Pakistan ahead of India in solar energy application!

Pakistan ahead of India in solar energy application!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff



Pakistan may not have become the first country on earth to root out corruption from that Islamic nation, nor is it the first ever country in the world to end poverty or illiteracy completely.

Maybe that is because of absence of will on the part of the rulers to make Pakistan a truly Islamic nation.

However, Islamabad is one of the few nuclear powers that use nuclear technology for generating electricity and manufacture WMD – the most deadly source to dismantle entire world just in hours, if not in minutes.

The nuke arsenals of India and Pakistan posing danger to themselves, have converted South Asia one of most dangerous regions on earth, though both claim their respective nukes are meant as deterrent. It appears even Sri Lanka, slowly coming out of its civil war problems, is also trying to claim to be strong enough nation to seek nuclear technology to advance its national interest, though no official declaration has been made so far by Colombo. Maybe China and Pakistan would help Sri Lanka in becoming a nuke power. However, that, if happens, would only make the region more dangerous.

Indian state arrogance towards its own people was revealed to full when it commissioned double nuclear plants in Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu ignoring the plight of thousands of innocent people living within the radiation vicinity and nearby.  The governments of India and Tamil Nadu used police to terrorize the local population that protested against nuke plants, even killing some of them. False cases have been booked against local people as if they are terrorists but the fact is the state itself is behaving like a terrorist organization viz a viz people.

World has enough nukes to end life on earth and the UN, now busy mediating arms sale among big and small nations, is incapable of ending nuke production as well as arms race.
Instead of trying to achieve total disarmament and denuclearization, unfortunately, big nations play arms and war games, making huge profits.

No nation is sincere about a peaceful world

However, very recently Pakistan has achieved a feat, a milestone in solar energy application.

Pakistan parliament on February 23 became the first country in the world to completely run on solar power, a venture supported by China with US $55 million funding.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif in a simple ceremony switched on solar-powered building of the parliament in capital Islamabad. Chinese ambassador to Pakistan was also present during the ceremony.

First announced in 2014, the venture has been funded by the Chinese government as an act of friendship, with the solar power plant costing around US $55 million. “This the first time since independence (1947) that parliament has become self-sufficient in electricity through solar power. Other institutions in private and public sector need to follow it,” he said in his brief speech.

The project to run parliament on solar power was launched last year when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited and addressed the parliament.

China provided over US $55 million to carry out the project. “This is another example of Pak-China friendship,” Sharif said.

According to speaker National Assembly, Ayaz Sadiq, the parliament solar panels will generate 80 MW power. He said 62 MW will be sufficient for parliament while 18 MW will be given to national grid.

Pakistan can be proud of being the first nation to make its parliament building the first in the world to be run entirely on solar power. Officials said that there are some parliaments which are partly run on solar power.

It has been proven that solar energy is one of the safest and least expensive technologies available for generating electricity in plenty. Replacing nuclear technology by safe solar as well as windmill technology can save the humanity which also threatened by deadly dangerous climate change due, among other factors, to US led NATO’s terror wars now supported also by Russia.



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