Insane Egyptian minister sacked for pledge to jail Prophet Muhammad!

Insane Egyptian minister sacked for pledge to jail Prophet Muhammad!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff



Muslims, unlike others who believe in non-Islam faiths, consider the Holy Prophet of Islam and Holy Quran as their most revered source of life – even more than life. There is no need for any detailed explanation to prove this point as the world is well aware of this fact.

Today the power of Islamophobia being spread successfully globally by anti-Islamic forces is so powerful that even Muslims, leaders inclusive, make illogical statements against Islam branding it as a terror religion and hurl insults at the Holy Prophet whom entire world adore and revere. In India an anti-Islamic school teacher framed a question insulting the Holy prophet but some spirited Muslims badly offended by the insulting question in a school question paper attacked him, media blasted the “attack” as a major news and did not bother about the insulting the Prophet of the Islamic believers. The enemies of Islam have not yet comprehended the depth of faith among Muslims in the holy prophet. They cannot tolerate insults to their Holy Prophet.

Seeking to show to the world that they are great democrats and free Muslims, some rich Muslims, even from ruling dispensation like ministers, try to misbehave with Islam, even insult the holy Quran and Holy Prophet of Islam.  That is crudely unfortunate.

Egypt in West Asia where the then ruling first ever elected Muslim Brotherhood led by Mohd Morsi was removed in a shameless military coup fears and opposes Muslim brotherhood. The military government equates Islam with Muslim brotherhood to put an end to the new political party of Islamists.

So much so some ministers take the Holy Quran and holy Prophet without reverence they deserve as anything else. Egypt’s Justice Minister Ahmed al-Zind is the case in point who has been sacked after boasting that he would jail Islam’s Prophet Muhammad himself if the prophet broke the law. Zind made the remark in a televised interview on Friday. He immediately said “God forgive me” and apologized the following day. He was sacked by the Prime Minister, Sherif Ismail.

It was not immediately clear who would replace Zind, an outspoken critic of the Muslim Brotherhood. “Prime Minister Sherif Ismail issued a decree today to relieve Ahmed al-Zind … of his position,” a government statement said, giving no more details.

Egyptian judges issued a statement opposing Zind’s removal over what the head of the Judges Club told Reuters was a slip of the tongue that could have happened to anyone.

Abdallah Fath said: “Egypt’s judges are sorry that someone who defended Egypt and its people, judiciary and nation … should be punished in this way.” Zind, a former appeals court judge, has been publicly critical of the Islamist movement which overthrew former leader Hosni Mubarak in 2011 and was removed from power itself by the army in mid-2013 and outlawed. He has in the past denounced the revolt that ended Mubarak’s 30-year rule and ushered in the election that brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power. He has also been a strong defender of the judiciary and its powerful position.

Egyptian courts have been absolving Mubarak-era officials, while imposing long sentences on liberal and Islamist activists.

Egypt’s judiciary has faced criticism from rights groups in the past two years after judges issued mass death sentences against Muslim Brotherhood supporters, locking up youth activists and sentencing writers and journalists.  Zind’s predecessor was forced to resign last May after saying the son of a rubbish collector was ineligible to serve as a judge.

Muslims nations, especially in West Asia should delink the importance of Islam in the life of Muslims from the so-called war on terror perpetrated by US led NATO and allies. Sept-11 hoax was meticulously engineered to enable the enemies of Islam to invade and destabilize Islamic world, and loot the resources from the energy rich Wet Asia.

Islamophobic trend being promoted by global anti-Islamic media in order to sustain the war on Islam, including in some Muslim nations obviously on pressure from USA, Europe, Israel and their allies will die down sooner  than later because whole world knows about the truth about Sept-11 hoax and terror wars as part of third world war.



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