India deliberately created a weak, insecure Pakistan!

India deliberately created a weak, insecure Pakistan!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff




Obviously,  as  Great Britain decided to  grand freedom to India, Hindus tried all possibilities to avoid partition of Indian subcontinent that  created a new nation – Pakistan and when all its strenuous efforts not to let Pakistan cede from Indian control  for a sovereign state, India played havoc and inc security right  at the beginning of  mergence of Pakistan.


As Pakistan become a reality to protect the interests of Muslims who can now live without   Hindu domination, India wanted to make a weak and insecure so that Pakistani leaders would repent for partition and quickly reunite with Hindu India.


But Pakistan’s resolve to make a home for Muslims to live in peace and prosperity was final. India  refused to share the colonial resources equally with Pakistan, except floods of Muslims refugees evacuated from Delhi and other parts of India, and in order to delay and reduce the resources, India tried many  tragic tricks on Pakistan.. .   .


Nehru, Patel and Indian strategic lots decided to see that Pakistan being carved out of India to give voice to free Muslims does not become strong even by chance and India policy for Pakistan was based on New Delhi’s dominance in South Asia to cut Pakistan to size in all respects. In fact, Nehru always treated Indian prime minister shabbily like an unwanted small leader in the region. .


While struggling to survive as a sovereign nation near India, Pakistan government promoted corruption, making Indian case in Pakistan fairly easy in weakening the emerging Islamic society. . .


The partition riots were engineered by Hindus under Nehru -Patel combine to terrorize Muslims who were migrating to Pakistan and forcing rich Hindus living in Pakistani side to emigrate to Delhi and other places being made ready for protecting Hindus with money and other resources in order to ensure their full safety in emerging Hindutva India pretending to be a secular democracy to fool world powers.


Nehru regime could not even spare Mahatma Gandhi’s life from being targeted by Hindutva forces, empowered by the rise of an independent nation in August 1947.



Narendra Modi’s rise as prime minister of India one year ago was not meant to toxic, decades-long rivalry with Pakistan. Inviting his counterpart Nawaz Sharif to the swearing-in — remarkably, a first since their nations were born out of the Britain in 1947 — though bold and welcome gesture was not meant to speed up  ties with  India’s nuclear neighbor Pakistan but only showcase Indian power abroad and get western support for a UN veto handle. Modi seeks to make India a super power in shortest possible time frame. Indian corporates who become richer by efforts of Congress-BJP government decision to  hand over the  public sector assets to them, are being roped in  push for big empire by spending and bribing all quarters to make India shine, rather abnormally. That India wants to use Pakistan in its big power efforts is resented by Islamabad.  Within months of Modi’s inauguration, Indian and Pakistani forces exchanged some of the most intense shelling in years along their de facto border in Kashmir, signaling a no point of truly normalcy in relations to become true neighbors. Incipient peace talks thus foundered.


In April, a Pakistani court freed on bail Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, supposedly operational commander of the militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LT) and the India’s alleged mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, infuriating many in India that is unable to explain the Pakistani logic of using fish boats  to execute the Mumbai terror  show by evading the powerful  India remote technologies, including  high precision radars, placed over the sea.


Today, India’s major worry is the strength and efficacy of Pakistani military equipment, provided mainly by the USA and China to match Russian military gifts made to New Delhi over years.. Moreover, Pakistan is also a nuclear power today. When Pakistan blasted its own nuclear devise to match the India’s smiling nukes, India got the Pakistani message loud and clear but yet pretends it has no interest to know such small details. Pakistan keeps testing high precision missiles that would target Indian territories and India also does the same thereby signaling to show that it is not legging behind any weakness on its part.

.   .

India claims its military obeys Indian government; it does not allow the military to decide crucial defence matters and directs the military establishment on important tactical moves. New Delhi talks about military ruling Pakistan even when an elected civilian government is in business. . .


(More to follow)


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