US presidency 2016: Sanders outsmarts Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire Democratic primary!

US presidency 2016: Sanders outsmarts Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire Democratic primary!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff



The countdown seems to have begun for Democrats for the forthcoming US presidency poll but all powerful Mrs. Clinton is seen running way behind her fellow candidate Sanders, who calls himself a “democratic socialist”.

On February 09 increasingly popular Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire Democratic primary decisively, defeating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by a margin of 60 percent to 39 percent, outperforming most pre-election polls and posting the largest vote and the widest margin of victory ever recorded in the state that traditionally holds the first US presidential primary.

The Clinton campaign was in deep crisis as she faced an unexpected near-tie in the first contest of the Democratic presidential campaign in Iowa on February 1 and former President Bill Clinton made a series of angry and disjointed attacks on Sanders over the weekend did not help his wife’s prospects. The Clinton campaign seeking to evoke a response among women voters on the basis of Clinton’s status as potentially the first female US president also did not work.

The candidature of Sanders has been approved by large section of the electorate in New Hampshire. Sanders improved on Obama’s showing across-the-board last time. Clinton won the 2008 New Hampshire primary in an upset over Barack Obama, receiving 112,404 votes to Obama’s 104,815. Sanders topped both those totals with 70 percent of the ballots counted, and is projected to reach 140,000. The only demographic groups where Clinton prevailed were voters over 65 years of age and those with incomes over $200,000 a year.

Sander is now the new frontrunner for the Democratic nomination as voters are rejecting American capitalism and perpetual war policies, though the role he seeks to play in safeguarding the Democratic Party and the political monopoly of the two-party system may not change. His indictment of Wall Street domination of the US economy and political system and his proposals for higher taxes on the wealthy is most welcome. But his foreign policy, to continue the Bush-Obama legacy is highly dangerous and without any sense. Sanders thus seeks to reassure both Wall Street and the US Pentagon -intelligence apparatus that his presidency, if that happens, would uphold the global interests of Neocons and American imperialism.


Clinton may not bring any change in US policies but Sanders might. A Boston Globe poll released Saturday found that more than half of those voters aged 17 to 34 described themselves as “socialist,” as well as 31 percent of all ages. Turning away from Clinton and growing support towards Sanders signifies a radicalization of the mood of American people, particularly the younger generation.


Common Americans are yet to recover from the 2008 financial crash and the economic slump that continues to have a devastating impact on the jobs and living standards of these ordinary Americans who now support Sanders.  The overwhelming concerns of Democratic primary voters are economic inequality, jobs and health care, and these class issues entirely predominated over the hyped issues of “gender and racial identity” that the Clinton campaign sought to raise in the campaign.

Problems of common men seem to have made its impact on the US poll campaign. The fundamental issues like jobs played a key role in the Republican primary as well, albeit in a right-wing populist form, with the victory of billionaire Donald Trump, who won 34 percent, more than double the vote for the second-place finisher, Ohio Governor John Kasich. Other candidates—Texas Senator Ted Cruz, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio—placed third through fifth, with 11 percent of the vote, while New Jersey Governor Chris Christie trailed with 8 percent and was expected to end his campaign.

A new phenomenon in US politics is the Trump hate campaign represents the mobilization of a criminal element in the American elite, based on national chauvinism, militarism and the glorification of authoritarian rule. His thuggish persona and racist attacks on Muslims, Mexicans and others express openly a grotesque coarsening of politics. Trump’s attacks on Muslims, in particular, have evoked a response of a fascistic character.

One wonders if Trump has officially inherited the Indian Hindutva hatred mode and Israeli hate politics to woo the educated Americans. But he has poisoned the American minds emboldened by the Obama regime attacking Muslims in Arab world.

The corporate-controlled US political parties and the entire political system promoting militarism and war targeted policies clearly suit Trump and his media allies.

However, the New Hampshire result is just the beginning and the debates shall go on until a final candidate is agreed upon by the Democratic Party on the basis of their standings.



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