Why do cricket commentators debate only nonsense called batboy greatness? Focus on T20 world cup!

Why do cricket commentators debate only nonsense called batboy greatness? Focus  on T20 world cup!

Dr. Abdul Ruff



Almost every Indian TV channel now is busy blasting the news about the T20 world cup while sports channels focus on greatness of Indian cricketers and their resolve to somehow win the WC this time. The BCCI, spots ministry and the powerful corporate mafia, confident about Indian winning the cup, are busy getting all foreign bowlers, who are currently on the payrolls of rich IPL bosses, play for India’s success. They are not supposed to trouble Indian batboys. India would use multipronged approach to get what it wants. Cricket is a purely private “sport” as the BCCI is not governed by government agencies. But cricket represents India and honored by the government.

Indian cricket commentators say Indian team is magnificent as its batboys are simply awesome.

Cricket commentators are in fact those who are paid to boost the image of batboys by parsing their so-called fabulous shots. They are told not to peep into the bowling techniques or find fault with bowlers or their bogus bowling habits. The idea is not expose the batboy-bowler equations’ or mafia interventions to get 100s to batboys by rotation. They are not supposed to talk about nonsensical pro-batboy pitches prepared on demand. They are not allowed to discuss the play ground which is almost empty with a few boys standing leaving a lot of space in between for the batboys to drive the ball for 4s and 6s.

Since the commentators know well the consequences if they talk a world about match fixing, they just don’t mention that at all. As bowlers offer free balls for batboys to select their shots, commentators keep saying “wo, another 4” and “another 6” etc to fool the public.

It is likely that the commentators do not know about all secret fixings but  they can easily guess what is going on the field and why after two wickets bowlers offer to many  runs in 4s and 6s along with wides, for instance, helping the run rate jump up.

Teams like Pakistan and Bangladesh “win” the toss and decide to bowl. But they do not  restrict the  bating team to a bare minimum score but  help  it make  big score. The idea is to get back 100s and 50s  as return favors> They willingly lose the match but would be happy to get man of the match as achievement for awards.

Commentators never utter word about all these known dramas because they don’t want to lose money and do risk chances in future to work as paid commentators. But as part of  mafia, they get all benefits.

The highly paid cricket commentators debate nonsense in the name of promotion of bating. These so-called expert boys who were once themselves cricketers minting huge money from all possible different sources for playing cricket dramas by promoting pathetic looking “runout’ the batboys, who cannot defend their stamps. These batboys could be India’s hon. Bharatratnas and Padmashrees–  rare honors meant not for the frauds and false record holders like cricketers, or at least military’s adopted Colonels, but if the bowlers opt for dotball and do not offer runs, they stand like stranded passengers at the crease not knowing what to do.   That would be so pathetic scene to watch!

Cricket commentators are paid liars who talk only about “greatness” of batboys describing how fantastic their shorts are but they refuse to link the shots with bowling nature and techniques. They don’t say whether batboys could hit 6s and 4s or even singles if bowlers are reckless and keep to dotball techniques without trying for a wicket by offering many urns just for fun.

Unless the governments stop cricket frauds to fool the people by secret deals for 100s and 50s and return favor conventions.

Commentators are frauds and thrive because cricketers are frauds and liars. The batboy captain tells the crowd before the match begins about how many runs they would make but in fact he wants the bowlers to give to his team that many runs and good “respectable” score. In fact the teams also decide what score the first bowling team should give to the batboys. That is illegal and immoral. .

In Asia cup, With Sri Lanka not showing nay interest, India, which pays huge sums to other players in IPL, was boosted as the favorites even by other teams.  Unexpectedly, Bangladesh came to the final to face India as Pakistan, playing only for 5os let India defeat it. In fact, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka were competing with one another to promote Indian interests in Asia cup so that India can shine at world cup. BD was eager to keep Indians in good humors by offering too many runs so that India would offer enough to Bangladesh in kind.  Defeating India would create problems in the ailing bilateral ties. India was not so sure of winning the cup without BD assistance. Earlier, Bangladesh defeated both Pakistan and Sri Lanka and defeating India would add prestige to BD team.

Commentators were quick to say Bangladesh lost the Asia finals because of ‘brilliant” Indian bating and very tactfully hid the truth about Indo-Bangla pre-fixing.  Bangladesh Captain said one day before the final match declared that India will win the finals and in a way conveyed the message indirectly that Bangladesh would let India win it. In the 15 overs match on March 06 India “won” the toss and let BD to bat first, gave 120 runs taking only 5 wickets. BD bowlers took one wicket of Rohit quickly and then onwards offered only runs, refused either to reduce run rat or take more wickets. Obviously Bangladesh boys did not want to defeat big brother India which would help them with some “gifts”.  How can commentators say all this frankly?

Now it is clear all Asian teams would help India in the world cup, especially Pakistan Bangladesh and Sri Lanka would do everything possible to appease the big brother. Commentators can try to be honest with public which pays them.

India, spending too much (black) money for cricket matches in the country and abroad, is targeting the wc win. Not only the South Asian spin teams, but even every foreign player who is part of IPL drama is expected to promote  Indian interest in wc so that cricket can survive in many more formats so that every player would get  plenty of money and also some awards.

Soon the world cup scenes would unfold many “interesting” features while the paid commentators would busy searching for varieties of batboy greatness. Meanwhile Indian corporate media would get some foreign cricketers to praise, obviously on payment basis,  Indian batboys who would then be promoted for national awards!

By the way, will cricket boards seriously think about reviewing all official fixings, about the bogus records and rankings? Will the cricketers talk some truth at least off the field and let the commentators also talk about bowling techniques deciding bating greatness?


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