away with the “nonsensical” Kashmir issue in order to promote bilateral ties meaningfully. India says Kashmir issue has long back been settled once for all and it does not want any more talks on the “closed” subject.
While India could grow well economically and militarily, Pakistan’s progress was hindered by the hidden terror agenda of USA and NATO in the Islamic nation. Now Pakistanis are fight for survival against the US drone attacks, and have no time even for Islam.
One has no idea about the behind the scene agenda of India and Pakistan in personal diplomacy.


Economic logic

Today, India occupies larger parts of Jammu Kashmir that are officially the integral parts of India, because of its military power, Pakistan could not get equal share of lands and resources of Jammu Kashmir because of its weak military prowess that could not match the Indian side.
As India is richer than Pakistan or any other South Asian nation, its economic, military intelligence and diplomatic strength is superior to Pakistan’s.
Upon fighting an indirect war with India over Kashmir, Pakistan now seems to have realized that it can never get Sri Nagar based Kashmir from Indian occupation. Kashmiris do not possibly think their plight would radically change by going to Pakistani side.
While Russia always backed Indian war with Pakistan, USA that used to support Pakistani side with weapons, is not openly siding now with Pakistani position. On the other hand, India has managed to come closer to Washington, directly and through Israel.
India and Pakistan want to share in new energy pipelines from their petroleum-rich neighbors. Their economies, each with different strengths, would benefit by an opening of bilateral trade. Both countries are eager to improve investments and take advantage of strategic shifts in Central Asia.


Missing logic

Mutual suspicions remain, of course, driven largely by jingoists, military hawks, and opportunistic politicians in each country. Yet with a past steeped in Hindutva nationalism, Modi’s unusual outreach to Pakistan could only confuse the onlookers and diplomats alike. With Hindutva onslaughts on the rise in India ever since Modi’s rise to power it is doubtful if India, notwithstanding sweet rhetoric, is capable of embracing common values and build on a shared culture and history.
There is some logic for alignment if, say, Pakistan comes closer to India because of Indian government’s positive approach to Muslims or Islam. Or, if Indian government announces rebuilding of historic Babri mosque as it had pledged the people of India and world leaders at the time of its demolition- considered to the destruction of Indian secular and democratic fabric of India.
Or, say, if Pakistan seeks to rebuild relations because India decides to hand over Sri Nagar to Pakistani possession, which would make some sense.
Or, supposing India has decided to surrender Jammu Kashmir to Kashmiris for their peaceful existence as a sovereign nation in South Asia, making the region tension free, Pakistan can come forward to even to shake hands with Indian leaders (even treating them with tastiest biriyani) to jointly provide justice to Kashmiris.
India has not made even inch forward to solve the Kashmir issue.
One can’t find any logic even in the support extended by the elected Kashmiri government in Sri Nagar and freedom factions fighting for independence in India occupied Kashmir for “speedy talks” for Indo-Pakistani trade and ties, knowing too well that once abandoned by India and Pakistan, the Kashmir issue would never be reopened and the matter would be closed once for all.
Under the present confusing circumstances, if Pakistani government makes friendly gestures in r order to clear the “routes” for India and others for collecting service charges, Pakistanis themselves would laugh.
Illogical moves could result in illogical problems for the bilateral relations both India and Pakistan claim to improve by skipping the Kashmir issue.



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