India’s Anti-culturalism: Ghulam Ali’s Ghazal event in Mumbai cancelled, yet again!

India’s Anti-culturalism: Ghulam Ali’s Ghazal event in Mumbai cancelled, yet again!
-Dr. Abdul Ruff



India has been in the forefront in attacking Muslims, mosques and non-Hinduism cultural achievements. India is much worse than its allies Israel and anti-Islamic west in that respect.
Playing hate politics with music is shameful but the Hindutva India, increasingly intolerant to Islamic culture (perhaps fearing its superior quality), refuses to acknowledge that. Some Hindutva fanatics even say the world famous Taj Mahal was built not by soft hearted Indian emperor Shahjahan but by a Hindu king. What can one help such ultra fanatics when they are backed by the governments, national political parties, media and intelligence?
But India continues to suffer in international prestige owing to wrong perceptions of a few hard core Hindutva fanatics. Cricket shows, fixed by powerful corporate mafia, is not a part of genuine culture nor schedule/day/time fixing in badminton can equate genuine music.
India continues to be intolerant and foolishly adamant mainly because it has got the support of entire anti-Islamic world since the Sept-11 hoax, beyond terrorist Israel and fascist West.
World famous Indian painter MF Hussain who put India on international painting map with his magnificent peaces, , faced serious threats to his life and creative work and had to migrate to Qatar where he passed away as one of disappointed Indian Muslims. Obviously, Indian government and even state were responsible for the Hindutva misbehavior.
Coming to the latest point, Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali’s musical event scheduled in Mumbai on January 29 has been cancelled yet again citing “security” threats to him.
Ghulam Ali was to attend the music launch of movie ‘Ghar Wapsi’ in Mumbai and as usual the Hindutva forces under the RSS/Siva Sena coerced the Maharashtra government to cancel the event. The Modi government cannot be expected to deliver justice to Ghazal program by an internationally acclaimed Pakistani musician.
Pakistan has a few entertainments and sports to take credit for and ghazal is one of them. It does not promote even tennis or badminton or any other real sport, it wants only cricket matches for getting 100s for its batboys by rotation on prior fixings. India should have encouraged Ghulam Ali to perform in Mumbai known for its cultural traditions.
Organizers told ANI that they were cancelling the scheduled programme due to security threats to 5the singer, and have been working out on a new date and venue for the music launch.
Delhi is likely to be the new venue, it has been learnt.
Earlier in 2015, his performances in Mumbai and Pune were cancelled after threats issued by Shiv Sena, following the cancellation, Delhi Minister for Law, Justice and Legislative Affairs Kapil Mishra and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee invited the singer to perform in the national capital and Kolkata, respectively. Last week, Ghulam performed in South India (Trivandrum)
Anti-Islamism and anti-culturalism are not good for an emerging nation especially when millions of Indians live abroad and Indian multinationals want to invest abroad.
India may hate Pakistan but why music as well? India should worry for world opinion. Vulture culturalism is not good for a nation that wants to shine.
India should strive for intentional recognition for its consistency in religious and cultural tolerance!


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