False image of Hillary Clinton as a “safe” presidential choice!


Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal Blog


False image of Hillary Clinton as a ‘safe’ presidential choice!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Clearly, the terrifying Trump phenomenon helps former foreign minister of USA Hillary Clinton emerging as a better preference or choice for the American voters as the next US president. It is a fact Mrs. Clinton does not have any special quality in terms of foreign or domestic policy making or guiding the nation out of terror war trap. She is just an ordinary western politician eagerly waiting to pursue the traditional capitalist, imperialist and Zionist policies as president and she does not have any intention for world peace.
However, the very thought of having an authoritarian Trump as US president is pushing the very thought of choosing Clinton as a “safe” candidate. That is the fate of Americans having to get into such traps.
That Clinton is being groomed to take over from Obama to…

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