Negative image of Trump makes Hillary Clinton a ‘safe’ favorite for White House job!

Negative image of Trump makes Hillary Clinton a ‘safe’ favorite for White House job!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff




Clearly, the terrifying Trump phenomenon and Sanders’ jewfish identity help former foreign minister of USA Hillary Clinton emerge as a better choice presented by the media for the American voters to consider as the next US president. It is a fact Mrs. Clinton is usual politician who does not have any special quality in terms of foreign or domestic policy making or guiding the nation out of the terror war trap laid and pursued further by Bush-Obama twins.



The Democratic Party long ago abandoned social reform policies that addressed, if only in a limited way, the interests of working people—for good-paying jobs, health care, education, housing, etc.—in favor of catering to privileged layers of the middle class concerned with issues of lifestyle, race, gender and sexual orientation. President Obama has failed on both domestic and foreign fronts and world does not respect him anymore. The sympathy and that world had for him as the first ever black President has not stayed. Though Democratic Party has many aspirants, now Obama is canvassing only for Clinton and entire Black community in the USA, apart from Whites, is backing Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is just a usual US politician eagerly waiting to advance the traditional capitalist, imperialist and Zionist policies as president if elected and she, like most of the presidential hopefuls, does not have any new ideas for USA or world, neither does she, armed with imperialist instincts, have any sincere intention for world peace. Interestingly, the very thought of having an authoritarian and almost insane talking Trump as US president is pushing many Americans consider choosing Clinton as a “safe” candidate.

That could be the fate of Americans having to get into such traps. That Clinton is being groomed to take over from Obama as the elected custodian of the White House is gauged from the way US and global media have almost declared her as the next president. Earlier similar situation arose when in 2008 there was a consensus across the political spectrum of America, particularly in Democratic Party, to let first ever Black American Obama become the president. Hillary backed off from contest against Obama, possibly on the understanding that she would wait for one or two terms to assume power.

Mrs. Clinton is among the most powerful Zionist lobbyists defending the NATO terror wars globally and US occupation of Arab nations, military aggressions of Israel in Palestine and a woman who has no sympathy for the Palestinian women and children who are being murdered like crows by Israeli wild military/rulers, as their regular entertainment, with advanced US weapons.


In order to understand why Democrats are becoming slightly more enthused about Clinton than sensible Sanders, one has to look at the impact of Trump on US politics as being the likely Republican candidate. So many Republican voters seem to be willing to sign on to a candidate like Trump, who often doesn’t sound a statesman or act very sensibly and who says funny and outlandish things, but it is vital to see the enormous shadow that Clinton casts over the campaign trail.

It is funny that Clinton asked women to elect her to make her the first ever woman president of USA and has ramped up her discussion of how her election would mark a victory for those who think the nation needs to deal with race and gender questions. Public knows she is not sincere enough.




After the Tuesday super contest, Senator Bernie Sanders is still in the fight and won an upset victory over former secretary of state Hillary in the Democratic presidential primary in Michigan, taking 50 percent of the vote compared to 48 percent for Clinton. The victory for Sanders was powered by an 81 percent margin among voters younger than 30. Sanders won nearly every county outside the Detroit metropolitan area. Also, he more than doubled his support among African-American voters, from 15 percent in recent primaries in the South to over 30 percent. Trump won the Republican primary in the state, taking 38 percent of the vote, with Texas Senator Ted Cruz edging out Ohio Governor John Kasich for second place, with each winning about 25 percent.

The victory of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the March 8 Democratic primary in Michigan, a center of the American labor movement, is a clear indicator of growing radicalization in the mindset especially of the youth. This gave Sanders an unanticipated victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the consensus presidential nominee of the Democratic Party establishment. Sanders won despite the support for Clinton by the corporate-controlled media, whose polls invariably predicted a Clinton victory by double-digit margins.

In the Michigan campaign especially, Sanders and Trump made similar appeals to economic nationalism, with both the “left” Democrat and the ultra-right Republican identifying trade deals, and not the capitalist system, as the cause of mass unemployment and wage-cutting, and attacking corporations for moving jobs to Mexico, China and other countries. Clinton joined in this orgy of chauvinism, denouncing corporations that did not practice “patriotism” in their economic decision-making.

The results of the voting in Michigan, the first large industrial state in the Midwest to hold a presidential primary, intensifies the political crisis wracking both of the big-business parties, which together exercise an effective political monopoly in the USA. Sanders, a self-styled “democratic socialist,” defeated the consensus choice of the Democratic Party establishment. The victory of Sanders, in particular, came as a shock to the Democratic Party leadership and the corporate-controlled media.

While the Sanders vote in Michigan showed the growing opposition to big business among common people and youth, the Trump vote in the same state underscores the dangers facing the common Americans.




Republican candidate Billionaire Donald Trump is following the footsteps of Israeli Zionists and Indian Hindutva  leaders by talking tough about Muslims and immigrants and insulting women. Trump’s campaign has taken on an increasingly open fascistic character, with attacks on immigrants and minorities, particularly Muslim-Americans, threats of violence. He possibly thinks he has a duty to entertain Americans and world at large with his racist ideas and has got the exclusive right to malign minorities, particularly Muslims, immigrants and women. He unhesitantly slapped dedicated insults on others by relying on his racist philosophy.


Trump’s victories in the primaries and caucuses have amplified the stakes in this election like nothing else, not just for Democrats but for the political system in general. Not only does it diminish enthusiasm about Sanders, but it makes the case to Democrats for Hillary Clinton. Trump has taken advantage of the right-wing record of the Obama government and the Democratic Party to exploit the economic grievances of a large layer of lower-income white workers by providing a scapegoat in the form of immigrants, Muslims and other minorities. Trump possibly thinks he as president needs not represent all the people of the USA, including minorities and hence he insults and even terrorizes Muslims. He would further escalate terror wars.

Trump, who is fond of propagating extreme fanaticism, has become a big worry for both the internal and external establishments of the USA. Opinions are split on what Trump would do both at home and abroad if he goes on to win the November 8 elections to the White House. Diplomats and experts in international relations are feeling apprehensive about a possible Trump presidency Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Indian Hindutva PM would welcome Trump for his arrogance and anti-Islamic fanaticism.

The racist political culture of the Republican Party has provided an ideal environment for the development of Trump’s career and his present-day baiting of Muslims and immigrants of Hispanic origin. However, inasmuch as overt appeals to racism are the stock in trade of virtually all the Republican candidates, it does not explain the political phenomenon of Trump’s dramatic rise. The candidacy of Donald Trump can no longer be dismissed as merely a bizarre and even somewhat entertaining sideshow. Trump invokes a mythical past and promises to “Make America Great Again.”

This could turn into a mission, for many Americans who fear Trump, to save the nation’s political process from turning into an ugly, nasty name-calling street fight where candidates compete to see who could do a better impression of professional wrestlers on their way to the White House.

However, more than any other Republican candidate, Trump has pitched his message to the intense anger and frustration of tens of millions of Americans who feel—quite justifiably—neglected and scorned by a political system – even Obama promotes – that is indifferent to the common everyday problems. The political potential of Trump appeal to the economic and social insecurity of millions of desperate people is not genuine.

Official “left” politics is constituted by the Democratic Party but Trump peddles his economic and political wares to the desperate and discouraged. Trump offers the promise of miracles to those who are on their last legs. It seems strange that a right-wing real estate mogul should find support among significant sections of low-income white workers. Promises remain as such as he is trying to outsmart Sanders.

Quite simply, Trump proclaims that “America is failing.” The reality of relentless economic decline is also true. It’s partly a reflection of the nation’s stagnant incomes since the Great Recession. At $32,089, per capita income for white Americans has only barely rebounded to what it was in 2005. Trump talks about high unemployment, low wages and the disastrous state of health care under Obama but Trump has no solution to the problems, except absurd, reactionary and even insane “solutions”.

Although Sanders still does better against Donald Trump in many polls, voters still suspect that in the fall those numbers would look very different once Sanders came under full fire from the GOP. Clinton’s character as a “usual” politician is becoming more appealing every time Democrats hear from Trump. While in many elections a candidate whose main promise is not very inspiring, as Democratic voters witness Trump’s freewheeling approach seems compelling.

While the eventual outcome remains uncertain, the front-runner for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination is a candidate whose persona and appeal are of a distinctly fascistic character. The thought of Trump’s swift rise to presidential politics has offered the most compelling argument for voting in favor of Capitalist Clinton over Socialist Sanders. Also, the possibility of having Trump in the White House has made Democrats think twice about taking a risk on Bernie Sanders and choose “safe” Clinton. The fear of a Trump presidency has become one of the most powerful arguments in her favor.

It appears, the US politicians, representing capitalism and imperialism, hate equality and freedoms. Trump is sure to further complicate the terror wars but Clinton cannot be expected to take USA out of crisis either.




The American political system is rotten to the core. The two-party system, which the American ruling class has maintained for nearly two centuries to safeguard its political monopoly, is in increasing crisis. The 2016 election campaign has revealed a mounting crisis of the US political system. Even if Trump were to disappear tomorrow, it would not be long before another fascistic demagogue would emerge to take his place. Capitalist-imperialist US system provides for the repeat of that phenomenon.  The ruling class uses all its political instruments to manage and exploit the crisis. It therefore remains very difficult to predict what the outcome of the 2016 election campaign will be.

The November election is more than a half-year away. The explosive character of international politics, the extreme economic instability and the growing social tensions within the USA impart to the 2016 election a high degree of uncertainty. Trump and Clinton continue to confuse the educated voters.

The Trump phenomenon is a serious political warning and America’s Himalayan blunder. The artificial preference for Hillary as a counter weight to Trump is also disastrous. American voters are now at a crossroads. The efforts of the campaign of Hillary Clinton to promote the corrupt veteran of two reactionary governments of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as a champion of the oppressed are nothing less than grotesque. Her presidential bid is a monument to the deceit of identity politics.

The problem with USA is that the Democrats and Republicans have no interest in any substantial change in the existing economic structure of society, beyond achieving a more agreeable distribution of wealth among the richest 10 percent of the population.

American capitalism has weakened and silenced the common people. This is no less true in the fight against all forms of discrimination.  The essential characteristics of this political milieu are super power status, complacency, self-absorption and, above all, contempt for the working class. In particular, the affluent “left” organizations—or, to describe them more accurately, the “pseudo-left”—make little effort to suppress their disdain for the ordinary labors. The essential concerns and interests of vast segment of common Americans —decent jobs and a safe workplace, a livable income, a secure retirement, affordable health care, inviolable democratic rights, peace—are ignored.

The primary campaigns in both big business parties have been dominated by the growth of popular anger and disgust with the political establishment. Eight years after the Wall Street crash, the mass experience of economic insecurity and falling living standards is beginning to find a political expression, however distorted. Clinton as well as Trump without protest has become a part of US tragedy, they represent the anomaly.

Double speak tactics of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is well known as she is eager to put her own stamp on the continuing genocides of Muslims. She denounced the missile tests outside USA, declaring, Iran should face sanctions for these activities and the international community must demonstrate that Iran’s threats toward Israel will not be tolerated. But she does not see the Zionist danger to the world with its illegal nukes. She would happily continue the ‘war for oil’ policy of her predecessors.
Not only Clinton supports Israeli aggression and terror attacks on the besieged Palestinians, including children and women, but also she, like all American leaders and rulers, does not think Palestinians have a right to exist as humans or should seek freedom or independence from Zionist yoke. Americans and Jews consider that God has made the Palestinians slaves of Israeli terror military and as such they should never aspire for free humans to live with dignity.

Obama’s economic policies have been dedicated entirely to the rescue and enrichment of Wall Street. Its signature social initiative was the restructuring of health care in a manner designed to massively expand the power and boost the profits of the insurance industry. Obama’s government has institutionalized assassinations as a central instrument of American foreign policy and overseen a dramatic escalation of attacks on democratic rights.

The campaign of Bernie Sanders, a Jew, broadly identified as a socialist, has gained widespread support and demonstrated the existence of a desire within large sections of the common people for an alternative to capitalism. Significantly, polls have indicated that Sanders would do substantially better against Trump than Clinton and can win presidency to save Americans.  Whether or not Sanders seeks the emergence of an independent movement against capitalism and imperialism- and for socialism – remains to be seen. Whether he would end US imperialism based on militarism and change US policy for Palestine humane also difficult to decide now. But Madam Clinton would not amend the conventions followed for decades of making Israel a spoiled terror boy.

Sanders could be a better choice for US presidency as well as Americans than equally bad plus Clinton or Trump. As a new leader with fresh and broad thinking, Sanders would be much better for USA and world at large. America can try sanders and see if he delivers properly, or else remove him after one term.

With just two parties allowed, American voters do not have many options to choose from as their favorite President and that is their cruel fate.



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